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AMERICAN ATHEIST PRESS P.O. Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195 Telephone: (512) 458-1244 Telephone/FAX orders: (512) 467-9525 Complete Catalog 1995 Order by phone or FAX (512) 467-9525 Place your Visa or MasterCard order by telephone or FAX 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Refer to the accompanying file ORDER.TXT for order form, shipping information, and current pricing. -------------------------------------------------------------------- *********************************** * * * American Atheist Press Books * * * *********************************** ****** Age of Reason: Part Three: ****** Examination of the Prophecies by Frank R. Zindler Thomas Paine was a hero to our Founding Fathers. His COMMON SENSE has been described as the spark which ignited our revolutionary fires. Yet, Paine was also dubbed a "filthy little Atheist" by Theodore Roosevelt. Why? Because Thomas Paine dared to examine the Bible in an age in which independent thought on religious matters was a crime punishable under the blasphemy statutes. Paine was no Atheist--he was a deist who believed in a god--but he could not accept that every word of the bible was true. He made his case for that position in THE AGE OF REASON. What is often overlooked, however is that he also rejected the divinity of Jesus; indeed, he even rejected the existence of the hero of the New Testament. It is in the seldom-published Part Three of THE AGE OF REASON that Paine attempted to prove that Jesus was not a man, but a fable. He did so by looking at the prophecies which the New Testament claims that Jesus fulfilled. This edition of Part Three of THE AGE OF REASON is extensively annotated by Frank R. Zindler, a science writer and New Testament scholar. Zinder brings Paine's original text up-to-date with the latest biblical scholarship. Index. 95 pages. Paperback Stock #5575 ****** Ages of Gold and Silver ****** by John G. Jackson Christian leaders often claim that their religion has been a civilizing force throughout history. But, as Prof. Jackson illustrates, these assertions fall far short of the truth. Paperback. 331 pages. Stock #5201. ****** All the Questions You Ever Wanted to Ask ****** American Atheists - with All the Answers by Jon G. Murray and Madalyn O'Hair The typical questions Christians ask Atheists are answered by two leaders of the American Atheist movement. Paperback. 248 pages. Stock #5356 ****** An Atheist Epic ****** by Madalyn O'Hair In 1959 a self-admitted Atheist challenged school prayer -- and started a controversy that still rages today. This is her story, from the first complaint to the public school that required her child to say the Lord's Prayer to the day the Supreme Court gave its decision in the landmark school prayer case _Murray v. Curlett._ New edition; now includes photographs. Paperback. 302 pages. Stock #5376 ****** An Atheist Reports from India ****** by Margaret R. Bhatty A revealing look at religion and politics on the Indian subcontinent. Paperback. 267 pages. Stock #5026 ****** Atheist Truth vs. Religion's Ghosts ****** by Robert G. Ingersoll A succint expression of Ingersoll's agnostic philosophy. Stapled. 57 pages. Stock #5156 ****** Atheists: The Last Minority ****** by Madalyn O'Hair The plight of being an Atheist in a theist society is examined, in this reprint of a 1990 speech aired on C-SPAN. (A video of this speech is also available) Stapled. 24 pages. Stock #5402 ****** Behind the Bars: 31498 ****** by Charles C. Moore The autobiographical account of an ex-minister who was one of the last Americans to be imprisoned for Atheism. Paperback. 259 pages. Stock #5332 ****** The Bible Handbook ****** by W.P. Ball and G.W. Foote The absurdities, indecencies, contradictions, and unfulfilled prophecies to be found in the Christian Bible. Clearly referenced, it is a helpful aid for debaters. Paperback. 372 pages. Stock #5008 ****** Black Reconstruction in South Carolina ****** by John G. Jackson Jackson dispels the myth of the post-Civil War South being overrun by incompetent Blacks and carpetbaggers. Stapled. 64 pages. Stock #5202 ****** The Case Against Religion: ****** A Psychotherapist's View by Albert Ellis A famous psychologist examines the harmful aspects of religious belief. Paperback. 57 pages. Stock #5096 ****** Christianity Before Christ ****** by John G. Jackson A historical survey of the components of Christianity, showing that they existed before that religion was invented. An excellent starter book on the historicity of Jesus Christ. Illustrations. Index. Paperback. 237 pages. Stock #5200 ****** A Christmas Sermon ****** by Robert G. Ingersoll The Great Agnostic's newspaper sermon and the controversy it raised. Stapled. 47 pages. Stock #5148 ****** Crux Ansata: An Indictment of ****** the Roman Catholic Church by H.G. Wells The author relates the thousand years of church history that led him to conclude that the Roman Catholic church "stands for everything most hostile to the mental emancipation and stimulation of mankind." Paperback. 160 pages. Stock #5512 ****** Darrow-Lewis Debate on the Theory ****** of Non-resistance to Evil by Clarence Darrow and Arthur Lewis Two atheists meet to debate questions of morality. Paperback. Stock #5076 ****** Devilishness ****** by Rius An iconoclastic and hilarious look at the devil and at things holy and unholy through the eyes of a cartoonist. Paperback. 69 pages. Stock #5438 ****** Dial-An-Atheist Greatest Hits from Ohio ****** By Frank R. Zindler 250 Dial-An-Atheist messages on topics such as creationism, the morals of Jesus, the ethics of Atheism, and the First Amendment. Some are humorous, some are serious, but all are food for thought. Paperback. 432 pages. Stock #5566 ****** Dog Fennel in the Orient ****** by Charles C. Moore The world's cultures and religions as seen through the eyes of an Atheist. Paperback. 323 pages. Stock #5336 ****** Essays in Freethinking ****** by Chapman Cohen Vols. 1 & 2. An English Atheist leader dissects the basic ideas of religion in a series of short essays. Second edition. Vol. 1, 230 pages. Paperback. Stock #5052 Vol. 2, 240 pages. Paperback. Stock #5056 Two-volume set, Stock #5060 ****** Essays on American Atheism ****** by Jon G. Murray Vols. 1 & 2. All the articles by the president of American Atheists which appeared in the American Atheist magazine between March 1976 and May 1986. Included are examinations of the movie rating system, Atheist movements outside of the United States, and religious child abuse. Vol. 1, 350 pages. Paperback. Stock #5349 Vol. 2, 284 pages. Paperback. Stock #5350 Two-volume set, Stock #5351 ****** Faith or Agnosticism - The ****** Field-Ingersoll Discussion A battle of words between minister Henry M. Fields and infidel Robert G. Ingersoll. Topics include the doctrine of free will and the existence of evil and injustice in the world. Paperback. 75 pages. Stock #5168 ****** The Golden Ages of Africa ****** by John G. Jackson The great Black -and non-Christian- cultures are described and enumerated. (Included in Ages of Gold and Silver.) Stapled. 26 pages. Stock #5203. ****** The Great Infidels ****** by Robert G. Ingersoll How nonbelievers and Atheists have contributed to civilization and enriched our lives. Examples include Voltaire, Diderot, Paine, and Jefferson. Paperback. 64 pages. Stock #5197 ****** Herbert W. Armstrong and his ****** Worldwide Church of God by John Bowden Introduction by Madalyn O'Hair. An expose and indictment of the false promises and prophecies of the Reverend Armstrong. Stapled. 43 pages. Stock #5028 ****** History's Greatest Liars ****** by Joseph McCabe A study of biased interpretations, omissions, and outright lies that have been chronicled by many of history's prominent writers. Paperback. 175 pages. Stock #5524 ****** Hubert Henry Harrison: The Black Socrates ****** by John G. Jackson The story of a great Black Atheist and fighter for intellectual freedom. Stapled. 7 pages. Stock #5205 ****** I Bought My First Six-Pack When I Was 35 ****** by John Bryan A humorous look at sexual repression and the Mormon church by an ex-member. Paperback. 146 pages. Stock #5029 ****** Ingersoll, the Magnificent ****** by Joseph Lewis, editor An anthology of the most eloquent presentations of Robert G. Ingersoll, nemesis of the nineteenth- century American clergy. Paperback. 342 pages. Stock #5216 ****** The Joke of Christianizing China ****** by B. W. Williams An analysis of the Christian outreach to China and why it was bound to fail. Stapled. 40 pages. Stock #5520 ****** The Myth of the Virgin of Guadalupe ****** by Rius One of the most sacred and beloved Roman Catholic shrines is that of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico, where the Virgin Mary is said to have appeared. In this illustrated book, Rius goes after this myth and shows how the church built it lie by lie to feed its own political ambitions in the New World. Paperback. 69 pages. Stock #5439 ****** An Open Letter to Jesus Christ ****** by D. M. Bennett A satirical letter to Christianity's putative founder asks some uncomfortable questions. Stapled. 29 pages. Stock #5024 ****** Our Constitution: The Way It Was ****** by Madalyn O'Hair Eleven excerpts from the "American Atheist Radio Series" dealing with the myth that our Founding Fathers created a Christian nation. Stapled. 70 pages. Stock #5400 ****** Our Pagan Christmas ****** by R. J. Condon The non-Christian origins of common Christmas customs are explored. The perfect "un-Christmas" gift for your Christian friends. Stapled. 20 pages. Stock #5064 ****** Pagan Origins of the Christ Myth ****** by John G. Jackson Christian doctrines are traced to their origins in older religions, and Jesus' similarities to other savior-gods are delineated. A good introduction to the subject. Stapled. 32 pages. Stock #5204 ****** The Peril of Faith ****** by Martin L. Bard 2nd ed. Religion is the root of complacency and indifference that plagues our society- or so argues author Martin Bard. He also reviews the positive aspects of Atheism and the logical arguments for it, introduces the reader to some of the heroes of Atheism, and examines the nonreligious foundation of the United States. Paperback. 175 pages. Stock #5012 ****** Poems ****** by Bertha Goodall "Grandma" Goodall, a first-generation American and Atheist, gave her thoughts on religion and life in this collection of poems. Stapled. 28 pages. Stock #5120 ****** Religion and Marx ****** by Rick. B. A. Wise The author traces the evolution of Marx's criticism of religion and explains the effecte it had on the philosophy of historical materialism. Paperback. 267 pages. Stock #5521 ****** Robertson: The Pulpit and the Power ****** by Arthur Frederick Ide A detailed look at a former presidential candidate and current media baron Pat Robertson. Paperback. 323 pages. Stock #5289 ****** Sex Mythology ****** by Sha Rocco Illustrated analysis of the sexual origins of many of our religious symbols, including the Christian cross. Stapled. 55 pages. Stock #5440 ****** Some Reasons Why I Am a Freethinker ****** by Robert G. Ingersoll A collection of eleven lectures by the best freethinker of the nineteenth century. Stapled. 37 pages. Stock #5184 ****** Thinking Is Good for the Mind ****** by Angeline Bennett In short and pithy verses, an Atheist poet reduces religion to a laughing matter and explains the joyous state of mind known as Atheism. Stapled. 22 pages. Stock #5020 ****** Thumbscrew and Rack ****** by George MacDonald A brief examination of the torture instruments and methods used "for Jesus' sake." Liberally illustrated. Stapled. 26 pages. Stock #5232 ****** The Trial of C.B. Reynolds: Robert ****** G. Ingersoll's Address to the Jury In 1886, a nonbeliever was tried in New Jersey for blasphemy. In this brilliant -but futile- speech, lawyer Robert G. Ingersoll pled for his freedom. Stapled. 44 pages. Stock #5532 ****** The UFO of Bethlehem ****** by Frank R. Zindler A science writer ably demonstrates that the story of the three Magi and the Star of Bethlehem is not only scientifically impossible, it is biblically implausible. Stapled. 14 pages. Stock #5568 ****** Unzipped: The Popes Bare All ****** by Arthur F. Ide A frank study of sex and corruption in the Vatican. Illustrations. Paperback. 189 pages. Stock #5510 ****** The X-Rated Bible ****** by Ben Edward Ackerley It's time you brought the Christian censors in your life up short by telling them all about these and other Bible basics: incest, rape, bestiality, adultery. _The X-Rated Bible_ will take you and the prudes on a verse by verse, chapter by chapter, tour of the sexual sickness of the "Good Book." Don't go to that next Sunday school session without it! Paperback. 428 pages. Stock #5000 ****** Where Is Hell? In Another World or in This? ****** by Marshall J. Gauvin An Atheist's view of the Christian idea of hell and the Christian idea of salvation. Stapled. 18 pages. Stock #5116 ****** Why I Am an Atheist ****** by Madalyn O'Hair The founder of American Atheists explains the basis of Atheism and the history of materialism. Paperback. 56 pages. Stock #5416 ****** Why I Left the Roman Catholic Church ****** by Charles Davis Includes "Letters from a Roman Catholic" by Carolynne Simms. A noted priest and a laywoman give their different reasons for leaving the church of Rome. Stapled. 22 pages. Stock #5080 ****** Women, Food and Sex in History ****** by Soledad de Montalvo Vols. 1,2,3 & 4. The veil of respectability is pulled from religious and political leaders in this frank overview of three basic elements of human society, and how religion has influenced them. Paperback. Vol. 1, 277 pages. Stock #5421 Vol. 2, 298 pages. Stock #5422 Vol. 3, 319 pages. Stock #5423 Vol. 4, 300 pages. Stock #5425 Four-volume set, Stock #5427 AMERICAN ATHEIST RADIO SERIES ****** What on Earth is an Atheist? ****** American Atheist Radio Series Vol. 1 Madalyn O'Hair looks at church wealth, explains materialism, gives listeners a taste of Albert Ellis and Robert Ingersoll, and explains the Christian Bible. Paperback. 288 pages. Stock #5412 ****** An Atheist Speaks ****** American Atheist Radio Series Vol. 2 In this volume, Madalyn O'Hair explores the deism of the founding fathers, analyzes the tax exemptions given to churches, reports on Atheist Margaret Sanger, examines the dangers of exposing children to religion - and much more. Paperback. 322 pages. Stock #5098 ****** All about Atheism ****** American Atheist Radio Series Vol. 3 The history of Atheism is the focus of this volume, but Madalyn O'Hair does not neglect other subjects in these fifty-two essays. The atrocities of the Bible, the zodiac, and letters from Christians also receive attention. Paperback. 407 pages. Stock #5097 ****** Atheist Heroes and Heroines ****** American Atheist Radio Series Vol. 4 The history of legal rights of Atheists is at the heart of this volume. Until recently, in many places Atheists could not testify in courts, serve on juries, take public office, leave a will, or adopt a child. As Madalyn O'Hair explains, many of these laws still stand- as do government laws and policies which actively promote religion. Paperback. 370 pages. Stock #5414 ****** The Atheist World ****** American Atheist Radio Series Vol. 5 Who were the great Atheists and nonbelievers in history? In this volume Madalyn O'Hair focuses on nonbelievers of the past- the scientists, humanitarians, statesmen, writers, industrialists, inventors and intellectuals who rejected religion and embraced deism, freethinking, or Atheism. Paperback. 370 pages. Stock #5094 ********************** * Two for the Kids * ********************** ****** An Atheist Primer ****** by Madalyn O'Hair In easy to understand language, an explanation of the basic tenets all religions have in common. Accompanied by warm and humorous illustrations, the text makes it clear that it is downright silly to believe in a made-up god. The booklet is written for preschool and elementary age children, but its succinct and simple look at god concepts will help adults have a clearer view of religion. Grades 2-4. Stapled. 30 pages. Stock #5372 ****** How Do the Ducks Know? ****** by Eddie Ruth A charming tale that instructs children in the natural origins of life. Grades 3-5. Illustrated. Stapled. 28 pages. Stock #5448 ************************************************************************* +++ SOLSTICE VIEWING +++ THE GREAT AGNOSTIC Actor William Boyd brings alive the fire, oratory, and wit of Robert G. Ingersoll in "The Laws of Moses" and "The Trial of C.B. Reynolds," two presentations combined on this 60-minute videotape. Mr. Francis delivers both one-man dramas in full costume, dressed as Ingersoll, so that you can experience the eloquence of Ingersoll as brilliantly as his nineteenth-century audience did. "The Laws of Moses" (37 minutes), recorded at the 1992 American Atheists Convention, will leave you chuckling at Ingersoll's humor in this piercing and frank look at the Old Testament. "The Trial of C.B. Reynolds" (21 minutes) is excerpted from one of Ingersoll's most stirring speeches - the defense of a man charged with blasphemy. A successful lawyer with a bright future in the Republican party, Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899) began to give freethought lectures in 1860. He was soon internationally known for his vibrant oratory and eloquent -but barbed- criticisms of the Bible and the Christian religion. His well-crafted lectures and essays hae inspired generations of Atheists. Known as "The Great Agnostic", he is one of the best known freethought spokesmen. A member of American Atheists since 1984, Mr. Francis cofounded the Alaska Chapter of American Atheists in 1990. He has been in the theatre for forty-one years as both an actor and director. Despite his achievements in theatre, he considers his greatest accomplishment to be the rearing of two freethinking children. 60 minutes. Available in either VHS or BETA. Ingersoll Video. #9202 (VHS) or #9203 (BETA) ************************************************************************* ********************************** * Haldeman-Julius Publications * ********************************** E. Haldeman-Julius (1889-1951) revolutionized American publishing with his famous series of "Little Blue Books." These ten-cent booklets made the great literature of the ages affordable- and convenient. Just 3-1/2 x 5 inches in size, they fit into a workingman's pocket. Later, Haldeman- Julius branched into the publication of "Big Blue Books," printed in the more standard format of 8-1/2 x 5-1/2. Headquartered in Girard, Kansas, Haldeman-Julius Publications was in operation from 1919 to 1951. Haldeman-Julius didn't just bring the classics to the ordinary person; he also brought Atheist and socialist literature, as well as every other topic one could imagine. Housekeeping, crimes of the Roman Catholic church, puzzles, sexual hygiene, carpentry -- works on these and other subjects were suddenly available for just a few cents from Haldeman-Julius Publications. Millions were sold. American Atheist Press bought a small stock of the remaining "Big Blue Books" from Haldeman-Julius' son shortly before the Kansas warehouse was destroyed by fire. Many of these titles offered here are sold at four times the price by rare-book dealers. Ours are unused and in good condition, but most often at least forty years old. Like all older books they are starting to show their age with some yellowing of the paper. Nonetheless, the information the contain is as useful as the day they rolled off the presses- perhaps more so, as they provide insights into areas now totally suppressed. [Booksellers, please note that no discounts are available on our Haldeman-Julius titles.] Am I an Atheist or an Agnostic? by Bertrand Russell Includes articles and book reviews by Prof. J.B.S. Haldane, Dr. D.O. Cauldwell, John D. McInerney, Dr. Jerome Davis, C.A. Willis, Bryan Fulks, and Victor S. Yarro. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-864) Stapled. 32 pages. Stock #5444 Christianity, A Continuing Calamity by Clay Fulks Includes other articles by Mordecai T. Heller, E. Haldeman-Julius, H.G. Hayes, Jay William Hudson, John D. McInerney, and Oliver L. Reiser, Ph.D. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-851) Stapled. 31 pages. Stock #5525 The Church Defies Modern Life by Joseph McCabe A survey of the medieval ideas which the Roman Catholic church still espouses. (The Black International, Second Series, No. 15) Stapled. 31 pages. Stock #5244 The Church, the Enemy of the Workers by Joseph McCabe The subject of this booklet is the antagonism of the Roman Catholic church to the laboring classes. (The Black International, Second Series, No. 14) Stapled. 32 pages. Stock #5240 Eighty Years a Rebel by Joseph McCabe Once a priest, Joseph McCabe first aroused international attenton by publishing his reasons for leaving the church. He later became Atheism's most prolific author, writing hundreds of books on philosophy and the politics and history of the Roman Catholic church. This is the story of his extraordinary life in his own words. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-636.) Photographs. Stapled. 96 pages. Stock #5248 Essays by an Agnostic and Criticisms by a Skeptic by Robert G. Ingersoll Includes his famous "Why Am I an Agnostic?" and reviews of the position of Thomas Huxley, who coined the word. Stapled. 39 pages. Stock #5164 The Foundation of Faith by Robert G. Ingersoll A critical examination of the Old Testament. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-574.) Stapled. 24 pages. Stock #5172 The Holy Faith of Romanists by Joseph McCabe This short essay examines the sacraments and doctrines of Roman Catholicism. (The Black International, Second Series, No. 16.) Stapled. 31 pages. Stock #5264 How the Faith Is Protected by Joseph McCabe Roman Catholic church policy on education and tolerance is the subject of this booklet. (The Black International, Second Series, No. 17.) Stapled. 31 pages. Stock #5268 How the Pope of Peace Traded in Blood by Joseph McCabe The bloody history of the papacy is reviewed, including Pope Pius XII's collusion with fascist governments. (The Black International, Second Series, No. 2.) Stapled. 29 pages. Stock #5272 The Inconsistencies and Contradictions of Jesus and Other Studies and Reviews by Victor S. Yarros The title essay is a quick overview of the problems with the New Testament. The booklet includes a number of short essays on other topics. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-841.) Stapled. 32 pages. Stock #5484 Is the Position of Atheism Growing Stronger? by Joseph McCabe The significance of Atheism in the world and its consequences. Written in 1936, it sounds a hopeful note. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-758.) Stapled. 30 pages. Stock #5276 The Kingdom without God by Paul Eldridge A freethinker gives an answer to the question, "What would life be like without religion?" (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-929.) Stapled. 15 pages. Stock #5092 The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child by Robert G. Ingersoll His lecture on the rights of women and children. Stapled. 24 pages. Stock #5176 The Pious Traitors of Belgium and France by Joseph McCabe A review of the collusion of the Roman Catholic church and the German government at the beginning of World War II. (The Black International, No. 7.) Stapled. 32 pages. Stock #5284 The Pope and the Italian Jackal by Joseph McCabe How the Italian dictator Mussolini was aided by the pope. (The Black International, No. 8.) Stapled. 31 pages. Stock #5292 Rome Puts a Blight on Culture by Joseph McCabe Has the Roman Catholic church aided the growth of knowledge and literature throughout the ages? This author's answer is no. (The Black International, Second Series, No. 13.) Stapled. 31 pages. Stock #5296 Rome's Syllabus of Condemned Opinions by Joseph McCabe The startling array of ideas and opinions which the Roman Catholic church officially opposes. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-878.) Stapled. 32 pages. Stock #5300 Scientific Humanism as Creative Morality by Oliver I. Reiser Comments on Professor Reiser's New Scientific Humanism by Joseph McCabe The arguments for and against the acceptance of humanism as a new religion are contrasted. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-832.) Stapled. 32 pages. Stock #5432 The Totalitarian Church of Rome by Joseph McCabe The ex-monk writes on the structure and wealth of the Roman Catholic church. (The Black Internationalist, Second Series, No. 11.) Stapled. 32 pages. Stock #5304 The Tyranny of the Clerical Gestapo by Joseph McCabe This volume focuses on the power of the preiesthood over homes, hearts, and politics. (The Black Internationalist, Second Series, No. 12.) Stapled. 32 pages. Stock #5308 What Must We Do to Be Saved? by Robert G. Ingersoll A study of the Christian religion, its creeds, and its sacrted book. (Haldeman-Julius Publication B-808.) Stapled. 32 pages. Stock #5196 ************************************************************************* +++ From the annals of Atheism +++ Joseph McCabe One of the giants of not only English Atheism, but world Atheism. Joseph McCabe left a legacy of aggressive Atheist and antireligious literature that remains fresh and insightful today. His many works- he wrote nearly 250 books - could constitute a library of Atheism by themselves. Born in 1867, Joseph McCabe became a Franciscan monk at the age of nineteen. But disgusted with his fellow monks and the Christian doctrine, he left the priesthood for good on February 19. 1896. Not long afterwards, he began to write- first against the priesthood itself and then for the position of Atheism. He was one of the founding members of Britain's Rationalist Press Association, and was a prolific writer for Haldeman-Julius Publications. He was also a much-respected speaker, giving, by his own estimate, three or four thousand lectures in the United States, Australia, and Great Britain by the age of eighty. Still fighting against the injustices and dishonesties of religion, he died on January 10, 1955, at the age of eighty-seven. The epitaph he requested was "He was a rebel to his last day." Robert Green Ingersoll If Atheism had a hall of fame, one of the most brightly lit memorials in it would be to Robert Green Ingersoll (1833-1899), the American lawyer and lecturer. Ingersoll crafted speeches of such precision and passion, logic and compassion, that his words have inspired generations of Atheists since his death. A successful lawyer with a bright future in the Republican party, Ingersoll was attorney general of Illinois from 1867 to 1869. In 1876, his speech at the Republican National Convention, nominating James G. Blaine for the presidency, earned him a national reputation as a speaker. Ingersoll shunned a promising political career, however, to stand as a champion for freedom of thought. He began to give freethought lectures in 1860. He was soon internationally known for his eloquent - and barbed - criticisms of the Bible and the Christian religion. Thousands turned out to hear "old Bob's" lectures, and his debates with clergymen were reprinted and discussed around the world. American Atheist Press has reprinted several of the works of the Great Agnostic (as he was called), and also has available Haldeman-Julius editions of his stirring words. ************************************************************************* ********************************** * Skeptic's Bookshelf * ********************************** In a continuing commitment to bring its readers information on the topics of the day, American Atheist Press carries various books issued by other publishers which deal with issues of interest to Atheists. These range from the abortion controversy to the history of women in a religious culture. This broad range of material, which we hope will be of aid to individuals trying to form their own ideas free from the bonds of religious dogma, are included in this section. Each work's publisher is noted in each description. [Retailers, please note that a different discount schedule applies to the works in this section than to works published by American Atheist Press. See the section on "General Information" for details.] Abortion and Women's Health by Rachel Benson Gold A statistical analysis of abortion and birth control in the United States. The Alan Guttmacher Institute. Paperback. 74 pages. Stock #5546 Abortion Freedom: A Worldwide Movement by Colin Francome A survey of abortion laws around the world. George Allen & Unwin. Paperback. 241 pages. Stock #5112 Animal Liberation by Peter Singer Whatever your position on the animal rights controversy, you will find _Animal Liberation_ by Peter Singer to be an enlightening book. Widely distributed by America's leading animal rights groups, this work is the philosophical linchpin for much of the activism today. Religion, and Christianity in particular, has long denied that humans are animals or the product of evolution. This theology has, according to Singer, been used to promote and endorse use and abuse of our fellow animals. Avon Books. Paperback. 297 pages. Stock #5449. Chinese Women: Past and Present by Esther S. Lee Yao A new insight into Chinese history, focusing on women. Ide House. Paperback. 260 pages. Stock #5541 The Coors Connection by Russ Bellant An investigative journalist probes the religious and political groups funded by the beer barons. South End Press. Paperback. 149 pages. Stock #5571 Crime and Immorality in the Catholic Church by Emmett McLoughlin A 1962 survey of Catholicism's harmful effects. Lyle Stuart. Hardback. 288 pages. Stock #5316 Dale Morgan on Early Mormonism John Phillip Walker, ed. A collection of the correspondence and writings of a ground-breaking specialist in Mormon history. Signature Books. Hardback. 415 pages. Stock #5342 Education of Italian Renaissance Women by Melinda K. Blade Ide House. Hardback. 83 pages. Stock #5030 Paperback. 83 pages. Stock #5031 Engines of Creation by K. Eric Drexler A review of new technology which will effect aging and life extension. Anchor Press/Doubleday Hardback. 298 pages. Stock #5090 Euthanasia and Religion by Gerald A. Larue What do different religions say about the right to die? They lay down their rules in their own words in this book. The Hemlock Society. Paperback. 155 pages. Stock #5548 Fourteen Leading Cases on Education, Religion and Financing Schools Complete and unabridged texts of Supreme Court opinions on these important topics up to 1972. Lincoln Research Bureau. Paperback. 273 pages. Stock #5500 Hearts Made Glad by LaMar Petersen The charges of drunkenness against Joseph Smith, the Mormon prophet. Self-published. Paperback. 285 pages. Stock #5431 History of a World by the Visitors An extraterrestrial looks at humanity and its institutions in this parable. Libra Publishers, Inc. Hardback. 245 pages. Stock #5428 Ideas about the Future by Burnham P. Beckwith 2nd. ed. A history of futurism from 1794 to 1982. Self-published. Hardback. 326 pages. Stock #5479 Inventing Reality by Michael Parenti A passionate look at how conservative business interests dominate the mass media. St. Martin's Press. Hardback. 258 pages. Stock #5430 The Itty Game by Robert Zechnich, MD ITTY (I'm only Trying to Teach You) offers a clear explanation of academic success and failure. Ide House. Hardback. 88 pages. Stock #5562 Paperback. 88 pages. Stock #5561 Let Us Be Modern (Lasciateci Essere Moderni) by Salvatore Galioto Rationalist poetry in English and Italian. Grafica Sabaini. Paperback. 57 pages. Stock #5511 The Magic Washing Machine by Beverly Slapin The poignant diary of a woman coping with single motherhood and poverty. Ide House. Paperback. 72 pages. Stock #5567 Nebe by Ignatz Sahula-Dycke A tale concerning mankind's creation and appearance on earth. Exposition Press. Hardback. 55 pages. Stock #5468 The Origins and Ideals of the Modern School by Francisco Ferrer Translated by Joseph McCabe. The father of secular education in Spain explains his ideology. From "The Atheist Viewpoint" series. Arno Press & the New York Times. Hardback. 112 pages. Stock #5369 Rhetoric and Change William K. Tanner & J. Dean Bishop, eds. Tbirteen essays delivered over a decade at the Symposium in Rhetoric. Ide House. Paperback. 217 pages. Stock #5542 The Right to Die by Derek Humphrey and Anne Wickett An attempt to explain the complexities of euthanasia by the cofounders of the Hemlock Society. Harper & Row, Publishers. Paperback. 372 pages. Stock #5505 The Right to Lifers by Connie Paige Who they are, how they operate, where they get their money. Summit Books. Hardback. 286 pages. Stock #5424 Special Sisters: women in the European Middle Ages by Arthur Frederick Ide A look at the lives of women during a time of Church dominance. Ide House. Hardback. 115 pages. Stock #5552 Paperback. 115 pages. Stock #5558 Spoiled Priest by Gabriel Longo The autobiography of an ex-priest. University Books, Inc. Hardback. 252 pages. Stock #5228 The Ten Commandments by Joseph Lewis An investigation into the origin and meaning of the Decalogue and an analysis of its ethical and moral value as a code of conduct in modern society. Freethought Press Association. Hardback. 644 pages. Stock #5220. Women in Ancient Israel under the Torah and Talmud by Arthur Frederick Ide Ide House. Hardback. 83 pages. Stock #5550 Paperback. 83 pages. Stock #5556 Women in the Ancient Near East by Arthur Frederick Ide Ide House. Hardback. 100 pages. Stock #5551 Women in the Colonial South by Arthur Frederick Ide Ide House. Hardback. 113 pages. Stock #5553 Paperback. 113 pages. Stock #5559 Women in Greek Civilization Before 100 B.C. by Arthur Frederick Ide Religion has always shaped the lives of women -- limiting what they could do and how they could live. Ancient Greece was no exception. This gives an interesting overview of the use and abuse of women in Greece. This area of study is particularly important to Western Atheists, since many Greek ideas about women were adopted by early Christian theologians. Index. Hardback. 80 pages. Stock #5549 Paperback. 80 pages. Stock #5555 Women: A Synopsis by Arthur Frederick Ide Vol. A. from the dawn of time to the Renaissance Ide House. Hardback. 159 pages. Stock #5554 Paperback. 159 pages. Stock #5560 Women in Yorkist England by Darlene Templeton Yorkist England was a place in which a woman legally remained a minor her entire life and in which she could be traded like livestock for political and economic alliances between families. All the while church rulings sanctioned the laws against her. Index. Bibliography. Hardback. 88 pages. Stock #5564 Paperback. 88 pages. Stock #5563 Yahweh's Wife by Arthur Frederick Ide The god of the Old Testament was not always a celibate male, as this study of ancient mythology demonstrates. Monument Press. Paperback. 112 pages. Stock #5569 ************************************************************************* +++ PAMPHLETS and FLYERS +++ American Atheist Press has an array of flyers, pamphlets and giveaways available in quantity for the use of local groups and activist Atheists. Keep a few with you so that the next time you encounter a fundamentalist (or a Gideon Bible), you can quickly leave a rational view behind you. All pamphlets come in sets, unless otherwise indicated. No subsitutions, please. Each pamphlet has the address of the American Atheist Headquarters in Austin, Texas, as well as reorder information. WANT JUST ONE? Want to see one of our pamphlets but don't want to order fifty? The solution's simple. Send us a stamped, self-addressed #10 (9-1/2" x 4-1/8") envelope, and we will send you one copy of whatever single flyer you request. Or request a sample be sent with your order for other American Atheist Press products. Only one pamphlet per request, please. ------------------------------------- AGNOSTICISM. This small card reviews the meaning of agnosticism and the history of the position. 5-1/2" by 4-1/4". 50 pak. Stock #8710 AMBASSADORS OF GOD edited by Woolsey Teller. Quotes from the heroes of religion, including Martin Luther and John Calvin. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 4 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8330 AMERICAN ATHEIST PRESS CATALOG. Copies of our printed catalog are free with any order. Otherwise, they are available for $1.00 each postpaid. Stock #8100. Write for information on bulk orders. AN ATHEIST SPEAKS by Robert Harold Scott. The transcript of the first Atheist statement ever to be broadcast on radio. An excellent, succinct, and eloquent review of the Atheist position. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 14 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8406 ATHEISTS by Madalyn O'Hair. The first lady of Atheism discusses the different types of Atheists there are. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 15 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8305 THE BIBLE IN THE BALANCE by Charles Smith. Should the Bible be believed? Its own words show its immortalities, absurdities, and contradictions. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 19 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8335 THE BIBLE AND THE JESUS MYTH. Direct quotes from the New Testament show the contradictions in the story of Jesus and the fallacies in his alleged teachings. 8-1/2"x 3-1/2". 7 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8255 BLOW ON THIS SPOT: WHEN IT TURNS BLUE, GOD'S PROMISES WILL COME TRUE. This caption surrounds a big red circle. Black and red on white. 8-1/2" by 4-1/8". 30 pak. Stock #8700 A BRIEF HISTORY OF RELIGIOUS MOTTOES ON UNITED STATES CURRENCY AND COINS by Madalyn O'Hair. The story of how and when "In God We Trust" was put on our coins and currency. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 20 pp. 5 pak. Stock #8295 CHRISTIAN PRINCIPLES by Fred P. Wortman. Are biblical principles a fit guide for human behavior? 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 12 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8350 THE DEAD HAND OF ISLAM by Colin Maine. A review of the horrors and intolerance of Islam. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 17 pp. 5 pak. Stock #8305 A FEW BIBLICAL CONTRADICTIONS. The title says it all. 8-1/2" by 3- 1/2". 6 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8205 FUNDAMENTALISM by Madalyn O'Hair. In a speech given at Memphis State University, Dr. O'Hair reviews the history of Protestant fundamentalism in the United States and the basic ideas of Christianity. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 11 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8203 GEORGE BUSH FLYER: ATHEISTS NOT CITIZENS OR PATRIOTS? That's what George Bush says. Read his remarks in this brochure published by American Atheist Veterans. Titled "Issue: `Can George Bush, with impunity, state that Atheists should not be considered either citizens or patriots?', its text written by Madalyn O'Hair. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 5 pp. 25 pak. Stock #8286 GOD ON OUR COINS by Jon G. Murray. A written statement delivered to the House Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs and Coinage. These accompanied Mr. Murray's remarks when he was invited to give the Atheist position on the redesign of U.S. coins on September 14, 1988. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 16 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8402 GOD THEORIES MISLEAD PEOPLE by Christopher Drew. An Atheist explains why the specific aspects of religion are harmful and what should replace god-belief. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 8 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8235 THE "GOLDEN RULE" -- VATICAN STYLE. A peek into the wealth of the Roman Catholic church. 8 1/2" by 3 1/2". 5 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8360 HEADS I WIN -- TAILS YOU LOSE BY CONRAD GOERINGER. Why liberal religionists are as harmful to human society as the conservative ones. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 8 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8245 HOW DO YOU KNOW THERE IS NO GOD? by Frank R. Zindler. A dialogue between a believer and a nonbeliever concerning a basic question which separates them. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 3 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8342 MORALITY WITHOUT RELIGION. Atheist leaders and philosophers give their views on godless ethics. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 24 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8310 O'HAIR ON PRAYER by Madalyn O'Hair. An Atheist review of the idea of prayer. 8-1/2" by 11". 12 pp. Stock #5396 THE ORIGINS OF HALLOWEEN. This handy pamphlet on the origins of the fall festival is perfect for giving to trick-or-treaters. It is written for grade-school readers and printed on pumpkin-colored paper. 8-1/2" by 5-1/2". 4 pp. 20 pak. Stock #8377 THE PHANTOM PHENOMENON: CHRISTINSANITY STRIKES AGAIN! The true story of Madalyn O'Hair's petition to eliminate religious broadcasting from the air: it never existed. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 29 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8315 THE RIDICULOUS CONCEPT OF SOUL by Andrew Vena. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 5 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8375 THE SCHOOL PRAYER DECISION. The complete text of the 1963 Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of Bible reading and prayer recitation. Printed with the Court's opinion are excerpts from contemporary newspaper reactions to the decision and photos of the Murray family (the litigants in the case), the Supreme Court justices, and newspaper headlines. 8-1/2" by 11". 11 pp. Stock #5403 SO YOU BELIEVE IN GOD! by Barbara Smoker. Britain's leading Atheist spokesperson takes on the myth of a divine creator in this plain-spoken and short essay. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 4 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8376 SPIRITUAL GUIDE TO GRACIOUS LIVING. Direct quotes from the Christian Bible demonstrate why that book is useless as a social guide. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 8 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8250 THE UNPLEASANT PERSONALITY OF JESUS CHRIST by Colin Maine. Quotes from the New Testament demonstrate Jesus's contradictory positions and hateful nature. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 19 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8320 U.S. FOREIGN POLICY -- THE CHRISTIAN CONNECTION by Madalyn O'Hair. In this reprint of a speech given before Drake University in 1981, Dr. O'Hair surveys the Christianization of the United States and the Atheist alternative. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 18 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8325 WE ARE ATHEISTS BECAUSE. A small card lists the Atheist position. This is an excellent summary of the Atheist position to give your believing acquaintances. 5-1/2" by 4-1/4". 50 pak. Stock #8705 WHAT GOD HAS REVEALED TO MAN. A wonderful booklet to give to your believing friends. (It opens to reveal blank pages.) 4-1/4" by 3- 1/2". 4 pp. 30 pak. Stock #8270 WHAT INFIDELS HAVE DONE by Robert G. Ingersoll. A short review of the contributions of nonbelievers to civilization. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 6 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8204 WHAT ON EARTH IS AN ATHEIST? A short questionnaire that may surprise many believers. 4-1/2" by 3-1/2". 4 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8280 **** PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL FOR AMERICAN ATHEISTS ***** AMERICAN ATHEISTS: AN INTRODUCTION: How and why American Atheists is fighting for the ultimate freedom: freedom of the mind. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 11 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8291 WHY IS AN ATHEIST ORGANIZATION NEEDED IN THE U.S. TODAY? by Jon G. Murray. The president of American Atheists lists its aims and accomplishments. 11 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8290 AN INVITATION TO THE INTELLECTUAL ELITE. Includes definition of Atheism, aims and purposes of American Atheists, and a membership application. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 8 pp. 50 pak. Stock #8220 AMERICAN ATHEISTS -- A HISTORY. The struggle to build and nourish an Atheist organization began in 1963 and continues today. Issued in 1989. 8-1/2" by 3-1/2". 12 pages. 50 pak. Stock #8210 ************************************************************************* ********************** * SOLSTICE CARDS * ********************** All Solstice cards come in sets of a dozen, with matching envelopes. Penguin Madonna Card. Stock #2074 Nature and nurture linger together on this timeless card. Inside are "Warm Solstice Wishes." Dark blue, grey-blue, gold, and black on white. 3-3/8" x 8-1/2". Forest Sunset Card. Stock #2069 A winter sunset beckons for Solstice celebrations. The interior is blank. Green, gold, orange, and black on flecked grey. 5-1/2" x 4-1/4". Solar Card. Stock #2066 Let your friends and family know that you have valued their company during this last trip around the sun. Send them this unique reminder of the real reason behind the season. The note inside is "Greetings of the Winter Solstice Season." Blue, green, yellow, and black on flecked grey. 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" Einstein Card. Stock #2041 Even the non-science buffs should enjoy this light-hearted greeting. The message inside is "May your Winter Solstice Season bring you equations of grandeur and gastronomical delights!" Brown, aqua, red, and black on white. 4-1/4"x 5-1/2" Snowflakes Card. Stock #2075 Glimmering snowflakes shine in a wintry night. the warm message inside this frosty card is "Solstice Greetings." Magenta, aqua, and midnight blue on white. 8-1/2" x 3-2/3" Logo Sticker Sheet. Stock #2059 Turn any card into an Atheist card with these American Atheist logo stickers. Self-adhesive. Blue on white. 3/4" diameter. 120 stickers per sheet. Sun Collage Card. Stock #2043 A look at the many mythical faces of the sun is the theme of this "Winter Solsticelebration" card. It opens to say, "Celebrate Another Year Around the Sun." Red and green on white. 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" Solstice Claus Card. Stock #2065 Solstice Claus is coming to town! -or at least thats the message of this second look at the popular myth. the interior gives "Winter Solstice Greetings." Red and green on tan leatherette. 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" Solstice Cheer Card. Stock #2060 Simple, cheerful, and in bright colors to remind you and yours of the returning sun. The greeting inside is "Thinking of you this Solstice season." Blue, orange, and black on flecked cream. 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" Orangutan Card. Stock #2072 Get back to your roots with this card celebrating the family values of our fellow animals. Inside is the greeting, "From one primate to another, happy Solstice." Tan, brown, orange, red, and green on white. 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" Winter Ducks Card. Stock #2076 The natural beauty of ducks complements the poem "Solstice Marshes" on the interior of this card. Written by the late Gerald Tholen, vice president of American Atheists, the poem celebrates the winter season. Tan, gold, and green on white. 8-1/2" x 3-2/3" Skiing Jesus Card. Stock #2027 Who said Christ couldn't be funny? Netherlandish artist Cork provides some lighthearted laughs in this winter cartoon. "Greetings of the Winter Solstice Season" are inside. Black on white. 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" Cardinal Card. Stock #2073 A female cardinal rests from winter flight. The welcome message inside is "Have a cheery Winter Solstice." Brown, red, black, and sky blue on white. 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" Blue Earth Card. Stock #2064 "Solstice Greetings" from Planet Earth! The interior is blank for you to add your own message. Blue and red on tan. 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" Tobogganing Penguins Card. Stock #2077 Penguins toboggan down a slope carrying Solstice greetings. Blank interior. Red, green, and black on white. 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" Reindeer Card. Stock #2044 Sweet and simple: traditional reindeer announce the Winter Solstice. Blank interior. Red and green on green-flecked cream. 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" Brrr Card. Stock #2040 A colorful and cheery card to give your friends "Greetings of the Winter Solstice Season." (Florida is piping up to boast, "Ha ha! Our toes are always warm!") Green, yellow, red, blue, and black on white. 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" Atheist Symbol Card. Stock #2034 Red and green Atheist symbols bedeck this card. The interior message completes greeting "of the Winter Solstice Season." Red and green on cream. 3-1/2" x 8-1/2" TV Violence Card. Stock #2026 The irony of Christians celebrating "Christmas" when there is so much violence in the world is what this card is all about. The inside gives "Greetings of the Winter Solstice Season!" Black, red, and green on cream. 6-1/4" x 4-1/2" Sun Face Card. Stock #2042 This Winter Solstice card opens to announce "Winter Solsticelebration!" Green and red on cream. 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" Solstice Banner Card. Stock #2078 This big and bold card will be a bright addition to your friends' mantels while it reminds them of your good wishes. Yellow and red on white. 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" opens up to 16-1/2 x 4-1/4" Earth Tones Card. Stock #2068 There is nothing reminiscent of "Christmas" cards in this Solstice greeting. Warm earth tones announce "Solstice Greetings." Inside, your friends are given "Greetings of the Solstice season." Mustard, olive, peach, and black on flecked cream. 5-1/2" x 4-1/4" Apt. Tree Card. Stock #2028 An urban Solstice scent to delight the hearts of young and old. The message inside is "Greetings of the Winter Solstice!" Art by Netherlandish artist Cork. Black (dotted with red and green) on cream. 4-1/2" x 6-1/4" Gift Cards. Stock #2070 Go ahead and tie one on! Our gift cards are the perfect last touch to your Solstice presents. Each card has a cheerful greeting on one side and is blank on the other for your own personal message. Our four different designs are printed on a variety of seasonal colors on different papers. Each has a hole through which to thread ribbon. They are available in mixed sets of twenty cards. (Sorry, we cannot sell cards individually) 1-1/2" x 3-2/3" Penguin Xmas Card. Stock #2030 Help a friend to kick the Xmas blues and spread Solstice cheer with this card. Its interior urges "Celebrate Winter Solstice." Perfect with our pamphlet explaining the meaning of Solstice. Green and black on white. 4-1/2" x 6" See Sharp Card. Stock #2036 That's no way to treat Santa Claus! [Santa being crucified] This card is from San Francisco's See Sharp Press. Blank interior. (This card does not have our standard explanation of the Solstice) 4-1/4" x 5" Jesus Loves You Card. Stock #2067 This seemingly sacred card opens to read, "Everyone else thinks you're an asshole." We would not for a moment suggest to whom to send it, but we know your freethinking friends will get a laugh out of it. We printed it to look just like an authentic Christian greeting card - on the outside. Gold, black, and blue on tan leatherette. 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" Ingersoll Card. Stock #2071 Eighteenth-century orator Robert G. Ingersoll was popularly known as the "Great Agnostic." In thie essay "What I Want for Christmas," he turned his eloquence to the question of life without religion. His words draw a picture of a society without class or king, oppression or superstition. Printed in warm burgundy on marbled paper, the text has been lettered by hand for the American Atheist Press. It is a wonderful gift card to send to your friends, whether they are religious or Atheist. The set of a dozen comes in a white gift box and includes matching envelopes. (This gift booklet does not have our standard explanation of Solstice) 5-1/2" x 8-1/2". 7 pages. Solstice Story Card. Stock #2061 A poetic interpretation of the meaning of the Solstice season by American Atheists member Polly Strand. This is a delightful way to introduce your friends to the meaning of the Solstice celebration. (This card does not have our standard explanation of the Solstice) The text states: In this cold, drizzly season, whenever the days are punctuated with glorious cameos of bright yellow sunshine, feel quiet rever- ence inherited from ancient cultures and ancestors. Our gratitude to the sun unites us. The eternal warmth that sustains all life, kids, kittens, tulips, grandmothers, butterflies...and asks nothing in return. December 21st is the ancient holiday, "Winter Solstice," a merry, feasting time to celebrate longer days and the rebirth of the sun on its journey through spring. Happy Winter Solstice. Merry New Year. Green, yellow, red, and black on white leatherette. 3-2/3" x 8-1/2" (folds out to 11" x 8-1/2"). Art and text by Polly Strand. +++ Other Solstice Goodies +++ Solstice Ornament Stock #3216 If you decorate a tree for your winter parties, our satin Solstice ornaments will add a warm and unique touch to your decorations. Featuring the same design as our popular Sun Face Card, they will start a fresh Solstice tradition in your household. Red on White. Gift box included. Merry Solstice Sweatshirt Medium Stock #3026 Large Stock #3027 X-Large Stock #3028 Put your Solstice cheer up front. The happy greeting of "Merry Solstice" appears in green letters over a cheery red sun. The sturdy sweatshirt is a white cotton blend. Praying Hands Stickers Stock #3255 December is the time when religionists overrun government with prayers and carols. This handy sticker (praying hands with red circle and slash) will help you reply to the whole unconstitutional mess. Red and black on white self-adhesive stock. 4-1/2" x 4-1/2" 12 stickers per set. Bumper Stickers Merry Solstice Stock #3301 Solstice is the Stock #3302 Reason for the Season Share solstice cheer during cool winter drives. 3" x 12". Bright, seasonal red and green letters on long-lasting white vinyl stock. Unity Today Button. Stock #3246 Don't get in the next nativity scene picket without it! Red Atheist symbol and blue letters on white. 1" diameter. Free Religion's Prisoners Poster Stock #3415 This handsome black and white poster reproduces Mikhail Bakunin's classic statement on the meaning of religious belief: "The idea of god implies the abdication of human reason & justice; it is the most decisive negation of human liberty & necessarily ends in the enslavement of mankind both in theory and practice." "He who desires to worship god must harbor no childish illusions about the matter but bravely renounce his liberty & humanity." 17-1/2" x 22-1/2". Black on white. +++ Bookplates +++ Bookplates make thoughtful stocking stuffers for your near and dear. (And as handsome as these are, you may want to slip a couple of packages of them into your own Solstice stocking!) These are on self-adhesive paper for easy mounting. Each is 3-11/16" x 4-1/4" Ingersoll Bookplate. Stock #4001 The "Great Agnostic," Robert G. Ingersoll, is the star of this bookplate. But equally important are his words: "There is no slavery but ignorance. Liberty is the child of intelligence." Black and gold on white. Set of 24. American Atheist Bookplate. Stock #4002 What better addition to your favorite heretical works than this bookplate commemorating your membership in American Atheists? Black on white. Set of 24. Pansy Bookplate. Stock #4003 For hundreds of years, the pansy was the symbol of freethought. That tradition is continued in this attractive bookplate. Purple and black on white. Set of 24. Sanger Bookplate. Stock #4000 American Atheist and birth control activist Margaret Sanger is the focus of this bookplate. The quote "No God No Master" is from the masthead of her magazine _The Woman Rebel_. Black on white. Set of 24. ************************************************************************* +++ Solstice Reading +++ ***** OUR PAGAN CHRISTMAS ***** By R. J. CONDON * What religion celebrated December 25 -- even before Jesus was supposed to have been born? * Where did the Christians get the "born of a virgin" idea? * Were "the three kings" the real stars of the story? * What other "holy families" celebrate important anniversaries during the last month of the year? * Why are trees a traditional part of December celebrations? * Why are certain foods -- like the Christmas goose -- included in the "Christmas cheer"? _Our Pagan Christmas_ explains all of the above (and more) in clear, succinct paragraphs that should start readers on their way to understanding the _real_ meaning of Christmas. This twenty-page booklet can be read quickly on Christmas (or Solstice) Eve -- but the effects may last a lifetime. Includes bibliography. Stapled. 20 pages. Stock #5064. **** CHRISTIANITY BEFORE CHRIST **** By JOHN G. JACKSON What better way to celebrate Christ-mass than taking a long, skeptical look at the Christ myth? In _Christianity Before Christ_, John G. Jackson does just that. But first he compares and contrasts the many tales of the origin of humankind, outlining the parallels that exist between the Tahitian myths and Hebrew fables. Examined next are the flood myths, from the Old Testament's Noah to the Babylonian Xisuthrus to the Hindu Satyavrata. With the background of these stories, the numerous savior myths are then investigated. Carefully, the lives of the great messiahs are reviewed. Tales of deities unfamiliar to most Westerners -- Adonis, Attis, Mithra, Prometheus, Krishna, Buddha, and others are told. But did the individual called Jesus ever exist? And if so, when? It is with the answers to these challenging questions that Jackson concludes this work. Includes bibliography and index. Paperback. 238 pages. Stock #5200 ***** A CHRISTMAS SERMON AND THE CONTROVERSY IT AROUSED ***** By ROBERT G. INGERSOLL On December 19, 1891, Robert G. Ingersoll's "Christmas Sermon" was printed in the _Evening Telegram_ newspaper. It was immediately answered by the Rev. Dr. J. M. Buckley, editor of the _Christian Advocate,_ the recognized organ of the Methodist church, under the title "Lies That Are Mountainous" in that journal. He, in his reply, suggested that a newspaper which published the words of Ingersoll should not be allowed in the homes of Christians or of Jews -- thus calling for a boycott of the paper. The _Telegram_ promptly accepted the issue raised by Dr. Buckley and dared him to do his utmost. This set off a fight that was heard around the world. This forty-seven page booklet has all of Ingersoll's replies in the feud. One can only chuckle as Ingersoll mows down Buckley's positions. Stapled. 47 pages. Stock #5148. ****** THE U.F.O. OF BETHLEHEM ****** By FRANK R. ZINDLER Each time Christmas rolls around, newspapers carry articles purporting to be factual discussions of the Star of Bethlehem, quoting astronomers and religious writers. How reliable are such proofs of the story of Jesus' miraculous birth? Not very reliable at all, explains Frank Zindler in this short essay. A science writer and New Testament scholar, he ably demonstrates that the story of the three Magi and the Star of Bethlehem is not only scientifically impossible, it is biblically implausible. Stapled. 14 pages. Stock #5568. ***** THE SOLSTITIAL AND EQUINOCTIAL SEASONS ***** By FRANK R. ZINDLER Sending your seasonal greetings to a friend, but unsure of how to explain what the Solstices and Equinoxes are all about? Help has arrived! This small brochure explains these astronomical events scientifically and poetically. Easy to read, with clear diagrams. _The Solstitial and Equinoctial Seasons_ will tell your friends not only what these events are, but why they should be celebrated. Printed on attractive green paper, they are a perfect insert into your seasonal letters and greeting cards. Or pop one in with your presents! They are sold in sets of two dozen. 3-3/4" x 4-3/4". 4 pages. Solstice Explanation Stock #2006 ************************************************************************* +++++ Other Products ++++++ Blue and gold cloth patch. An attractive insignia with the American Atheists logo, to sew on jackets and caps - and it matches our key ring. 3" diameter. One Patch. Stock #3240 Two Patches. Stock #3241 Blue and gold cloth key ring. On one side is the American Atheist symbol; on the other is "Member American Atheists." 1-3/4" x 2-1/2" One Cloth Key Ring. Stock #3235 Two Cloth Key Rings. Stock #3236 American Atheist Cap. "Put on your thinking cap" takes on new meaning with this American Atheists cap. Yellow and white, with blue lettering. Hat. Stock #3005 American Atheist Lapel Pin Your business jacket or sports coat shouldn't go without this handsome blue and gold cloisonne lapel pin. The lettering around the Atheist symbol proclaims, "American Atheists, Freedom From Religion." 1/2" diameter. Cloisonne Pin. Stock #3230 American Atheist Pin This small (1/2" diameter) attractive pin is just the thing for blouse or jacket of the Atheist-about-town. Made of gold and nickel; two backings available. With a clasp pin back. Stock #3220 With a lapel pin back. Stock #3225 Atheist On Board car window sign This yellow notice mounts easily on your car's window with its own suction cup. Once there, it is a polite but persistent reply to all those born-again bumper stickers. 6-3/4" x 6-3/4" Auto Plaque. Stock #3215 "This is Your Brain" T-shirts "THIS IS YOUR BRAIN" T-SHIRTS -- They're baaaack! Once again, American Atheists is pleased to offer our popular "This is Your Brain" T-shirts designed by our creative artist and resident humorist, Spike Tyson. On one side, a fully-developed brain is depicted with the caption: "This is Your Brain." On the back, however, "This is Your Brain on Religion" shows the deleterious effects of superstion and religious mysticism. It's funny, provocative and makes a point! Sizes: Large, X-Large, XX-Large This Is Your Brain T-Shirt Black - Stock #3034 Gray - Stock #3035 ** SPECIFY SIZE ON ORDER FORM ** Summer Solstice Cards Summer Cactus Card. Stock #2002 Cacti cover the outside of this cheerful full-color card. Inside a message announces "Greetings of the Summer Solstice Season!" "Summer," a poem by the late Gerald Tholen, vice president of American Atheists, also appears. Four-color. 4-1/2" x 6-1/4". Set of a dozen includes matching envelopes. Summer Rose Card. Stock #2005 Send your friends a rose for the Summer's Solstice. Inside this card is the message "Greetings of the Summer Solstice Season!" and the poem "Summer Roses" by the late Gerald Tholen, vice president of American Atheists. Red, green and brown on cream. 4-1/2" x 6-1/4". Set of a dozen includes matching envelopes. Autumnal Equinox Cards Fall Leaves Card. Stock #2003 Multicolored fall leaves send the fall greetings on the outside of this card. Inside, there is the message "Greetings of the Autumnal Equinox Season!" and a poem by the late Gerald Tholen, vice president of American Atheists, titled simply "Autumn." Four-color, 4-1/2" x 6-1/4". Set of a dozen includes matching envelopes. Fall Duck Card. Stock #2010 Inside is not only the message "Greetings of the Autumnal Equinox," but the poem "The Wily Mallard" by the late Gerald Tholen, vice president of American Atheists. Four-color. 4-1/2" x 6-1/4". Set of a dozen includes matching envelopes. For the Vernal Equinox Spring Bluebonnet Card. Stock #2001 Texas bluebonnets greet the spring sunshine on the outside of this card. On the inside, the message "Greetings of the Vernal Equinox" appears, along with a poem by Gerald Tholen, vice president of American Atheists, aptly titled "Spring." 4-1/2" x 6-1/4". Set of a dozen includes matching envelopes. American Atheist Symbol Jewelry An American Atheist symbol is the perfect finishing touch to your Solstice attire - and gives you a chance to show your pride as an Atheist! Pin - This embossed pin will add a distinguished and discreet touch to your blazer or jacket. 3/4" diameter. Available only in gold-plate. Stock #3181 Pendant - You'll get many compliments on this shining statement for Atheism. 1-5/8" diameter. A matching 18" chain is included. Stock #3179 (silver) or #3180 (gold) Earrings - Don't think of these dainty earrings as a "statement for Atheism." Think of them as exquisite - because thats the best description. They will add a sparkle to your look at any occasion. Available either with a French hook ear wire for pierced ears or as a clip-on. 3/4" diameter. Pierced Earring Stock #3175 (silver) or #3176 (gold) Clip-on Earring Stock #3177 (silver) or #3178 (gold) ************************************************************************* +++ BUMPER STICKERS +++ All bumper stickers are printed on white vinyl stock and are approximately 3" tall and 12" in length, unless otherwise noted. The lettering is either blue, green or red. Apes Evolved from Creationists. Stock #3271 Atheists Do It without Guilt. Stock #3272 Alive with _Atheism_. Stock #3273 Atheism Makes Sense for America. Stock #3274 Keep Church and State SEPARATE! Stock #3275 Tax All Church Businesses, Stocks & Bonds. Stock #3276 Atheists Are the Reason There's Reason. Stock #3277 One Nation Under God -- Iran! Stock #3278 Born-Again Atheist. Stock #3279 Recovered from Religion for Good. Stock #3280 Save You? God Can't Even Cure Acne! Stock #3281 One Man's RELIGION is another Man's BELLY LAUGH. Stock #3282 Jesus Christ -- Super Fraud. Stock #3283 Proud to Be an Atheist. Stock #3284 The Few, the Proud, the Elite: AMERICAN ATHEISTS. Stock #3285 No Preachers for President. 3-3/4"x 14-3/8". Stock #3296 Take Your God and Shove It! Stock #3288 "All Bibles Are Man-Made." -- Thomas A. Edison. Stock #3287 Question Authority. Stock #3291 Praying Is Begging. Stock #3292 Atheism -- There's No Substitute for Being Right. Stock #3289 "Religion Is Bunk." -- Thomas A. Edison. Stock #3293 Jesus Is Lard. Stock #3295 Nothing Is Greater Than a Thinking Human. Stock #3286 Religion Is Myth-Information. Stock #3297 The hands that help are better far than lips that pray. -- Robert Ingersoll. Stock #3298 Blasphemy Is a Victimless Crime. Stock #3299 God Is Just Another Addiction. Stock #3300 Merry Solstice. Stock #3301 Solstice is the reason for the season. Stock #3302 ************************************************************************* TIRED OF BEING DELUGED WITH ONE PIOUS PERIODICAL AFTER ANOTHER? WE HAVE THE ALTERNATIVE YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR: AMERICAN ATHEIST NEWSLETTER Founded by Atheist leader Madalyn O'Hair, the _American Atheist Newsletter_ is a twelve-page, monthly newsletter devoted to keeping Atheists informed about the past, present, and future of Atheism -- and religion. It is filled to the brim with updates from the state/church separation front; religious pronouncements and debacles; and news of Atheist activism. A year's worth of this unique monthly newsletter is just $20 ($30 for subscriptions abroad). Gift subscriptions are $15 per year ($25 outside the U.S.) The library and institutional discount is 75 percent. Sustaining subscriptions are $30 per year. American Atheists, Inc., P.O. Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195. Telephone: (512) 458-1244. FAX: (512) 467-9525. AMERICAN ATHEIST MAGAZINE BACK ISSUES: Limited quantities of some back issues of the _American Atheist_ are available. Ask for our free listing of them, write for "Back Issue List, Stock #8101." ************************************************************************* ABOUT AMERICAN ATHEISTS American Atheists, Inc. is a nonprofit, nonpolitical educational organization dedicated to the complete and absolute separation of state and church. We accept the explanation of Thomas Jefferson that the "First Amendment" to the Constitution of the United States was meant to create a "wall of separation" between state and church. American Atheists, Inc. is organized to stimulate and promote freedom of thought and inquiry concerning religious beliefs, creeds, dogmas, tenets, rituals, and practices; to collect and disseminate information, data, and literature on all religions and promote a more thorough understanding of them, their origins, and their histories; to advocate, labor for, and promote in all lawful ways the complete and absolute separation of state and church; to advocate, labor for, and promote in all lawful ways the establishment and maintenance of a thoroughly secular system of education available to all; to encourage the development and public acceptance of a human ethical system stressing the mutual sympathy, understanding, and interdependence of all people and the corresponding responsibility of each individual in relation to society; to develop and propogate a social philosophy in which man is the central figure, who alone must be the source of strength, progress, and ideals for the well-being and happiness of humanity; to promote the study of the arts and sciences and of all problems affecting the maintenance, perpetuation, and enrichment of human (and other) life; to engage in such social, educational, legal, and cultural activity as will be useful and beneficial to members of American Atheists, Inc. and to society as a whole. Membership Categories Life................ $750 Couple Life.........$1000 (Please give both names above) Sustaining.......... $150/year Couple/Family........ $75/year (Please give all names above) Individual........... $50/year Senior Citizen....... $25/year (include photocopy of ID) Student.............. $20/year (include photocopy of ID) For a membership application or further information, write: American Atheists, Inc. PO Box 140195 Austin, TX 78714-0195 Or call: 512-458-1244 ************************************************************************* ********* GENERAL INFORMATION ********* Refer to the file ORDER.TXT for current product pricing. How to Order By Mail Fill out the order form at the end of this document and return it to: American Atheist Press, PO Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195. If our order form is missing, type or print your order on a plain sheet of paper. Please include the following information: 1. Your name and address 2. Your shipping address, if different 3. The quantity, stock number, description, and price of each item you wish to order. 4. The shipping method you prefer. 5. The subtotal of the merchandise. 6. The sales tax (Texas residents please add applicable tax) 7. The shipping charge. (See below). 8. The grand total. By Telephone Credit card orders by telephone are also welcomed. Our telephone number is (512) 458-1244 between 9:15am and 5:00pm (CST). To speed your ordering, please have your credit card redy and your order form filled in, so that you can use them as an easy reference as you answer our questions. By FAX Orders may also be sent by FAX to (512) 467-9525. Credit card orders only. Shipping All orders are shipped by the United States Postal Service (USPS). If you prefer another method, please contact us for a cost estimate. We normally ship books and booklets by Fourth Class Mail. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. Payment The American Atheist Press accepts payment by check, money order, cash, Visa, or MasterCard only. We cannot bill individuals. The religious community spoiled the idea of billing, since it has been the habit of theists to order books, magazine subscriptions, etc., and then refuse to pay for them. Because of this, we find it necessary to adopt a pay-in- advance policy for all orders by individuals. Minimum credit card order is $10.00 Tax Texas residents please add 8 percent (or current rate) sales tax on all orders. Overseas Customers We can accept checks or money orders both in U.S. or Canadian dollars or payment by VISA or MasterCard. We are happy to accept Canadian money orders or checks drawn on Canadian banks. Otherwise, checks or money orders must be payable through a U.S. bank. If you are paying in Canadian dollars, please add 16 percent to the total of your order to cover our costs in exchange. Customer Service To help us resolve any of your problems quickly, please contact us at (512) 458-1244 between 9:15am and 5:00pm (CST), Monday-Friday. Or write to: Customer Service, American Atheist Press, PO Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195. To Libraries We strongly encourage our friends to donate American Atheist Press books to public and university libraries. Most libraries have far too few works in dissent to religion, in fact, usually none at all. Before asking us to ship material to a library, however, please contact the acquisitions or head librarian to ensure that the material will be accepted and made available to the public. Please provide us with the name of the individual or department to which the material should be shipped. Incarcerated Patrons U.S. prisons are saturated with religion, and ministers are allowed to badger the incarcerated to be "born again." American Atheist Press wishes to provide an alternative point of view. We will provide "hurt" or damaged books to prisoners at no charge on request. Due to the number of requests we receive, we can only ship one book to each prisoner on each request. We cannot take requests for specific books, and selection will vary. We offer all our books free of charge to prison libraries. Requests must be sent on library stationary and with an authorized signature. Our Price Policy Prices are subject to change without notice. Availability Orders will be filled in the order received as long as supplies last. We try to ship your merchandise within one week; this is not always possible, so please allow four to six weeks for delivery. If the merchandise is no longer available, we will send you a credit voucher, redeemable for cash or other merchandise (at your option). If you pay by credit card, we will not charge your card for items unavailable at the time of purchase. Our Mailing List We never sell or give your name and address to any other company or individual. Libraries and Schools We offer a discount of 20 percent on all purchases by libraries. Our textbook discount is 25 percent. Payment is due in thirty (30) days. Unless otherwise requested, all shipments to institutions will be by UPS Postage and handling on institutional orders will be our actual shipping cost, based on current rates. Examination copies will be sent free of charge to instructors in accredited institutions. Requests should be made on school stationary and should indicate the course title and anticipated number of students. Subscriptions to the American Atheist magazine are available at a 50 percent discount to all libraries. Bookstore and trade purchasers Note to individuals: The term trade is meant to designate wholesale bulk purchasers. The discounts and policies discussed in this section do not apply to individuals. American Atheist Press Books The following discounts apply to the total number of American Atheist Press books in any single order to bookstores and trade purchasers. Trade: 1 book...........30.0% 2-4 books........33.3% 5-99 books.......40.0% 100-199 books....46.0% 200-500 books....50.0% Wholesale and jobber.....46.0% Drop shipments (direct to customer)...20% Short discount...20% Salesman's orders (trade discount)...40% American Atheist Press also carries many titles published by other presses. Please note that the discount schedule above is only applicable to those titles published by the American Atheist Press. Titles by other publishers for which American Atheist Press is a jobber/wholesaler only carry a "Trade" discount of one-half (1/2) of the discount percentage show. No discounts are available on books published by Haldeman-Julius Publications. These are listed in a separate section of this catalog. Other Products For discounts on other products, such as greeting cards, bumper stickers, and jewelry, please contact our Sales Department. Shipping Unless otherwise requested, all shipments to booksellers will be by UPS. Postage and handling on trade orders will be our actual shipping cost, based on current UPS or USPS rates. Return Policy Our trade returns policy is as follows: 1. All books in salable condition may be returned for full credit or refund within three months from date of invoice. 2. No request for permission to return is necesssary. 3. Packing slips accompanying returns must show the American Atheist Press invoice number and date on which projected returns were originally charged. Shipping Address Our street address for shipping returns is: American Atheist Press 7215 Cameron Road Austin, TX 78752-2973 Terms Invoice Net - 30 days. F.O.B. Austin, Texas ISBN Prefix: 0-91 1826; 0-910309 This schedule and notice supercedes all previous schedules. Prices are subject to change without notice. ************************************************************************* AMERICAN ATHEIST PRESS Mail order to: PO Box 140195, Austin, TX 78714-0195 Telephone (512) 458-1244 - FAX (512) 467-9525 Ordered by: Name: _________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________ City: _________________________________________________ State: ___________________ Zip: _______________________ Daytime Phone: ________________________________________ Ship to (if different address): Name: _________________________________________________ Address: ______________________________________________ City: _________________________________________________ State: ___________________ Zip: _______________________ Daytime Phone: ________________________________________ Qty Stock # Description Price @ Total Price ___ ____ ________________________ _______ ______ ___ ____ ________________________ _______ ______ ___ ____ ________________________ _______ ______ ___ ____ ________________________ _______ ______ ___ ____ ________________________ _______ ______ ___ ____ ________________________ _______ ______ ___ ____ ________________________ _______ ______ ___ ____ ________________________ _______ ______ ___ ____ ________________________ _______ ______ ___ ____ ________________________ _______ ______ Subtotal ______ Tax (TX residents add 8%) ______ Shipping and handling (see chart) ______ Donation (donations are tax-deductible) ______ GRAND TOTAL ______ [ ] Check or money order (payable to American Atheist Press) enclosed [ ] Charge to my [ ] VISA [ ] MasterCard ($10 minimum charge) Account no.: ____________________________________________ Exp. Date: ________________ Signature: ______________________________________________ *******SHIPPING AND HANDLING********* $2.50 for the first book, item, or 10 bumper stickers. Each additional book, item, or 10 bumper stickers is $1.00 All items shipped by U.S. Postal Service. Call for other shipping. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. Outside of the U.S. Surface Mail Air Mail Canada 10% of order 25% of order All Others 15% of order 65% of order Or $4.50, whichever is greatest. Payment: Checks or money orders in U.S. dollars only, please. Customer Service: To help us resolve any of your problems quickly, please contact us at (512) 458-1244 between 9:15am and 5:00pm (CST), Monday-Friday. Or write to the address at the top of this form. Availability: If we are unable to fill your order promptly, we will notify you. If the merchandise is no longer available, we will send you a credit voucher, redeemable for cash or other merchandise (at your option) Gifts: We will gladly send your order to any recipient you specify. Please provide the name and address on the order form. Our mailing list: We never sell or give your name and address to any other company or individual. Shipping: All orders are shipped by the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). If you prefer another method, please contact us for a price estimate. We normally ship books by Fourth Class Mail. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. FAX your credit card order to (512) 467-9525. PRICES: SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. 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