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Archive/File: pub/orgs/american/aryan-nations/david-lane-profile Last-Modified: 1995/08/17 Law Enforcement Bulletin, Issue #14 Winter 1995 A periodic update from the Anti-Defamation League Page 6 ------ Extremist Profile: DAVID LANE ----------------------------- David E. Lane, a racial agitator, anti-Jewish activist, former Ku Llux Klansman, ex-neo-Nazi, and radical-right revolutionary, is serving a combined 190-year sentence for racketeering and conspiracy, and for violating the civil rights of Denver radio personality Alan Berg, who was murdered outside his home in 1984. Although he is incarcerated in the federal prison in Florence, Colorado, with no hope of eligibility for parole until 2037, Lane remains a voice that is heard in the hate movement; his writings are published in several leading extremist periodicals. Now 55, Lane was one of 10 members of the Far Right revolutionary gang known as The Order who were convicted of racketeering and conspiracy in 1985; their goal was to launch a race war against blacks and Jews and to establish a separate white nation in the western U.S. Since going to prison, Lane's writings have appeared in extremist publications such as the neo-Nazi tabloid "The New Order," in "WAR", organ of the California-based White Aryan Resistance, and in "The Klansman", published by The Invisible Empire Ku Klux Klan (see also story below)<*>, founded in 1975 by David Duke. An "Aryan" Leader In late 1981, Lane became Colorado State Organizer of Aryan Nations, a violence-prone hate group headquartered in Hayden Lake, Idaho. The group's insignia resembles a swastika, and it has called upon "Aryan Warriors" to oppose "the lying murdering Jews." In 1982, Lane left Denver to live in the Hayden Lake compound, where he served as the Aryan Nations "propaganda minister." In 1983, Lane returned to Colorado to take charge of the Colorado "headquarters" of the White American Political Association, or WAPA, a California-based white supremacist group founded by Tom Metzger and now known as WAR. It was at this time that Lane joined extremist leader Robert Mathews in The Order. Subsequently, Lane reportedly operated a covert message center in Boise, Idaho, for participants in a July 1984 Brinks armored-car robbery in Ukiah, California, which netted The Order $3.6 million. Caught and Convicted Lane was apprehended by the FBI on March 30, 1985 in North Carolina. In a trial held in Seattle, Lane was convicted on December 30, 1985, with nine other members of The Order, for racketeering. He received a 40-year sentence. In October 1986, Lane was moved from a medium security federal prison in Indiana, to a maximum security penitentiary in Illinois, because of his continued extremist activities behind bards. In 1991, Lane was relocated to the prison in Leavenworth, Kansas, and in 1994 to the prison in Florence, Colorado. In April 1987, Lane was indicted with three others on charges of violating Alan Berg's civil rights resulting from the June 18, 1984, machine-gun slaying; Lane was accused of driving the getaway car. Found guilty in November 1987, Lane was sentenced the following month to a 150-year prison term with no parole eligibility until the first 50 years have been served. Philosopher of Hate Lane's racist activities have continued in jail. Many of Lane's writings conclude with what he terms "the 14 words." The are: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." In a 1992 interview in "WAR," Lane stated: [W]e must use all our abilities and resources in a calculated and ever ruthless manner. Whether you choose literature distribution, armed resistance, financially supporting others, or some other method of struggle, do it with wisdom, determination and perseverance. Asked for his advice to others, he replied, "Disciplined fanaticism!" Clearly, Lane's incendiary rhetoric of hate carries the potential for inspiring violence far beyond the confines of his cell. <*> See pub/orgs/american/kkk/adl-klan-disarray


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