AMERICAN GAY AND LESBIAN ATHEISTS P O Box 66711 Houston, TX 77266-6711 September 29, 1994

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AMERICAN GAY AND LESBIAN ATHEISTS P O Box 66711 Houston, TX 77266-6711 September 29, 1994 PRESS RELEASE Contact person: Don Sanders (713) 863-9537 For Immediate Release DIAL-A-GAY-ATHEIST EXAMINES RELIGIOUS ROOTS OF BURZINSKI MURDER In its second weekly commentary on the recent gay-bashing murder of Michael Burzinski, a young gay man abducted recently outside a Houston gay nightspot, forced to withdraw $400.00 in case from an automatic teller machine, and then shot, execution- style in the back of the head by members of a teenage youth gang members of which proudly announced upon capture they had targeted a gay person for robbery and murder because of their desire for money to afford new clothes for the coming school year, Dial-A- Gay-Atheist delves into the religious backgrounds of the four young men, each a star athlete at his high school, and each considered a popular guy, a "school stud," of the class. In last week's Dial-A-Gay-Atheist message, moderator Don Sanders questioned the possible connections the young men might have to religion, given they were held in high-esteem by the school and community from which they hailed. It was revealed, in a Houston Post article of August 22, that indeed, as Sanders suggested prior to the release of the information, that religion had been a highly influential force in each of their lives. One of the gang members' father is a minister of a local church, and all four sing in the choir. The families from which they come are considered pillars of the Black community, a community dowsed in religion. "Religion killed Michael Burzinski," accuses Don Sanders, host of the outspoken telephone editorial service and national director of American Gay and Lesbian Atheists. Playing this week on Dial-A-Gay-Atheist are the comments of callers who are reacting to Sanders' assertion that the planting of homophobic Christian ideas in the minds of these well-respected youths and stars of the football team is what prompted them to take the life of a gay man. Dial-A-Gay-Atheist may be reached 24 hours a day by dialing (713) 880-4242. The service is sponsored as a community service of American Gay and Lesbian Atheists, a non-profit, 501(c)(3) educational foundation dedicated to keeping state and church separate and promoting freedom FROM religion. *********************************************************************** * * * American Atheists website: * * PO Box 140195 FTP: * * Austin, TX 78714-0195 * * Voice: (512) 458-1244 Dial-THE-ATHEIST: * * FAX: (512) 467-9525 (512) 458-5731 * * * * Atheist Viewpoint TV: * * Info on American Atheists:, * * & American Atheist Press include your name and mailing address * * AANEWS -Free subscription: * * and put "info aanews" in message body * * * * This text may be freely downloaded, reprinted, and/other * * otherwise redistributed, provided appropriate point of * * origin credit is given to American Atheists. * * * ***********************************************************************


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