World Meditation Triads Help heal the world's hurts and quicken the peace process. For gen

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World Meditation Triads Help heal the world's hurts and quicken the peace process. For generations, we, the people of this planet, have focused on our differences. Haunted by Memories and fears, prodded by our hurts, we have perpetuated cycles of conflict. Now, with the world moving toward peace, we, as a global community, face our greatest challenge. If we are to have lasting peace, we must heal the rifts that separate us and learn to concentrate on our similarities, our oneness with each other. It's time to forgive and forget the past and love humanity unconditionally. If we do anything less, we will prolong the hatreds and conflicts of the past. The healing power of unconditional love and forgiveness has long been recognized by philosophers and spiritual leaders. This power for goodwill can be released to uplift humanity and quicken the peace process. By meditating together in Triads, we work on inner planes, letting unconditional love and forgiveness do their healing work wherever needed. WHAT IS A TRIAD? A World Meditation Tirad consist of three meditators who are willing to devote several minutes a day in service to the Universe. Why three? The Triad symbolizes the three-step creative process of the Universe: the Creator, the activity of Creation, and that which is Created or formed. Also known as triune trinity, this three-step process has been acknowledged throughout the ages. Thousand of years ago, Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, stated that "God manifests by Three." Genesis 1:1-13 describes the three- step process of creation, with the third day marking the first appearance of form as land and vegetation. According of some scientists, three "families" of subatomic particles or energies constitute the foundation of the Universe, one "family" found in ordinary matter and the other two at cosmic levels. This creative process operates throughout the Universe, from the macrocosm to the microcosm. Human beings function in the three levels of Spirit, Mind and Body, with the awareness that the three are actually one. By using our thinking and visualizing abilities, we can tap into this Universal creative process and help bring peace to a war-weary world. Meditating together in World Meditation Triads, we unite our purest energies into one mighty power of love and forgiveness for the highest good of humanity and the planet. The combined three energies synthesize into a force proportionately greater than the sum total of the individual three. THE TRIAD METHOD. Find two other daily meditators to work with you. It's not necessary to meet together in one place or at the same time. Each may meditate when most convenient, knowing that in cosmic time you are always connected with the others. The meditation , outlined below, should be quick and concentrated, taking only a few minuets. Meditate as a Triad member once a day. 1. In your own way, tune in to the Spirit within you. 2. Visualize and feel Light, Love and Forgiveness flowing to you, through you, and radiating unconditionally. 3. Visualize your two partners. See the three of you connected in a triangle by a beam of Light flowing from one to the other. 4. Feel and see your Light, Love and Forgiveness blend with those of your partners into one powerful force. 5. Visualize that united force flowing throughout the world unconditionally, for the greatest good of all, and blending with all of the other Lights on the planet. Don't direct it toward any specific area or person. Let it flow, available to everyone, everywhere. Allow the healing to take place wherever needed. 6. Say to yourself or aloud: "Let Light, Love and Forgiveness flow throughout the world for the highest good of all. Let the healing now take place. Thank you!" For additional copies of this brochure write to the address below. Please include a stamped, self addressed envelope. World Meditation Triads, P. O. Box 9095, Alexandria, VA 22304 (Electronic transcription of printed brochure.)


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