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P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ OUR PUBLICATIONS ARE MOVING! +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ PROPAGANDA Online (tm) ++ ++ ------------------------------------ ++ ++ Publisher of: Focus on Poland ++ ++ Free Energy Technology ++ ++ War of Two Gods ++ ++ Fundamentals of Democracy ++ ++ America in Danger ++ ++ Obserwator ++ ++ ------------------------------------ ++ ++ Editor: Piotr Kosibowicz ++ ++ POB 12, Krakow 42, Poland ++ ++ Voice/Fax: +48 +12 155974 ++ ++ EMail: kosi@free.polbox.pl ++ ++ FidoNet: (2:486/13.7) ++ ++ kosi@p7.f13.n486.z2.fidonet.org ++ ++ http://www.pipeta.chemia.pk.edu.pl/~kosi ++ ++ ++ ++ ++ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ HOW TO INSTALL? * Create (either in DOS or Windows) a temporary directory on any of your hard drives or a diskette e.g.: C:\UNPACK * Unpack the commpressed archive to that directory. Go to Windows, go to File Manager, open the temporary directory you have created and double click on install.exe file. You will be prompted for changing the default drive and directory. Accept the changes (if any) and press "Continue" button. Program will create a Program Manager group with few icons. * Another way of installing is to use RUN from Program Manager. Open FILE menu in Program Manager, clic RUN an type the below line in a box: C:\[type your temp directory here]\install.exe or follow the Program Manager help screens by pressing F1 key. Enjoy our publications and let us know what do you think! Have a great time reading, Piotr S. Kosibowicz Editor and Publisher PROPAGANDA Online P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ HOW TO PLAY SOUNDS? To play sounds you must have a speaker driver or sound card installed. All accompanying *.wav files MUST RESIDE in the same directory you execute *.hlp files. Find Speaker driver for PC in BBSes or online services. P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ WHAT IS SHAREWARE? Shareware is commercial software distributed in an unconventional manner. Microcomputers copy information very easily. Instead of trying to frustrate this through copy protection, shareware takes advantage of it to reach as many users as possible at the lowest cost. Anyone may copy a shareware program and distribute it to whomever they desire, provided they do not charge a fee for the program or alter it. Shareware isn't free. Serious shareware is as polished as any conventional commercial product, and represents just as much programming effort. If you use it regularly, the authors expect compensation. However, unlike conventional distribution, shareware allows you to evaluate the product before you decide to purchase it. The price is often lower, as well, because there are no advertising, packaging, or distribution costs. It can only work with your support. If you are still using a shareware product after a couple of weeks, then it is obviously worth something to you, and you should register it. P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ WHY REGISTER? The PROPAGANDA is intent to produce electronic hypermedia publications that interest you. We at the PROPAGANDA spent thousands of hours to achieve a desirable results with On Screen Publishing (OSP) versus DTP. We need to know that you are interested and need some kind of inspiration from you. The best way to show that interest is to send in the suggested price for this product. Ten or fifteen US dollars is not much money, but it means a lot to us. With your support we can publish, in electronic print, interesting materials at a reasonable prices. Thank you very much for your time! Look for more PROPAGANDA products in the near future. We expect to play a part in incoming `Hypermedia Revolution'. Your support is vital on our way to full featured multimedia publishing. P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ DISCLAIMER This product is delivered "as is" with no warrantees of appropriateness or suitability for a given purpose. Every effort has been made to assure accuracy, but the producers will assume no liability for any inaccuracy contained within. While normal use of this product is safe and should cause no harm to computer or reader, the producer will assume no responsibility for any incidental or consequential damage that might occur as a result of the installation or use of this product. P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING In a world of LANs and the Internet, company-wide documents such as procedure manuals, quality assurance specifications or catalogues, cry for availability and distribution in electronic format. Information is retrieved in a snap, thanks to features such as search keys, indexing and full text searching. Structuring and integration of data means easier exploring and productive browsing. Extensive possibilities for using colours allow the production of appealing material. Updating is simple and straightforward. Availability is immediate. Electronic publishing makes sense because it increases a company's efficiency by saving time. Among the innumerable authoring platforms available to create electronic documents, the surprising performance of Microsoft Windows' help engine should be seriously considered. It is a standard, it boasts a large basis of authoring tools and the reader mechanism is freely and readily available on any installation of Windows. Knowledge and professional training on the subject are plentiful, a world-wide developer community exists and the price of the development tools is extremely good value. WinHelp probably makes more sense than any other alternative. P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ OUR PUBLICATIONS are MOVING! We are the first company in Poland to publish hypermedia. If you want to have Help files (HLP) to your MS Windows applications of the absolutely highest humanly possible quality, but moderately priced - contact us immediately. We can make attractive publications with images, hypergraphic, hypertexts, sounds, animation, and video. * Electronic publications are eternal. * Once made - they multiply in Cyberspace ad infinitum. * Do not allow to cease your dearest documents: poetry, stories, catalogs, portfolio of your firm, etc. * WWW page is limited to the Internet host. Our publications can rest on any PC's- compatible hard disk and could be transferred by the networks as one compact unalterable, archive. No one can change the contents, same as with a book - its easier to destroy than alter our publications. * Do not publish on paper! - its costly anachronism today. Electronic publishing is cheaper and could reach wider audience. Anyway - you can print any part of it anytime on your printer. * Contact us TODAY for additional information. P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ LETTERS to PROPAGANDA "I am very impressed with this work [OBSERVER]. You have done a nice job on the design and the material is very interesting. You have come a long way since first you asked me about help-file development. This is, in my opinion, a VERY viable product. I want to know what you would like to do with it." Tom Kinding La Cruces. NM "Your section on Polish notes [in Focus on Poland] was quite interesting & very well presented. I had fun reading it. I'm not sure the colors were right, but they looked much more likely than those in your photo." Ken Russell Twentynine Palms, CA "I will be happy to upload any completed product on all of the commercial services that I use." Milos Foremen Los Angeles, CA "I want to try to post this file just as it appears. If someone refuses it, I will discuss the issue with them. Unfortunately I live in a country were people have perverted opinions about sex & beauty. I fight this when the opportunity presents itself. But when someone else owns the wire/disk/forum, it is hard to talk to them. Still, I wish to try. " "Observer is beautifully executed. As I said, I only wish that I could read Polish. Paging through it, I can see the artistic merit & the very rich evidence of interesting materials." "I think that your approach is best & your reasoning is correct. Unless you do a "subscription" based service, with promised issues in the future, donations are the best way to go." "Americans are VERY interested in ethnicity & are interested in exploring their national origins. You could supply this market with a regular diet of tasty news, information, & art-oriented works from Poland. Most of the people who are likely to be interested, are also artistically or intellectually oriented. These are not the people in power, but the common people, who are rarely credited for their intelligence or curiosity. Think carefully about my suggestion for a subscription-based service. This could garner more capital for you--but you will be committed to a loose production schedule." "I am pleased with the contents. I see that you have even learned how to use the multimedia DLL to produce sound. [OBSERWATOR, & FoP] This is very nice." "I am happy that you are encouraged! Your work is certainly worth every bit of your effort. People WILL reward you for it." John Bush Colorado Springs, CO "No one yet publishes a periodical of this sort. It would be an powerful & interesting scheme. You can even use !ji("file.hlp","topic") to call references to articles in previous issues. The final issue for a year could include an index for all preceding issues, with all articles available with a mouse-click." "You have some very good ideas. I will try and help you. You can send me files with UUENCODE, I am good at internet stuff." "I do very well in shareware but like you I was a starving student once, and would like to see you make money." "Your price may be too low, to make money here in the US (the biggest shareware market) you will need to be able to take credit cards. There are several services available which do this but usually charge at least $6-7 per transaction." "I will also help you distribute the shareware or free version, this may be hard to do from Poland, but is easy here." "I downloaded your FOP11.ZIP tonight. It looks good and should be able to make some money for you." John Tollivier Los Gatos, CA P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ PROPAGANDA Online (tm) PRODUCTS Below are short descriptions of some products from Online PROPAGANDA, POB 12, Kr. 42, PL Fundamentals of Democracy file: FOD10.ZIP ------------------------------------------- is a bilingual (Polish-English) electronic publication in Windows help format containing documents you always needed to have on your drive. FOD10 is a perfect tool to study and comparison for Polish Studies University Departments throughout the world, for Polish-Americans and all would be American immigrants. FoD10.hlp includes: MAGNA CHARTA LIBERTATUM (England 1215) The Constitution of the 3rd o May (Poland 1791) The Declaration of Independence (USA 1776) THE ARTICLES of CONFEDERATION (US 1777) THE CONSTITUTION of The United States THE BILL of RIGHTS (USA) United Nations UNIVERSAL DECLARATION of HUMAN RIGHTS The FRENCH DECLARATION of RIGHTS of MAN and CITIZEN of 1789 A Declaration of Energy Independence DESIDERATA (1692) and Many MORE!!! To receive a copy send US$15.00 for (international airmail post paid) delivery. P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ FOCUS on POLAND file: fop11.zip, fop12.zip Focus on Poland is an electronic illustrated quarterly magazine in English language addressed to the worldwide public who are interested in current events, culture and historical aspects of Poland. One year subscription fee is US$20.00 payable to: Piotr Kosibowicz, POB 12, Krakow 42, Poland. For a sample copy send US$6.00, or US$5.00 if you supply a disk along with a payment. (You can send anything you consider appropriate). We now accept advertisement. Ask for ad rates! Currently two issues: FOP11.zip & FOP12.zip FOP12.zip includes GREAT ANIMATION!!! P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ OBSERWATOR files: obs11.zip, obs12.zip, obs13.zip is the first electronic mag a ZINE :-) in Polish language in Windows help format with attractive graphics, hypertext, sounds and ANIMATION. A sample copy is US$5.00, (SAE + a diskette) P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ OBSRYWATOR - a unique PRINTED Zine from Poland. Although its 64 pages are in Polish, but you'll find some texts in English too! The copy of this extraordinary Zine was reviewed in "FactSheet Five" and EIDOS. OBSRYWATOR is available for ($3.00 internationally) form the author: Piotr Kosibowicz, POB 12, Kr. 42, PL. P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ Free Energy Technology, file: fet10.zip - is an illustrated bilingual "book" in winhelp format. Free Energy Technology presents controversial subject on possibility of retrieving energy from "nothing" or from the surrounding space. The "book" contains many illustrations of discussed free energy devices. Below few topics will give you ideas about what the whole book is about. * Overunity Devices * Zeropoint Energy Conversion, * Bruce dePalma & his N-Machine, * Bob Adams Permanent Magnet Motor. * Howard Johnson PMM. * Methernita-Linden Converter, or Thesta-Distatica * US Secrecy Order gags 6000 inventions * New Japan Neodymium N-Machine. * Parahamasa Tewari Solenoid N-Machine * New Paradigm for the 21st Century versus old Newtonian one. * There is no Gravitational Constant. * We live in the see of energy. The work presented to you was organized on a principle of the best scientific works. FET has indexes of all quoted sources. FET presents extensive literature and very attractive drawings, which cost me many hours of work. There were mainly three sources of the included articles. Some are my own. Some were downloaded from the Internet. Some were sent as a private communique and were scanned and formatted after that. P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ AMERICA in DANGER file: aid10.zip - a book by Ross Perot & his campaign propaganda vehicle. AiD features GREAT American Eagle animation as an opening screen. Great reading if you study American political system. P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ WAR of TWO GODS file: wargod12.zip War of Two Gods v1.2 is an extraordinary study of the basis of our civilisation. How did it all begin? What are the attitudes of the god JAHWE versus the Greek God of internal Wisdom and Love, the Platonian LOGOS - The God of illuminous Light. Features sounds (midi) and animation (ANI) EZ Win install. RUN or double click on install P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ HOW TO ORDER PROPAGANDA PRODUCTS To order above products send International Money Order or cash in an airmail letter. Do not forget to protect cash with carbon copy paper or folded postcard. An Internet delivery: You can receive these *.hlps as an *.UUE binary messages. Send your orders to: Editor: Piotr Kosibowicz POB 12, Krakow 42, Poland Voice/Fax: +48 +12 155974 FidoNet: (2:486/13.7) kosi@p7.f13.n486.z2.fidonet.org EMail: kosi@free.polbox.pl http://www.pipeta.chemia.pk.edu.pl/~kosi P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ WHERE TO FIND PROPAGANDA PRODUCTS. Look at PONIECKI archives - the biggest 'polonica' ftp site! * ftp://poniecki.berkeley.edu/pub/polish/publications/Obserwator * ftp://ftp.cica.indiana.edu/pub/pc/win3/misc/ Would be uploaded soon to: * ftp://laserspark.anu.edu.au/pub/polish// * ftp://oak.oakland.edu (Simtel archive DOS and Windows software). * ftp://GMUTANT.WRLC.ORG ( P R () P /\ @ /\ I\I I) /\ () I\I l_ ! I\I E +-----------------------------------------------------------------+ ¿ ذ۲ص ذ ۲ص ذ PROPAGANDA Online (tm) ۲ص ذ ۲ص ذ Publishes of: Focus on Poland ۲ص ذ Free Energy Technology ۲ص ذ Fundamentals of Democracy ۲ص ذ War of Two Gods ۲ص ذ America in Danger ۲ص ذ Obserwator ۲ص ذ ۲ص ذ Editor: Piotr Kosibowicz ۲ص ذ POB 12, Krakow 42, Poland ۲ص ذ Voice/Fax: +48 +12 155974 ۲ص ذ kosi@free.polbox.pl ۲ص ذ FidoNet: (2:486/13.7) ۲ص ذ kosi@p7.f13.n486.z2.fidonet.org ۲ص ذ www.pipeta.chemia.pk.edu.pl/~kosi ۲ص ذ ۲ص ذ۲ص *** UPLOAD THESE FILES ONTO YOUR FAVORITE BBS OR ONLINE SERVICE *** *** SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND ACQUAINTANCES ***


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