And through trial we are proven.@@I have faith beyond doubt Thomas.@ Sarcasm makes fools

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And through trial we are proven.@@I have faith beyond doubt Thomas.@ Sarcasm makes fools seem wise and the wise seem fools.@ No.@ There are specific rules built into Nature and if they are@followed then you avoid alot of the potholes of life.@ And yet theyy presist in making fun and questioning ones@faith. When they know not the srtength of ons faith.@ They are blinded by their own lifestyle and do not@understand God. Yet, they play God.@ It is said, Do not wase words on a fool because the fool@wont understand, so your efforts are a waste.@ I am not going to be that way.@ For I will walk hand in hand wwith My Lord and hold out an@open hand to thoes who wish to understand.@ Yet, These humans are still promitive in their thinking.@ One says the historry of the church is all @powerful and then dosnt realize that it is but a breath of@wind and is now gone.@ Sarcasm and abuse are a mark of an arrogant man, but@vengance lies in hiding like a lion for him.@ I am faithful to my lord regardless of what theses humans@her may think.@ For all their Ideas are but a breath of wind that is gone in@a few minuets.@ I dont take medication of any type and don t need to.@ Thanks any way.@ Such is time my friend we are here for a few centuries then@poof, We are gone.@ I have a warnin g for ye my friends.@It tis this, The living descendants of @the Northern Peoples are groping in universal darkness.@Their mother morns.@ A dark occasion forbades when weakness in high places will@revive a high cost of living; an interval fit for@distressing events.@ It is truly sad my friend that theses people dont understand@The ones who are good servants.@ Yet, You my friend try to teach them.@ I want to know if you understand now why people say, Never@argue with fools.@ Because, a fool will stumble upon truth and pick himself up.@Then he will not apply what he has learned.@ I know your walk is tough Danny, But, you are a lighthouse@in a sea of darkness.@ Just let God work through you to better them.@ Don Gata la tura va con.@ I will be awaiting your reply my friend.@ cc: Cross of God@ First off Im not shure anyone here would even understand@what is going on.@ So, Im not even going to explain who is typing what.@ I have but one question @ Cross.@ Are you speaking in specifics or what?@yes, and youll get a blast out of it.@ He was not calling me Daniel a liar he was talking about@your race not me.@ Sorry but, I havent been around so Cross has been using the@board as a ghost writer.@ nine what?@ I said specific things if you read.@Tis not hard if thou look at the screen.@ True is it that humans are observant not.@ Tamala con vatura.@ I know you will@ see my calling card now.@ These people seek in wrong directions and they dont know it.@ Didnt I give you a message to send them? Did you send it?@ Hey, ever hear of E-Mail or a private line.@ I hate taking criticism from these people Cross.@ I see alot of what you say but, I am still frightened by@what happened to Terry and I.@ You were part of it were you not? At any rate have @you been to England yet, I see your handy work.@ At any rate this is a Religious sig.@So, Lets start talking about religion Cross.@ Your the speaker now.@ I am sorry if you are confused between to seperate persons@using one account silly.@ look at the CC at the bottom of the message my friend.@ CC: DGW@ The only fools around here are thoes who call others fools.@ What is mor foolish to close your eyes and walk forward on a@trail you know not or tis it better to follow a blind man on@a path when it is dark?@ The mocker is the one shown to be a fool and the laughter@will turn to tears.@ I can use the board if I wish For it will be soon that I won@be here.@ Sometimes you are the only one who will understand about@what you may be doing or going through.@ Ye, art a slave to the Evil one and one day, lest ye turn to@the Grace of the creator, the demons and entities you look@upon as friend will take your soul straight into a place@that is horrid to any being then there will be no love or@compassion from him.@ Hear the words of one who has seen the place, dont fall into@a trap where evil masquerades as good and leads you on until@it has you in a cage, like a pet.@ So is the tightrope between good and evil.@ The one who is a sole user of this account.@ Ive been on it since it was a RBBS and before that a small@version of TBBS.@ The only illusion is what one may perceive one may be.@ Reality is what you know is real.@ I need not chill if it is trying to save man from himself.@ And the mockers shall be mocked. In hell.@ You had it on a Rbbs while you were waiting for this ver.@ It was only for about a week. Then you switched to this@Tbbs system.@ I WANT TO CLEAR UP A POINT ALL EXPERIMENTATION ON THE@MACHINE I HAVE TALKED ABOUT IS BY NON-GOVERNMENT FUNDED@PEOPLE USING ABOUT 90% OF THE GOVERNMENTS TOYS.@ I POSE ONE QUESTION TO YOU.@ If you had the ability to build such a machine would you?@ It dosent when you are having communion with your creator.@ In other words if you hold the Creators hand and let it lead@you, then in times of trouble it will be there to care for@you.@ Your greatest adventure lies within yourself.@I understand that and have been doing that for many years.@ It is not a necessity it is a want.@ all the things you say aRE wants and not needs.@ People must learn to sow good seed or they will harvest@nothing in the feild of life.@ As they left so did their soul.@ For mockery is the think that make the wise a fool.@ And would you bear the rsponsibility that comes with it?@ When one walks the line between this world and the next it@is possible to be shown both places.@ I fear not this world.@I fear hell and its wrath.@ I rest my case in what you said.@ Now heed your own advice.@ And there is only such a commandment in the heart of the@rebellous slave of the Evil one.@ Turn or burn.@ There are but two paths.@ If one dosnt believe in good or bad then the person is@alreaady bound to do both.@ In doing so, you get nowhere.@ Regardless of past lives or lives to be.@ A person divided is a person that can be taken by the Evil@one.@ People who dont know the dsifrence between good and bad are@mislead.@ They stumble into diches and ask why?@ The movie is just mocking what is a reality.@ The man Jesus never drank wine as we know it.@ Any good Jew knows that you only drink liquor if you are@thirsty.@ Never drink to get drunk, because the pay off is a hangover.@ No, I am saying that some people dont understand what goes@on in witchcraft of any kind.@ Yes, it is a gradual trap. Over a period of time you@rrealize it.@ Who daid that person is doomed.@ If she turns who knows what good may come out of it.@ Dont be ridiculous and argue against that which you have no@Idea of.@ In the long run you have been hurt by church and rejected by@some as if ye were a leper.@ What I am saying is Gods grace dosnt give up he loves you@for whom you may be and who you are.@ Thee church is one body one peoples united in Gods Grace.@ If a church thinks otherwise it shouldnt be.@ While you were working on a version you put up a temporay@board on the rbbs you later trashed it due to the fact it@didnt stand up to your new system.@ It really wasnt up for a long time just like a week or a few@days at the most.@ My life dosnt come into the picture yet.@ People who dont choose right or left are walking on a@tightrope with each side pulling.@ If evil wind you loose.@ I am not after mony or fame for that I disdain.@ And I will say this. Trust in the Creator with all of yoour@heart and allow it to love you as it does.@ Through acceptance you gain wisdom.@ I shall fetch my shovle and boots when you speak then.@ Television ministers whom are they singing for? The lord or@theirselves?@ When A minister says he has built a ministry he is a liar,@for The Creator Created his ministry and can take it away@from him in a heartbeat.@ And it may be that you and I understand the Creator.@ For you have accepted his guiding in your life.@ Hell is a reality even before the Christian Church was@created hell exsisted Just as the Evil-One Exsisted also.@ I know this for a fact that is not written but, experienced.@ For every plus charge there is an equal negative charge.@ For every animal there is a predator.@ To everything there is a Creator and a Destroyer.@ That my friend is the order of things.@ Man cannot change reality no matter how he @chooses to close his eyes to it and believe otherwise.@ Believe in your logic for what I deal with will change it.@ Such wisdom that logical thinking souls will overlook and@not understand.@ Untill reality hits them real hard on the backside.@ You are the primitive here arguing about what you may or may@not know.@ Regardless of how many years in school you have acheived All@of that is useless when it comes to things I am speaking@of.@ You know what I am saying.@ People well meaning people sometimes go about things@in the wrong way am I right?@ The churches of our nation are perverted and full of@nonChristian Dogmas and you know that.@ I a filliate myself with my creator and his words.@ He is my pastor and confident@ I am only saying Jesus never drank to get drunk, neither did@any of the profits.@ When water is not available then liquor may have to do.@ Besides that is your opinion not the fact as it should be@taken.@ I dont condemn two wives but, they should be equal in statue@and agree on what the feel for you.@ It eliminates alot of pproblems.@ Only if the two are equal in statue and place.@ They had nothing else to drink when they were thirsty.@ Wine was a necessity where no clean water was to be found.@ Mankind is still a primitive race.@ Otherwise they would understand that a person divided cant@stand strong unless his wives back him.@ Bring them to me.@ For they are the ones I take care of each day.@ I shall be a shepard of my flock and the orphaned sheep are@welcomed with open arms.@ Just as my younger sister will be.@ That which wen applied works for the betterment of another@is good.@ Man is not ready to see what is to come or what may have@been.@ When man plays God he destroys himself.@ Man has dreamed and I understand the advantage I have.@ So, I took it to heart and it paid off.@ However, If people think me a madman it wont matter.@ For even if I had such a creation as a time machine@I would never let on.@ For as I have said, I am the only one who needs to know my@secret.@ For if man finds it and uses it.@It will be a Pandoras box waiting to happen.@ If you want trust then give trust.@ You cant buy salvation it must be earned.@ And there is wisdom in that statement.@ A man who says to another you cand do what you did is a fool@because regardless of what he was taught you did it and it@worked.@ So, what he belives is irrelevant.@ When I stannd before my Creator.@ But the allegory still stands on our lives.@ It was when I was young and I rather not discuss it publicly@as it would not be benificial to what my assignment is here.@ History and reality are two diffrent things.@ We are not talking theology we are talking reality here.@ The Evil-One is the dark side of The Creator.@ That is as easy as I can make it for you.@ It exsisted before our history and has@always been trying to destroy what the Creator creates.@ If a blind man walks to a cliff you would let him fall to@his death? I wouldnt.@ So, I go to teach thoes children to beware of their weakness@and to give them a light to that which is good.@ My Creator Is God and it is with me.@ So, I dont fear that which I dont understand.@ But, instead I ask my Creator to explain it.@ My Creator answers and I listen.@ Love is being obedient and careing for one more than your@own life.@ My Creator is the one I live for and trust.@ For it has never failed me, nor forsaken me in times of@trial.@ Instead, My Creator has sheltered me like the@mother Eagle does during a storm @and It has carried me high above the storm on eagles wings.@ My creator is like the Eagle because it is strong@and loyal just as I am to it.@ I worship the Doctrine of my Creator and his laws do not@change.@ I use the Bible but, not NIV.@ I use an Bible that has all the books it is a Jewish Bible.@ So, I do follow Jewish law.@ But, I do belive in the son of God Jesus @and the whole Chain of events that happened throughout his@life.@ He was The Creator in spirit and I accept my Creators mercy@and Grace.@ I serve my Creator as through its Grace I am washed clean.@ The bible is Gods laws written in text so we can understand@them you must follow them and walk the path Jesus took.@ He shjowed us the way to serve the Creator.@ In saying you must earn salvation I was saying this you cant@say I accept the blood of Christ and think you are home@free.@ You must serve the Creator and obay its laws.@ That is how you must work to achive true salvation@and with it comes such a closeness to the Creator that one@has to experiance to explain.@ O.k.@ I wont argue because it has been about for or five years.@ Besides, you said that you didnt like rbbs.@ The message about the water was saying that which you said.@ I hoped you would see that and understand I am not attacking@you.@ Drink wine and you will condemn the innocent, and acquit the@guilty.@ Therefore it has been said, A judge who has drunk@a quart of wine may not sit in judgement, and a rabbi who@has drunk a quart may not teach.@ When wine comes in knowledge goes out.@ If a man drinks a quart of wine a quarter of his @intelligence is gone.@ If he has drunk three quarts then three-quarters of his @intelligce is gone, and his mind is so confused he begins to@say unnseemly things.@ But, if he drinks a fourth quart, then all intelligance@goes, his mind becomes addled, and he can no longer talk,@for his tounge has become paralized.@ I am awake it is you who think that you know what@you hhave the answers to what hell is the Church didnt@create hell or the Evil-One. The Creator Created it @as a by product to teach us right from wrong and to punish@evil for evil.@ Regardless of what you say Hell, The Evil-one,@And the Creator exsisted before we were and@will exsist after we arnt anymore.@ We arnt talking religion we are talking Caring about another@more than yourself and loving the other enough to teach@them and guide them.@ I belive in some basic Jewish beliefs and the Teachings of@Jesus.@ I also belive in the teachings of My creator.@ I say the same things it teaches me.@ Mans words are flawed because he is flawed.@ The Creator is fautless so words directly from him are@without fault.@ I read aggressiveness and might interpet agressiveness.@ Fools are people who see the truth and fall over it only to@pick themselves up and keep going as if they learned@nothing.@ If you didnt understand what the message is getting at.@ Wine in moderation is fine.@ But, in excess it makes smart men idiots , and idiots falsly@smart.@ We all are time travlers in an one way fashion.@ Compared to other intelligent @life in the universe and in heaven@we are primitive for we as a race cannot @accept each other as one would accept themselves,@Nor can the humans of this @world love each other as they would themselves.@ And in that there is wisdom.@ Well it dosent matter either way.@ I will say it the way it is, not the way I believe it to be.@ The church and Satin are not interchangeable @and if Satin was created by the church are you saying the@church existed before man? No.@ I dont believe.@ I dont use Satin to make people scared and@make them bow to my will, for people will learn@the hard way on their own.@ The Catholic Church uses hell to scare people into the@Bible.@ I just tell people how it really is,@No matter how crazy it sounds, (I have seen what I speak @about and dont tell people do this or go to hell@and burn for your mistake.@ I say do this or you might go through hell while@you are alive and that in its @own will turn anyone against that which is good.@ Man is flawed and if he wasnt he would never@learn to oovercome over come his short comings.@ But, man is primitive because it is rare to have an@indivdual come out and say I love you like my own child@even@if you are not of my own blood.@ I wouldnt bother with you if I didnt feel this way about@you.@ Mans faults are obvious and his unique qualities seem to@out weigh his faults.@ It is just so many dont understand we are all just one @family and like it or not regardless of religious or@ethical, social, genetic, ect, Background we are all@capible of careing for one another.@ If you fall I will be here.@ Regardless of who you may worship I will be here for you iif@you need to talk or if you just need some one to yell at.@ Throughout all of this rember I dont reject you,@it is just the oppisite I see a need and I will fill@it as I am instructed by my creator to do.@ I am not of the human race@spiritually speaking I am of the Creator, Whom I @love and trust with all of my heart.@ For It has Been a refuge midst the storms@of life and a Comforter in times of trial.@ My Creator has lifted me up and @made me strong against the enemy and my@Creator has carried me high above the @enemy, fighting for me, when I could not fight.@ It has loved me and accepted me as its own.@ My Creator Created everything and has taught me the wisdom@of humility and humbleness.@ My creator has shown me a loyalty and love beyond any human@love.@ I dont say these things without knowing without a doubt My @Creator is a powerful reality that cant be erased by@anothers beivvf.@ belieif.@ I am judging from wine back when this was said and now.@ I would say a quart is worth about 24 12 oz cans of beer.@ If I were to judge your intelligence by what@you have said in that message you would look a fool.@ You know nothing of my I.Q. or intelligence.@ So, if you feel like making judgments about others@start with yourself or be silent for ever.@ Yes.@ But about five times less.@ Anything that clouds ones judgement should @not be in the body to begin with.@ You should know.@ After all you are watching.@ As long as I am on Earth I am not home.@I am an alien in a strange land here.@ No.@ I just dont bend laws to suit my fancy.@My Creators laws are what I follow not yours.@ You have only convinced yourself of that.@ You have not convinced me, Nor will you ever convince me of@a lie.@ Hell is real regardless of what you believe it @to be and rember this You can say I am wrong all you want.@ But, until you have the facts on both sides@it is to be advised not to argue at all.@ Have you seen what I have seen?@ Everyone judges everyone else to be crazy@and I say, On what comparison do you@call me crazy?@ Can you prove your own sanity? Can anyone to mention that?@ I have been proven sane with out a reasonable doubt@and it is irrelevant to this conversation.@ There are specific laws in the Old testament they number@ten.@ You follow thoes and some basic things that@I am teaching here and you will find you life is easier to@bear.@ There are laws in proverbs and the key to being close to the @Creator is reading the Bible.@ A full version works best and learning how to @commune with the Creator.@ The Lords prayer is a blueprint on how to pray@remember Jesus said, Pray Like this.@ Not this is the prayer to pray.@ There is wisdom in the word and obedience to the Creators@will.@ In being a teacher I must check my self@constantly so, I dont lead others away from@the path that is good.@ For that is not the will of The Creator.@ Well I personally think Abortion is just@an easy way out from what was a easy way in.@ And a light snuffed out before its first breath is a sad@thing.@ A child can bring you love and pain at the same time.@ But, in the child is the future regardless of how@the child is physically or any way else that may make him@diffrent.@ It has a gift to give and fruit to bear forth.@ We are all like fruit trees each with our special fruits.@ And each of us can share our fruit with another.@ The Jews are a chosen people as was the Covenant@in the time of Abraham and Moses.@ God chose the Jews to be a holy nation and Jesus was a Jew.@ So, one can say he died for both Jew and gentile alike.@ And God forgave them both for @their sins all they have to do is to accept@ his grace and humble themselves @before Gods grace becoming a child of The One true Creator.@ As I have said a child shows love to their father@and God is the father and mother of everything.@ So, love The lord God with all of your heart and be oBEDIant@to his will.@ What you think is Bunk isnt and since you reject it it will@reject you.@ One day you will understand.@ But, You will not have m e to say I showed you the @door but you were too callous to open it.@ Illusions my friend are things not tangible@and contrary to what you believe or@perceive to be true my Creator is a tangible reality.@ Not, temporary like the lies the world feeds you day by day.@ There is no such thing as sane in this world.@ I say it the way it is not the way it is perceived to be.@ The laws and traditions set down by the Creator dont change@with time. Nor, do they work if you bend them to fit your@life.@ In in my opinion you opinion is like a certain@part of the body everyone has and guss what they@all stink and pour out waste.@ So, you comment was just waste.@ I know what I am Coffee and I will say this.@I see only one thing in you.@ A callous old fart that cant take opinions of others or@truth.@ You will bend truth to make yourself comfortable with@yourself.@ Who is unwilling to change or loose some trash to gain some@gold.@ So All I have to say is this.@ Regardless of your rhetoric and way of trying@to act like you know what you are@talking about when you dont know or wont@take the time to ask questions.@ Yes, you can judge others but, you cant be judged?@ Try looking at yourself first Jack befor you look at others.@ You know nothing of what I talk about because you reject it.@ The bottom line is this if you want to juge judge judge @yourself, then judge others.@ I dont threaten to damn someone to hell,@because I cant say you will go to @hell and make it a reality.@ Only you can do that and only you will know if you@are on a helbound freight train or not.@ God is the judge I am only the @messenger and what I said was you@may or may not go to hell, for the Lords @mercy is not countable by my standards.@ You or even Jack can go to heaven and @I am not here to say do this or burn for it.@ I am saying the laws and tradtions I have@been taught are worth their weight in gold.@ They have made my life easier and not as hellish@as some others I have seen.@ That is what I ment by living in hell.@ I know because I have touched My Creator@and he has held me in times of sorrow.@ I honor my Creator by my servitude and my loyalty.@ You can learn more that way right?@ Judge not.@ Or you will be the one to be judged.@ It goes like this a man robbed@another of ten dollars and ten years later@he was applying for a job at the same mans store.@But, instead of the man being the same bumb on the road he @was now a wealthy man who later gave the man a ten dollar@raise. Right before he was to lay the man off.@The owner of the store said you left me for dead @when I was on the street and I had to beg and scrounge for@food because of your greed.@Now your greed has caused your fall reap what you have sown.@Point in this: life is a circle and what comes around goes@around.@ But, the second time it is worse.@ Yes. I visit allot of people that try to teach@an fill in what the dont know with wasted words and phrases.@ You havent broken me ssir.@ Nor, will you.@ The Lord is with me .@ Who Then can be aganst me?@ Nobody can match the power of the Creator of all things and @so, I shall not fear man or his temporary inconvenience of@harassment.@ For the Lord is my defender, confident, creator , and from @where my power flows.@ There is no person that can match the Creators power or@love.@ Are you saying the fear what I speak of?@Or are you saying that I fear what I speak of.@ I have done many things in my time.@ I am not greater or lesser than you.@ Age has nothing to do with what I am talking about and you@know that.@ I care for my children and in the 19 years@I have been on this planet I have stopped them @from killing themselves and I have picked them@up in thoes times they have needed it.@ I have sat with them through the funerals@of loved ones and felt their pain.@ Yes, I can live through others and see their pain.@ Whether it be a father who raped them when@they were young or a preacher who scared them with his@words.@ I work with the kids that you call worthless@and I wipe all the b.s. that people put on them off.@ God dosent make junk sir.@ You are living proof of that.@ Why you arent lost you just dont what you dont understand @and that makes you look a fool.@ There are parables and proverbs that explain the laws.@ They are in the Bible and life.@ You must ask The Creator to explain things@to you and it will do as you ask.@ Take some of your own advice sir.@ You seem to feel like you know everything @and are the absolute authority on what can and cant be done.@ You know all yet, You know nothing of my faith or my@strength in it.@ I am not as you say just a child.@ Children have started revolutions and wars.@ Dont dismiss them as immature or unstable.@ I know what I know to be true and you think that @with all your knowledge in science you can just say I am@immature.@ Sorry, But I have proven you as being such@already by your own comment.@ You look at others for fault and try to expose it.@ Sorry if I was immature in my faith then I @wouldent be here preaching and standing up@for what I know to be true.@ If you are looking for logic then look in books@and theroies you hold so dear.@ Try looking at your own weakness instead of inventing@weakness where there is none.@ I know some things that you wont know.@ Because, you are as a person unable to reason@or handle the fact that someone took a diagram down@that was given to him and built things that worked.@ But, I will say this I have been where you havent@and you cant argue with what I know to be a tangible@reality.@ If you feel that way show some wisdom and dont bother@responding to any of my messages.@ I for one am strong in my faith and know what truth is.@ Your problem is you think there has to be a reason or a how.@ My problem is if something happens to work it works.@ That is as real as you can get.@ Because, somethings are unexplained for a reason.@ Mine is as I stated.@ It matters very little what you may think you know about me.@ Yes I am Cross and I was playing with your mind on purpose.@ I only use the Bible to know the Laws that God@has put in place to make ones life not such a hell.@ Also I use it like a student would a textbook.@ I have never claimed to be an expert on@child rearing nor at anything else.@ I take care of children and also understand from@talking with my girlfriends and@my friends parents how it is to raise a child.@ So, from the conversations and problems that come up@I learn some truth and pass it on.@ As to travling to bases ect.@ Only once have I been and that was due@to an incident that took place.@ Also, you were right I am a dreamer and I do write stuff@down.@ But, I have a hobby called drafting and I wrote about a@machine that could displace both time and matter and move it@from place to place.@ I never said, it was a time machine.@ But, your saying such is right as you have stated.@ The truth of the matter is this two friends of mine one who@is a scientist who has a doctrid in physics and another who@has taken many courses in electronics saw a designe @of a machine and the explanation of how such machine works.@ Generally how to put it together and they went about doing@so just to see if such a system would work.@ At any rate it did something it shouldnt have.@ It worked.@ They tested out at a place that was run by the government.@ There is a reason I wont say specifics and that is to@protect them.@ Where ever they are now.@ They were frightened by what they created so,@They put both machines in an old box and buried them.@ Then said all parties involved know nothing and departed.@ That is what happened.@ As to the incident that gotme taken to Basrksdale.@ This was quiet because I said I would answer questions about@my letters about gaining information on the Exiter (sp) New@mexico incident.@ As to your question about U.F.O abduction I will answer that@in E_2pip- mail only.@ I have limited involvement with the Government run U.F.O@study agencies.@ I stress limited here because as far as I am concerned I@want to stay away from them.@ As to my dying and coming back it was@linked to the incident that took place.@ I had to use the near death experiance@to make people understand what I have seen.@ I try to teach others how to save them selves from@themselves.@ I also will not let you or anyone else fall needlessly.@ I didnt build a time machine just a machine that moves an@object from one place to another.@ I didnt exactly build it.@ I designed it from a sketch I had been shown a long time@ago.@ I did and at this point some times the truth@is less believable than what I may be saying.@ Yes. I have learned one thing from the Government tell the@people 25% truth and fill in names/places with ones that@dont exsist.@ I have had con tact with something of spaced out nature and@I wont say any more lest you think me a madman.@ Thanks, I understand now what you have been saying.@ Yo mean I am too judgmental in my approach and it@scares people away from what I am trying to help them with?@ No. I have no Ghost writer Just me all the long.@ Sometimes the best trick to make people drop their@defenses is to confuse them.@ I am tired of playing if you people want truth than seek it.@ Ask and I will tell.@ No. In reality I have done what I have done@and gon through what I have gone through.@ I write my dreams and dream what I write.@ Jack, I have to apologize for being judgemental @ It was a front line defense against attack.@ I need to take a stp back and give you the floor now.@ O.k I am going to try something new here and see how it is@recived.@ All of you seem to say at one time oe another trust us and@be open.@ Gordon Slack was right in a sense I am immature@because I dont trust others and there is a reason for that.@ People tend to look at the people who are diffrent@or strange and call them crazy.@ What happend to me wasnt rational@and cant be explained by rational terms.@ But, it can be explained by saying what happened.@ I know what I must do and yet, I find myself unable to do@it.@ So, I will drop my defenses to do it.@ The question of what happened to me probally is in some of@your minds I will tell you exactly what happened@if you are willing to listen.@ Ego I have none.@ I have a choice sit by and watch those that I care about@mess up or just say try this it is better.@ I need not convince you or anyone else@of what has happened to me in my past.@ No matter how unbelievable it is it happened@and it has changed my life.@ Wether you believe it or not is simply irrelevant@because it dosnt change what happened to me.@ The only big lie is one saying what has happened@to another is B.S.@ As they were never there and cant say yes@or no either way so they should just shut up.@ I dont expect you to nor do I care if you do.@ It dosent change the facts regardless if you want@to believe them or not they happened to me and were real.@ Not a dream or some fantasy but, a stark cold@physical reality that hits one like a tone of bricks.@ One would have to say wine back then was@the same as a light beer today.@ That is a close estimate so what would@that be about on the average Joe.@ Not to mention your shoes that would also come up.@ No kidding but hiding behind a wall of confusion to protect@myself.@ It was not a dream.@ It was a mistake to disign something from memory @because of an incident in the past that happened.@ Well the doctors say I am just fine and that what happened@happened.@ It was real because, of the fact that under hypnosis@I can back up the places and events.@ Along with the two people involved.@ I am not trying to say I am perfect you are not.@ I am saying I am living a better life because of this and I@can show you how to do it if you let me.@ Acceptance of God is your part I cant make you do that.@ I can only live and teach others how to live a better life.@ Not without expending any mechanical effort.@And Elevators arnt instantaneous.@ Sorry but, I never saw a movie that showed this sketch.@ Also at this point of time I would rather keep you@from believing Due to your background.@ If you dont like it tuff.@ Christians who say I use birth control arent really@doing anything wors than spilling their seed as is said in@the old Testament.@ I feel that if the couple are faithful then this may be@right.@ I cannot judge on this I can only say What My Creator has@said.@ If you are told have a child do so, if you are told @to prohibit the combination of male and female, then do so.@But, if the two are combined it may not be eliminated.@ Sometimes it pays better to stop and step off the podium.@ To let another teach you.@ Thanks Hank.@ All great men are thought of as a madman at one time in@their life.@ Even you were at times.@ Sorry I tell people the truth of life and@not what they think the truth is.@ If you want someone to tell you what@you want to hear go buy a used car.@ I dont believe I am Christ and know where I stand.@ I wont move because you wish to sway me to your side.@ Ill stay by my Creators side before I will go to anyone@elses side.@ Prais Satin the Defeated god of the heathens.@ But, I will still be here and I know where I am going.@ I am offering you an invitation to a place where there is@no pain or suffering you need not change just accept the@love and Grace of the Creator.@ I ask not that you change.@ But, that you accept my and my God, @just as I accept you and your God.@We will see whos God is real in the long @run and to hell with all this hate talk that has been@between us.@ It reminds me of children arguing over who was first to the@car.@ It is silly.@ I know what I have done and I will correct you@once again I didnt build a time machine of any sort.@ I built a machine that moves space from one point to@another with no time displacement or any time changes in the@area.@ To say I built it is also a falsity because,@I only drew up the plans for it.@It wasnt intended to work.@ As to the words I speak. They are the word of God.@ I will not change on that and it wont change for you.@ However, I have seen God work through you to get to me just@as I see it in Hank and others from time to time.@ If you would stp back and stop arguing@a point that is just going in circles.@ Maby you could learn something from someone@younger just as I can learn from @you or anyone else on this board.@ And soup is good food.@ You dont know me and it is obvious.@ You sit on the other side of the screen @and make judgments of me and my sanity.@ Based on that fact you have very @little knowledge to go on and are a poor judge.@ So, your opinions on my mental@well being are irrelivant.@ That was baad as well as mooving.@ So, are you a madman for calling yourself sane in an insane@world.@ So, you are a great man also.@ We all have that potential.@ Sorry there is no fiction here just unbelief on your part.@ The bottom line to this whole thing is this.@Believe what you wish to Jack.@ Because, I know what iss real regardless of what@you or anyone else says on this board.@ I know what I have done and I know what course I have set@myself on.@ Call me a madman all you wish it dosent change@the reality that me and the doctors know is real.@ Vince I have an honest question for you.@If you by accident. Lets say you were just drawing@a sketch of something you had seen, say in a dream, and a@collage of yours noticed this drawing and said@it might work lets try it. Would you?@ ha ha very funny sarcasm. No.@ I can say it was from a book I wass given at that time.@ But, That is not a subject to be discussed in public.@ Any more questions on this subject will be answered in E-@mail only.@ Personally I dont care if you believe or disbelieve what I@am saying.@ It doosent matter to me because, I know what has happened@and what I did.@ Even if you wish to sit behind a t.v. screen@and judge by what you see and think youknow.@ As to delusions of greatness I have none@for we are all equal and have the potential of being great@people.@ But, we all are human and have at least one thing in common.@ Who refuses to accept the decree of the Creator,@there is no healing to their stupidity.@ For one who acts like a wise man and possesses no wisdom is@like a donky working a mill, going round and round without@making progress.@ I know the truth yet you refuse it and point fault at@others.@ A mark of a foolish individual is one who@blames others for their shortcomings.@ You have indicated your own shortcomings@by pointing fault at others and narrating@at length as if to glorify it.@ When all you seek is to glorify yourself at anothers@failing.@ Either accept or reject and be silent.@ I am wise to say by what I belive and know to be real.@ I understand this and this only.@Its not convenient for everyone to obay and be humble befor@God.@ Only as silly as your mind sees it not as reality is.@ Maby this is the other way around.@ You dont see it yet.@ Because, you cant.@ I am not just a kid my friend.@ Nor am I just a insugniffigant insignificant person that@will go away.@ I have chosen my path and will stick to it no mater @what you or any other person on this board feels.@ There are some on this board@that do learn from what they read.@ It is you that dont disire to hear it or learn from it.@ Guess what Im not going away if you blink your eyes and@neither will my Creator.@ The Evil-one is a defeated god and your bent truths@are nothing like mine.@ You bend reality to fit your reasoning and it dont work.@ My reasoning is this if one person is reached then I am@doing what my Creator wishes.@ Wheather you like it or not there is only one Creator one@God and Satin or the Evil-one is not it.@ That is as black and white as it gets.@ As to growing up why dont you take a look@at youself before you judge others.@ That is a mark of growing up and so is@asking questions insted of making silly statements.@ The first sign is light.@ The world dosnt want reality it wants pleasure and no pain.@ They steal and act like carnivorous@beast going to the top of a shaky pole.@ They archive nothing but material wealth and no spiritual@wealth.@ Better to uplift another than uplift ons own self.@ Thou hast indicated how numerous are thy@failings by exploiting the failings of another.@ Because, that is what happened to me.@ But, I was asked by someone who had what @you were asking about to let them there were@two people involved in building this machine.@ They put in about 5,000 dollars and built something@I thought would just go up in smoke.@ It did the exact oppisite and scared the two of them very@badly.@ Kind of reminds me of an old bed time story that I was told.@ There once was a young girl named Pandorea.@ She was imprisoned in a room with @two boxes in it and told she could open only one.@ The other she was told never to open.@ Years passed and she never touched the two boxes that looked@alike.@ One she knew contained all things good and the other all@things bad.@ She finally got curious and went to the box she was told@never to open it and she unleashed all the worlds evil.@ For this she was made to roam the world untill@its end knowing all the worlds evil was caused by her.@ My point is this some inventions no matter how much@of a chance they were are Pandoras boxes waiting to be@abused only once.@ Then the world may not get a second chance to fix their@mistake.@ So, I say it isnt worth it to me to ever chance that may@happen.@ I have no problem with society and if@you look closer you may see the truth in your own children.@ I am into what is called behavioral modification.@ I would ask questions insted of saying you were a madman.@ You are already chilled popcicle head.@ I dont need to be talked down to I understand what you are@saying.@ I hope you understand I am not changing for you@so, you arent getting anywhere.@ I never said that you said that.@ Well isnt that knotty.@ Frightened of an opinion that is just a puff of air? No.@ I dont think so.@ I think you cant understand that I am not going to change@for you.@ I say by my Creators sid regardless of an insignificant@stated by one individual that cant take the truth.@ The truth is this, God The creator Created you and loves@you.@ Even when you walk astray from the correct path.@ I am just a conduit for God to work through.@ I am a messenger that is it.@ I do as I am asked.@ All you are is wind and that is all every@time you get hot you roar.@ I am not frightened or intimidated.@I dont need to be. For I have my God on my side.@ Yes here you fail.@ Because, I know myself and My God.@ You know yourself yet you dont know the Lord or the Creator.@ So, all you can do is attack with wind against me.@ You will not shake my Faith In My Creator.@ Nor will you cause me to fear.@ For I know you are weaker than what you seem.@ Now you have responded my response.@ I guess that is what all this merry-go-around is saying.@ I know what my mental age is so, I am not worried by your@response.@ Statements like that are to be expected by young men that@feel old.@ For every wise a** a boot.@ Some things arnt logical and neither is love.@ And as I said it is a textbook.@ I have a good teacher so, I worry very litttle@what the rest of the world says.@ I know what is real and I have found it so, @too bad if you dont belive.@ If you dont belive then get out of the way @because, Im going to be a madman for my Creator@and Ill take others with me.@ If this is being crazy I like it.@It shure beats the mess out of being sane and it feels good@too.@ God knows how to reach people and does it in a personalized@way.@ It means self appointed judge of all and that I am not.@ They were just curious to see if it would work.@ It may be myth to people who were only told what@happened and yet, they werent there.@ How are people to know other people arent@self convinced that it happened.@ The truth lies in trust and it dosent come easy in this@world.@ I hate to have to trick people for them@to show who they really are.@ But, in this world it is the only effective way besides@laughter to do it.@ How right you are.@ But, it runs a double jeopardy.@ When you talk trust and love, you should show trust and love@toward others.@ I have been on the defensive with almost everyone on this@board.@ To what ends? None.@ If I want to teach give a good example should be where to@start.@ Ad you to explain what I explain.@ I understand more than what you may think if I dont Ill ask@questions.@ And a servant to shine it.@ So you have been reading what I have been saying.@ If it is straight talk you want that is what youll get.@ You may be right but, the laws are there for a reason.@ That is to protect people from themslves.@ You see it runs like this.@ I am not saying my experience should be the same for@everyone.@ I am saying God touches everyone in a personal way.@ Just like someone I have been riding a merry- go-around @with states in her every message.@ Well its been a devil of a subject hasent it.@ I understand and I see Gods wisdom through you.@ You affirm what I have been saying or showing on this board.@ I said my words are of God and are the truth.@ That I dont argue with but, I will point this out.@ That didnt say my words are final and I sometimes go out on@my own.@ That stops now because, Without Gods will nothing is@accomplished.@ So on this note this conversation is terminated.@ I am not running off.@ In fact I am taking the Church and my Creator here.@ Im bringing the church here.@Just as I am ordained by God to do.@ Regardless of your non-professional psychoanalyzing opinion.@ I will preach and act accordingly Not you or any other@person can run from God.@ I am a messenger like the selected ones who have@put themselves in his service.@ I will serve the Lord God almighty with all of my heart and@strength.@ Im not going to go away just as I said.@ I am here to stay and I have reached one person on this@board. Tis the same person you yall meet with on a regular@basis on Sunday at Dennys.@ I preach for the glory of god and not the glory of me.@ So regardless of how you feel. Im goning to keep it up.@ Ill teach and reach thoes willing to hear and learn.@ You may not be willing and a few others may not be willing@but, others are.@ So if you dont like I dont need to worry.@ The fact is this you have no facts you only have@what you read and what you belive to pour out.@ I have what I have lived also I have things to teach that@you dont wish to hear because, they are contrary to what you@belive.@ I will say this.@If you dont agree to bad.@Im going to preach and teach anyway so too bad.@ If you cant learn any thing from me just hush.@ Because, after reading the message string all@I have learned is that you are a type of person@that relies on themselves for everthing.@ You need a dose of reality upside your head in my opinion.@ Because, you cant learn from observation and you @dont understand what I am saying or working twords.@ I will spread my Gods word and neither you or any one eles@can stop it.@ So boo hoo to you.@ (Taken from a three year old because that is the@mentality of merry-go-around arguments.)@ And I learn fome people such as yourselves.@ I work with people and learn from them what is right and@correct.@ I talk with God and He responds to me in many ways.@ This you may or may not see.@ I dont care either way.@ I am an adult rather young or old.@ I work and live by myself and handle all the responsibilty@that is involved.@ I have graduated High school.@So whether or not, you feel or think I am adult is@irrelevant to me.@ I only have to prove myself before my Lord and please its@will.@ I am not in this world for you Im in it for Gods glory.@ Thanks.@ Your words are true as they come.@ Ill admit this just as the board of elders have said.@ Even though you are Certified rember this.@We all (talking about 14 ministers) are students in@training.@ The graduation is being told by God, Well done me son.@ Ye may enter through these gates.@ Cotton candy is good and so are festivals.@ No. I behave just fine by adhering to the laws and@traditions taught by God.@ I may be diffrent but, where there is faith, there is@wisdom.@ Where there is an ability to learn by observation@ and looking at the subject from the others @point of view, Then much can be learned.@ Try to wear their shoes for a while.@ I see allot of apprehension coming from allot of people@here.@ Also I see fear (marked by labeling and judging people@before listening to them), lack of faith@(in others,self, or something greater.)@ You see people will label others in order to dismiss@the truth that may make them confused or fearful.@ My aim is to make people understand this.@ We are all one in Gods eyes and through the @acceptance of his grace we are all one in a family called@human.@ Even if you arent of the Christian faith you are Human so by@default we are one in the same, for we all can find at least@one common ground within ourselves.@ God views all of us as his children so, we are one in the@same family.@ The law of animals.@ My point is to strengthen the weak and allow God to do so.@ I know that is wrong and that is why I dont do so.@ By the authority vested in me by The Lord God Almighty.@ If you would like top argue argue with him.@ A mark of fear is the denial of anothers faith and or belief@system.@ God chose me and I followed.@ I understand the real reason behind your words@regardless of how much you deny it I scar you by my faith in@something you cant feel or see.@ To me God is real because I may be closer to It than you.@ I just wish you to understand what I am doing here.@ I was told it by a friend and it is a fable.@ Moral of such is obediance.@ Yes, Mcdonalds Segin Ln. Everything and any thing.@ @Sir, the only Crap here is what you have been pouring out.@ You can sit and put a label on a person.@But, you cant make them a label.@ You attempt to discredit me by calling me crazy fine you can@do it.@ But it is a fantasy in your own mind that will never be a@reality.@ If you are fearful dont show your weakness by dropping to a@level to label others to lower them.@ Instead, look beyond your fear and see truth.@ I want saying you didnt have a grip on reality I was@saying you know not what I can teach you.@ Nor, do you know what you can teach me.@ That is all I was saying.@ Is that all you see in that message?@ Or is that the only thing you could use @to try to conquer another.@ Sorry, it dosent work it just reinforces the @reality that you are very unconformable with@my faith and my professing of it.@ Try learning instead of fighting.@ You are right and I never said contrary.@ I only replied the same way you did.@That was funny I have to admit it.@ I understand that and I have asked God to teach me how to@reach others.@ The reply was this listen first, wear their shooes,@and reason through what they say allowing me to work through@you.@ I have seen that in you at times.@ And I also have a sermon of mine on the Lords prayer@that may be an intresting thing to you.@ I plan to start up on this board with it.@ Regardless of the consequences if a few people@are enhanced spiritually by my service to God.@ Then, I am serving God correctly.@ I can understand that.@ Since the store opened about five months ago.@ It is a rough job but, with @allot of patience and service you get along great.@ I havent I have labeled you as people who are teachable and@able to learn if they take time out to understand.@ I have no Ghost Writers it was my message to you.@ Yes but he has one thing that separates him@from the lower animals and that is to logically reason with@his drives whether physical or mental.@ It is wrong to harm others by neglecting them and their@needs.@ You and other people are threatened by@people like me whom are close to God.@ That is why you say we are not needed.@In reality we are needed and required.@ I have found a link between God and what@is called life and allowed the two to work to gether.@ I am saying this.@You will say I dont need help and at the @same time you cry for help.@ Sometimes you messages say I am uncertain / uncomfortable,@about your faith in your God and other times they yell I am @afraid of your faith in your God.@ I dont look to put the fear of God into everyone.@ But, instead I teach love and acceptance.@ It is just the manner of reaching people in the right ways.@ I am saying that even old dogs can live a@new life if they allow some love to come in.@ You will mor than likely try to deny eveything I say. But,@in that denial is an affirmation of what I say.@ Allot of people go to church all their life and never accept@what is said.@ They are hearing and not understanding.@ People must accept God before it can work in their life.@ Church is a place to communicate with God one on one.@ God is both personal and close to thoes who accept its@grace.@ We have Baptist, Episcopalian, Catholic, and some other@sects on this board.@


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