DIAL A GAY ATHEIST 28 February 1994 A BANNER WEEK FOR RELIGION This is Dial A Gay Atheist,

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DIAL A GAY ATHEIST 28 February 1994 A BANNER WEEK FOR RELIGION This is Dial A Gay Atheist, a communications service of American Gay & Lesbian Atheists. American Gay Atheists, Inc., is a non-profit, educational foundation dedicated to keeping state and church separate and promoting it as the gay and lesbian community's most important constitutional ally. All inquiries should be addressed, in writing, to AGLA, PO Box 66711, Houston, TX 77266. Contents of this recording may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without permission from American Gay Atheists, Inc. This is Don Sanders for Dial A Gay Atheist. Well, it's been a banner week for religion! The top headline grabber has been the story of the Zionist radical marching into a religious shrine, a shrine considered holy to both Jews and Muslims, and opening fire upon a group of praying Muslims, bowing in supplication to Allah during morning Ramadan prayers. Gee, you'd think that with all of Allah's faithful followers in one place, with their lips kissing the floor, that Allah would have offered a bit more protection from their Jewish assailant. Oh, well, Allah misses again! So much for the efforts at bringing peace between Islam and Judaism in that religious-torn area. And it's been interesting to watch the radical followers of Jahweh line up in support of the massacre. This incident will be sending shock waves throughout that region for a long time. Then, earlier in this week, Il Papa, the great medievalist who rules over Christendom from his palace in Rome, issued a terse statement in condemnation of the European Parliament's approval of a resolution which states that homosexual couples should be accorded the same legal rights as those enjoyed by married heterosexuals. I don't see that the pope, nor any of his so-called celibate henchmen, have a right even to voice an opinion on matters of human relationships, be they homosexual or heterosexual. These people have chosen to abandon typical human conduct and forsake all types of interpersonal human relationships in exchange for one with a god for whom there is no historical evidence. John Paul's hood, Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, told the Italian Catholic newspaper, "Avvenire," that he hoped such a resolution which offers equality of recognition to lesbian and gay relationships would fail. Of course, we all know that the Roman Catholic Church is not just content to simply express its religious opinion. That church works in every manner possible to actually influence legislation and judicial decisions in as many countries as possible. The Roman church wields so much political power that it is actually allowed to section off the entire United States of America into its own feifdoms, called dioceses. Here in the United States, a group of scientists who are experts on reproduction and its effects on the environment meeting in San Francisco, issued a statement saying that unless humanity does something to curtail the massive explosion of population, that the consequences will be extremely devastating to both planet and inhabitants. In fact, the scientists stated that the population numbers must drop within the next 1/2 century or else the entire ecosystem, etc., etc., will likely crumble. In the meanwhile, Roman Catholics, like Mother Teresa, are busy encouraging the production of more and more children to be born into abject poverty, misery and abuse, all for the glory of god. And speaking of Mother Teresa, did you hear that she recently filed an _amicus curie_ brief in a court case dealing with abortion which is being considered before the U.S. Supreme Court? Has anyone asked the simple question, "How the hell is Mother Teresa filing a "friend of the court" brief when she is not even a citizen of the United States?" In the meanwhile, the Christian nuts in this country literally sabotaged the House of Representatives during the final week of February over an issue concerning a proposal to require schools which receive federal funds to employ teachers who are certified to teach. It didn't matter to the Christian nuts that the provision would not even affect their own Christian indoctrination camps and home schools! Right-wing Christians, like Pat Robertson, through his daily 700 Club broadcasts, so completely distorted the actual intent of the bill which was designed to improve conditions in the nation's public schools that he and others like him convinced the sheep (who are nothing more than brainless automatons anyway) that the provision would put an end to their so-called "home schools." So they swamped the Capitol switchboard so much that the entire House of Representatives capitulated, at the expense of and to the detriment of the public school students of America. Hey, the real goal of the religious nuts is simply to "dumb down" the schools so damn much that no one can learn anything unless it relates to blind faith. Another thing that has riled the Christian Brownshirts to no end is President Clinton's recent letter to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund in which the president stated his revulsion of the efforts of the Christian fascists to legalize discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. In the letter, Mr. Clinton wrote: "Those who would legalize discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or any other grounds are gravely mistaken about the values that make our nation strong." This remark was made in response to the nationwide attempt by Christians to actually legalize discrimination against sexual minorities by placing anti-gay language into state and local constitutions and laws. On a recent "Talk Back" show with right-wing zany Bob Larson, Larson and his guest spent an almost 2 hours calling the nation's Attorney General a "dyke" and "a drunken lesbian whore." And, of course, the mouthpiece of the right-wing and religiously conservative, Rush Limbaugh, spouts distortions and lies over hundreds of radio stations for 3 hours every day. What is going on in America is truly frightening. The 20th century has witnessed an unprecedented expansion of knowledge and understanding about ourselves, our bodies and our universe. But as the century is coming to a close, the forces of religion --- the forces of regression --- are busily at work, doing everything possible to take us backward, to discredit science, medicine, education and the overall expansion of knowledge. The "dumbing down" of America, and of the world, is the real goal of religion -- not just of Christianity, but also of Judaism and Islam. Here in Texas where I live, it is also a time for elections, a time when we select candidates who will fill some very important positions of public trust. It is incumbent upon each of us to carefully examine the agenda of each and every person seeking a political office. There are many who intend to usurp a secular office with the intent to foist their religious ideas upon all of us. Not surprisingly, many local churches are up to their pious asses in political meddling. I took photographs this very week of one with the political campaign sign of a candidate for U.S. Representative right in its front yard. Hey, that photo is going to the IRS, for what good it will do. Help us in the fight -- no, in the war! The lines are clear. Which side will you be on? The side of superstition, repression and censorship. Or the side of reason and openness. American Gay & Lesbian Atheists invites you to write for a free sample copy of our newsletter. Your contributions help to keep this service operating. The address is AGLA, PO Box 66711, Houston, TX 77266. In Houston, watch the American Atheist Television Forum on your community access cable channel Wednesday, March 2, at 4 PM and on Wednesday, March 9 at 7:30 PM. At the tone, tell us from where you're calling and what's on your mind. We love to hear from our callers. 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