01/01/90 Hello my friend... There is a man named Steve Roelke who seems to enjoy spreading

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01/01/90 Hello my friend... There is a man named Steve Roelke who seems to enjoy spreading his opinion that the Bible has errors. He is spreading the work of Dennis McKinsey, the editor of the B.E. magazine. When I first downloaded the BE2.ZIP file, my intentions were to research the supposed errancies, and then present the twisted understanding of Mr. McKinsey along with the real contextual and subjective thought behind the scriptures. After viewing the files, I thought the endeavor to be a waste of time, for Mr. McKinsey is so full of hatred that he has become blind to the meanings of the scriptures. I caution everyone who is even thinking of downloading the BE file... that you will be presented with scriptures that are taken by the verse, and not by the whole "gist" of the matter. What do I know? I have been reading the Bible since I was 8 years old, and have yet to find a contradiction or error that cannot be worked out... with research and dedication (not to mention prayer). I have found through reading Mckinsey's writings that God is not who he wants Him to be... or expects Him to be. * The inability for some to understand the scriptures simply corresponds to the lack of time they have spent, (or lack of heart) searching for the meanings. Many scriptures can be understood with this simple thought... Many statements and events that occurred in the Bible related to that which was to come... a future event being played out in the lives of God's people. Events were also performed for different reasons. For example: God told the Israelites to kill every man, woman, child, and all livestock in the lands they were to inherit when they came out of Egypt. In Mr. Mckinsey's style, this would present an unloving hateful got who wants is murderous... and a God who contradicts the "Thou shalt not kill" commandment... which He gave. However, better understanding of the situation and the surrounding circumstances reveal a very loving God... who not only kept His promise of delivering His people out of their bondage in Egypt (symbolic of a Christian's deliverance of the bondage of sin...)... but rightfully Judged the other peoples for their mentioned rebellion to God and society. It is possible that the rebellious nations, whose sexual practices involved prostitution, had developed a disease which had to be cut out as with any cancer... in order to prevent the innocent from being harmed. This theme correlates with numerous scriptures throughout the Bible. * My point: do not give the BE2.zip.. or any of the BE files any respect... not honor Mr. Mckinsey by sending him money for his futile efforts. I have provided substantial proof in the "Witness" files for the validity of God and His word.. the Bible. * * * From a brother who truly cares about your


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