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Archive/File: orgs/american/christian.identity chr-iden.04 Last-modified: 1993/05/02 Sanctifying Racism Identity Christianity is a home-grown U.S. version of an older, aberrant form of Christianity called "British Israelism." As an ideology, Identity serves to bind together disparate elements of the U.S. neo-nazi and racist movement while, at the same time, potentially recruiting otherwise unaffiliated racist fundamentalists into the racist political groups. The crux of Identity belief is that the world has been mistaken about the true "identity" of the Jews. The true Jews, whose history is told in the Bible, are the descendants of the Lost Tribes who left the Middle East hundreds of years before Christ's birth, crossed the Caucasus Mountains (hence "Caucasians") and founded the New Israel in the British Isles. The white Anglo-Saxons who then settled the North American continent are also the true Jews and the ethnic group that claims to be Jewish is an impostor. "Identity" Christians consider Jews to be the offspring of the "seed of Satan," intent on robbing white Christians of their real Biblical heritage, while Blacks and other people of color are considered "mud people," not really human.<71> Across the United States, scores of small independent churches have fused Identity racsim with fundamentalist Bible preaching. Traditionally, Ku Klux Klan-type organizations have distinguished themselves as groups primarily focused on who and what they despise. The infusion of Identity teaching into the racist movement gives racists a "positive" theme to rally around, the notion that they are destined by God to rule the earth; in that respect, Identity as an ideology can potentially make the racist movement more attractive to larger numbers of people. While it is estimated that U.S. adherents to Identity Christianity number in the tens of thousands, it is important to note that the overwhelming majority of fundamentalist and chrismatic Christians would consider Identity a theological heresy and an unsavory political orientation. However, because they tout themselves as "Christians," Identity believers have attempted to forge links with the rest of the born-again community. Incidences of cross-over are rare but significant. A noticeable example involves the Family Christian Broadcasting Network (FCBN) in Concord, California. One of the network's stars is Maureen Salaman (request identity salaman.01), hostess of the "Accent on Health" program. Salaman is a veteran activist with the Liberty Lobby, considered to be the foremost racist and anti-Semitic organization in the United States ... Her frequent presence on FCBN is an unspoken endorsement of her expremist politics. (Diamond, 139-140) Work Cited Diamond, Sara. Spiritual Warfare: The Politics of the Christian Right. Montreal, PQ and New York: Black Rose Books, 1990


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