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Archive/File: orgs/american/aryan.liberation.front/press upi.1093 Archive/File: pub/orgs/aryan.liberation.front/press/upi.1093 Last-Modified: 1994/06/19 >From: (DION NISSENBAUM) >Newsgroups:,,,clari.local.california >Subject: Fair employment office hit by firebomb >Keywords: fire, trouble, general ethnic, special interest, civil rights, > social issues >Copyright: 1993 by UPI, R >Message-ID: >References: >X-Supersedes: >Date: Thu, 14 Oct 93 16:21:38 PDT >ACategory: usa >Slugword: us-firebomb >Priority: regular >Format: regular >ANPA: Wc: 538/497; Id: z5379; Sel: xxnbf; Adate: 10-14-N/A; Ver: 0/3; V: 2ndld-writethru >Approved: >Codes: ynbfrxx., ynjerxx., ynxhrxx., tsza.... >Note: (writethru -- more details of bombing, quotes) >Lines: 53 >Xref: nwnexus clari.local.california:9397 SACRAMENTO (UPI) -- An office of the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing was firebombed Thursday, marking the fifth such attack a white supremacist group has claimed responsibility for in the last three months. A group calling itself the ``Aryan Liberation Front'' telephoned local television stations and reported throwing two Molotov cocktails into the state agency's district office about 3:30 a.m. ``The ALF takes full responsibility for the attack and promises to continue the armed struggle, whether it be with rocks, Molotov cocktails, bombs or guns to affect the change in Jew capitalist America, '' the male voice said. There were no injuries and emergency sprinklers prevented major fire damage to the office, which enforces state and federal anti- discrimination laws on the job and in housing. The same white supremacist group has claimed responsibility for four previous firebombings apparently aimed at minority and Jewish groups in the last 12 weeks. The latest incident came on the same day a top federal prosecutor held a public meeting on the recent series of suspected hate crimes. Nearly 200 people crowded into City Hall with Associate Attorney General Webb Hubbell, who said the federal government has been actively involved with the investigation since the first attacks took place in July. ``We have assured the mayor that not only has there been an ongoing investigation from day one, a very intense investigation,'' Hubble said. ``But that the full extent of federal resources are available to assist you, bringing this hopefully to a speedy conclusion.'' Since July, a Jewish temple, NAACP office, Japanese American cultural center and Asian American councilman's home in Sacramento have been the targets of firebombings. Capt. Mike George said the Sacramento police, FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and State Police are all working to end the series of crimes. The first firebombing occurred July 25, when a Molotov cocktail hit the wall of Congregation B'Nai Israel, sparking a grass fire but sparing the building. Two days later, a similar attack gutted the NAACP headquarters, causing $130,000 in damage. After a two-month lull, the firebombings resurfaced Oct. 2, when a Molotov cocktail caused $30,000 in damage to the Japanese American Citizens League office. For the first time, an individual claiming to represent the Aryan Liberation Front phoned local television stations, taking responsibility for the series of attacks and pledging to continue the violent campaign. Three days later, someone threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of Jimmie Yee's home as the councilman and his wife slept, marking the first time an individual has been the target. No one was injured, and once again the unknown white supremacist group took responsibility. Neither the FBI nor civil rights groups that investigate white supremacist organizations have heard of the Aryan Liberation Front, and some have speculated the organization may be comprised of a handful of local racists. Now who's inviting these pigs to march on their block????


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