DIAL-A-GAY-ATHEIST 17 April 1994 +quot;A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Unbridled Breeding+quot

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DIAL-A-GAY-ATHEIST 17 April 1994 "A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Unbridled Breeding" This is Dial A Gay Atheist, a communications service of American Gay & Lesbian Atheists. American Gay Atheists, Inc., is a non-profit, educational foundation dedicated to keeping state and church separate and promoting the concept as the lesbian and gay community's most important constitutional ally. The contents of Dial A Gay Atheist are protected under the copyright laws of the United States of America and may not be reproduced, in whole or in part, without written permission from American Gay Atheists, Inc. This is Don Sanders for Dial A Gay Atheist. Last week our topic of discussion was the burgeoning growth of the world's population and some of the possible negative side- effects that unbridled breeding will likely cause and the results of which are being seen today in many places around the world, especially in the nations of Africa, South America and Southeast Asia. But before we get into this week's message, some of your comments are worthy of playing for our listeners. PLAY MESSAGES -- 3 Total We appreciate our callers' comments, even those who like to leave sarcastic comments in reference to this commentator's publicly-acknowledged HIV-positive status. Last week, general statements were made about the consequences of over-population and how over-population is perhaps the most serious threat to the future of the quality of life for everyone, especially for future generations. This is certainly a serious issue and it is our intent to shed a little more light on the subject as today, we are witnessing some of over-population's effects, such as massive pollution of our air, water and land, depletion of natural resources, food shortages, civil wars, staggering immigration, and an overall decline in services and quality of life for many. In September of this year, the United Nations is sponsoring a three-week conference, in which practically every nation of the world will be represented. Already, the Vatican has sent delegates to many nations trying to persuade them not to support any efforts to control population which involve the use of contraception, birth control and abortion. But what you may not know is that the Vatican has been working behind the scenes for decades in an effort to thwart all measures to control over- population of the planet. Back during 1946, just after the conclusion of World War II, the World Health Organization began to form. Even at that time, the world's leaders recognized the importance of implementing measures to control the world's population, as over-population could be directly connected to the spread of disease and mass starvation, such as we have recently seen in Ethiopia and Somalia, for example The WHO also saw over-population as a security threat to all nations. From the very beginning of the WHO, the Vatican began to interfere. The countries of Ireland, Italy and Belgium had delegations dominated by the Vatican, and soon after, the Vatican tried to influence as many other nations as it could in order that its position was reflected, thus effectively thwarting efforts at population control. Due to direct pressure from the Vatican, whose representatives began to dominate the WHO and within 3 years after the its inception, the Roman church had intimidated and essentially blackmailed WHO into designating no funds and spearheading no efforts toward the serious issue of over-population. So, by the fourth general assembly meeting of WHO in 1951, the issue of over-population was not even touched upon. Later attempts to discuss the issue raised so much furor from Catholic nations that the resolutions were always withdrawn. Even to this day, family planning matters account for only a very small fraction of WHO's budget. Understanding the world-wide influence the United States has on world affairs, the Vatican immediately set its sites upon intervening into any efforts which might be made on behalf the United States in matters regarding population control. Keep in mind, too, that Catholics comprise less than a quarter of the U.S. population. Despite this, the Vatican policy of birth control, which is really no control at all, was the law of the land until birth control was legalized here less than 30 years ago. Under Ronald Reagan, who maintained a very, very close relationship with the Vatican, a number of international programs were affected, primarily due to the fact that in some of the immediate administrations prior to Reagan, the U.S. was the single greatest monetary contributor to birth-control and population control programs. But under the Reagan/Vatican alliance, all this stopped. The U.S. Agency for International Development effectively cut off support for all programs around the world which did not conform to Vatican-imposed guidelines. And, of course, U.S. funds to the United Nations Population Control Fund were also stopped due to the Vatican/Reagan alliance. Another nation whose peoples have suffered greatly as a result of Vatican interference is India, despite the fact that Catholics make up less than one percent of its population. For over ten years, India's Health Minister was Princess Amrit Kaur who was a converted Catholic. She would allow only the so-called "rhythm method" of birth control, which failed miserably, producing no results in curbing the burgeoning population. In Uganda, for example, another nation whose Catholic population is very low, the Pope, during his visit there in February 1993, made a statement condemning the oppression of minority populations, saying, "There should be no room for schemes which seek to fabricate national unity by forcing minorities to assimilate the culture or religion of the majority." Despite this statement, within a matter of weeks, the Vatican used its influence in Uganda, which has the highest incidence of AIDS in Africa, to stop government-sponsored announcements about the importance of condom usage in preventing the spread of this fatal disease. In addition to its success in Africa, the Vatican has effectively denied birth control and sexually-transmitted disease information to hundreds of millions of people, most of whom are non-Catholics, in the Philippines, throughout South America, Poland and Ireland. And at the 1992 Rio environmental summit, birth control was barely mentioned due to the Vatican's direct political influence over several U.N. agencies. The vast majority of Roman Catholics around the world, and especially those in the United States, strongly disagree with the Vatican's position on birth control. And herein lies the problem. It matters not to the Vatican that its adherents have strong opposition to its official position as long as they continue to declare themselves followers of the medieval institution and financially support the Vatican's bottom line. The streak of masochism which religion helps instill into its adherents is a strong force from which many find hard to break. Even knowing the irrationality and inherent folly of the Vatican's policies on matters of abortion, birth control and sex education, millions continue to give money and financial support. All we can say to you, should you be one of those, is show some fortitude, have some respect for yourself and for the planet upon which you must live. You can help put a stop to this madness, a madness which will ultimately lead to possibly annihilating the human species, and perhaps most regrettably, other species who, too, have suffered because the Vatican wields such worldwide influence. Sometimes I think that our touting ourselves to be the smartest of all animals is but bunk, especially when I see how we allow ourselves to be led around by the nose by crazy, insane religion. For a free sample copy of the American Gay & Lesbian Atheist newsletter, write to AGLA, PO Box 66711, Houston, TX 77266. Check your local cable listings for the American Atheist Television Forum in your area. At the tone, tell us from where you're calling and what's on your mind. 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