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Archive/File: orgs/american/christian.identity army.of.israel Last-Modified: 1993/11/02 From oneb!!!!!!!!not-for-mail Tue Nov 2 20:09:41 PST 1993 Article: 3236 of alt.skinheads Path: oneb!!!!!!!!not-for-mail From: (APENDRAGON@DELPHI.COM) Newsgroups: alt.skinheads Subject: Re: White News Network (WNN) Date: 1 Nov 1993 17:55:27 -0500 Organization: General Videotex Corporation Lines: 49 Message-ID: <2b444v$> References: <2asjcd$> NNTP-Posting-Host: Keywords: News Christian Identity Skins on Front Page -------------------------------------- (WNN - 30 October) A recent episode of Front Page, hosted by Ron Reagan Jr. on Fox Network, did a special on the Army of Israel (AOI) in Utah. The Army of Israel is a White Power group based on Christian Identity near Zion National Park. Focusing on the group's family life and their leader, Johnny Bangerter, a proud father of four beautiful White children, the show did justice to skinheads and White Power people everywhere. The AOI is a loose-knit group of several families centered around the Bangerter family. Founded by Johnny Bangerter and his sister Mary-Lynn, the group is making a presence for White Power and White Power skinheads in Utah. The group stresses good family life and educates their own children. Founded on the Christian Identity religion, there are roughly 50 direct "members" and an untold number of supporters. The AOI also has a Skinhead band called CIS, for Christian Identity Skins. This band is one of the better White Power bands in the United States. They play at numerous private parties, clubs and were also one of the featured bands at last year's Aryan Fest in Los Angeles. Also interviewed to counter the CIS/AOI story was Floyd "Pretty Boy" Cochran. Mr. Cochran was a former Aryan Nations security guard who turned against the White race, because of this, the media parades him around as an "expert" on the White movement. Contrary to usual, Mr. Cochran was quite factual in his review of Christian Identity and White Power Skins in general. Also interviewed was Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Biet Hashoah Museum of Tolerance, a veritable "house of pain" in Los Angeles, where one can pay to be indoctrinated in the Jewish opinion of what hate is all about. As usual, it centers on their own perpetual victim status. Why Mr. Cooper was interviewed is uncertain although the media always goes to a Jewish "expert" when considering any discussion of White Power. Perhaps it was because he ran the museum's spy network which tracks all of the White Power groups across the country. Johnny Bangerter, a man obviously driven by a fierce love for and determination to safeguard his people, showed himself to be a dedicated and caring leader in this interview. Showing his fierce opposition to the Federal Government, and his willingness to fight Federal agents working against the White race, Johnny said "I'll deliver them a high-speed subpoena and they WILL show up in court." Yeah, Yahweh's court. Keep up the good work Johnny and Mary-Lynn! White Power!


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