$1,700 In Cash Prizes Offered In 1993 Student Essay Contest The Freedom From Religion Foun

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$1,700 In Cash Prizes Offered In 1993 Student Essay Contest The Freedom From Religion Foundation announces its fifteenth annual essay competition for college students. The 1993 topic is "Rejecting Religion." Contestants should write a personal essay about why they reject religion, which may include: -> Their own experiences with religious indoctrination or bigotry -> Their encounters with a state/church problem in their schools or communities -> Their evaluation of the harm of religion -> Why they reject religion philosophically. The contest is open to any college student or high school senior attending college in the summer or fall of 1993. Essays should be 6-8 double-spaced, typewritten pages, with standard margins. Students should select their own titles. Entries must be postmarked no later than August 1, 1993. Students should include permanent and campus addresses and phone numbers for notification, with a paragraph biography including information on school, year of attendance, planned major and interests. All eligible entrants will receive a school-year subscription to Freethought Today, the Foundation"s monthly newspaper. Winning essays are published in part or in full in Freethought Today. Prizes will be awarded in September. The Saul Jakel Memorial Scholarship award of $1,000 is given to the first-place winner. Second prize is $500. Third prize is $200. Honorable mention awards of $100 are given at the discretion of the judges. Send essays to: Freedom From Religion Foundation, PO Box 750, Madison WI 53701. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- This article is reprinted (with permission) from the January/February 1993 issue of Freethought Today, bulletin of the Freedom From Religion Foundation. For more information, write Freedom From Religion Foundation P. O. Box 750 Madison, WI 53701 USA (608) 256-8900


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