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Newsgroups: alt.revisionism Subject: Christian Identity: Founded in Lunacy Summary: Reply-To: Followup-To: alt.revisionism Organization: The Old Frog's Almanac, Vancouver Island, CANADA Keywords: Archive/File: orgs/american/christian.identity chr-iden.05 Last-modified: 1993/05/04 "...Christian Identity .. was founded in the late eighteenth century by a man who was a lunatic. His name was Richard Brothers. On a certain date in 1795, Brothers prophesied that God would come down from His throne in heaven and proclaim Brothers 'prince of the Hebrews,' because he was God's nephew. God, it turned out, doesn't practice nepotism, and He never got around to proclaiming Brothers anything, but that didn't stop the prophet or his followers. As the theology developed, its basic truth became that the Jews could not be the remnants of the Biblical nation of Israel. Rather, the Western Europeans (or, in some versions, the Anglo-Saxons alone - Brothers was English) held that singular honor. They were the true lost tribes, and some of them had trooped over to the New World, which was also the New Eden. Brothers' teaching, therefore, invested Aryans with the Biblical mantle of righteousness that the Jews had usurped with their claim of being the Chosen People. For about a century, Christian Identity teaching was forgotten, only to be resurrected in California - where these kinds of things do tend to get resurrected - during the early days of the civil rights movement by an emotionally disturbed Methodist minister named Wesley Swift, who added some flourishes of his own to Brothers' doctrine. According to Swift, the Jews not only aren't the natural heirs to Israel but are, in actuality, the sons of Cain, who himself was the product of a love affair between Satan and Eve while Adam wasn't looking. Cain's children subsequently hied themselves off to the woods, where they mated with animals to produce the lowly non-white or 'mud people.' After accomplishing that remarkable feat, the Jews went on (just as the Nazis put it) to bring about virtually all the evil the world has known, through for some reason they didn't really get their act together until the nineteenth century, when they came up with Marxism, went on to foster the American Civil War (the wrong side won) and every major war since, with the forces of darkness continuing to win, as with the Allied victory in World War II. When not busy being communists and international bankers (viciously plotting to do Midwest farmers out of their land), the Jews took time off to bring us the mortally dangerous "Dear Abby" column, the "Have a good day" greeting, which is a Jewish code signal to slaughter Aryans, and those strange check-out markings found on packages of food in the supermarket. The Jews' ultimate goal, however, was not to put the mark of Cain on Ivory soap, but rather to mongrelize the Aryan race out of existence, thereby depriving it of its New Eden. This was being accomplished at the present time by encouraging interracial marriages and by 'financing the blacks to take over most of our major cities,' according to a Christian Identity "church" in Arkansas calling itself The Covenant, Sword and Arm of the Lord. Most of the CSA members were survivalists, who supported themselves on an encampment of several hundred acres by selling guns and offering a "Christian martial arts" course in urban warfare, even though they claimed their only goal was to live in peace in the wilderness. At its height, the CSA membership was probably less than a hundred. (Martinez, 27-29) Work Cited: Martinez, Thomas, with John Guinther. Brotherhood of Murder. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company, 1988


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