Table of Contents of file +quot;WICCATXT.ZIP+quot; BIOCRAFT.TXT This is the ULTIMATE self-

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Table of Contents of file "WICCATXT.ZIP" BIOCRAFT.TXT This is the ULTIMATE self-help tool!!! WICCA001.TXT What is Wicca? - by Amber K WICCA002.TXT Have I found my true path? - by Hurn WICCA003.TXT Magick - by Hurn WICCA004.TXT Wiccan traditions (denominations) - Hurn WICCA005.TXT The "old" law WICCA006.TXT The "new" law WICCA007.TXT Another "law" - This is a REAL hoot !!! WICCA008.TXT Basic spell construction WICCA009.TXT Basics of magick - by Amber K WICCA010.TXT History of Witchcraft - Part One WICCA011.TXT History of Witchcraft - Part Two WICCA012.TXT History of Witchcraft - Part Three WICCA013.TXT History of Witchcraft - Part Four WICCA014.TXT History of Witchcraft - Part Five WICCA015.TXT History of Witchcraft - Part Six WICCA016.TXT History of Witchcraft - Part Seven WICCA017.TXT Wicca course outline & notes WICCA018.TXT Qabala quick reference WICCA019.TXT Basic technologies of Wicca WICCA020.TXT Concepts of Wicca WICCA021.TXT Wiccan Bashing by police departments WICCA022.TXT Mike Warnke's opinion of Wicca WICCA023.TXT Sexual come-ons at pagan events WICCA024.TXT Ethics in Magick WICCA025.TXT How to test "True" Christians WICCA026.TXT Quantum physics and Magick PAGAN001.TXT Paganism 101 - by Morgana Silverthorn PAGAN002.TXT A pagan pledge PAGAN003.TXT 2 pagan songs PAGAN004.TXT Pagan / occult national BBS list


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