QBL quick ref.....93 1. KETHER Means: Crown God name: Eheieh Means: I am or I become Archa

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QBL quick ref.....93 1. KETHER Means: Crown God name: Eheieh Means: I am or I become Archangel: Methratton Order of Angels: Chaioth Ha-Qadesh Means: Holy living creatures Archdevil: Satan & Moloch Order of Demons: Thamiel Means: Twins of God Mundane Chakra: Rashith Ha Gilgalin, Primum Mobile Influences: First swirlings, Neptune Magickal weapon: Crown, Point, Swastika King scale Color: Brilliance Tarot Card(s): The four Aces Magickal Grade: Ipsissimus Gematria Value: 620 Image: Ancient bearded king (profile) Consciousness: Spiritual 3. BINAH or AIMA 2. CHOKMAH or ABBA Understanding, Mother Wisdom, Father Jehovah Elohim Jehovah, YAH The Lord God The Lord Tzaphqiel Ratziel Aralim Auphanim Thrones Wheels Lucifuge Beelzebub Satariel Chaigidel Hiding Hinderers Shabbathai Masloth Rest, Saturn Sphere of Zodiac, Pluto Yoni, Triangle, Cup, He Phallus, the line, Yod Crimson Clear soft blue The four threes, and four Queens The four twos, and Knights Magister Templi Magus 67 73 A mature woman A bearded man Intuitive Creative ---------- Great Outer Abyss ---------- 5. GEBURAH or PACHAD 4. CHESED or GEDULAH Justice, Fear, Strength Mercy, Greatness Elohim Gibor El, AL God of Battles, God Almighty God, Mighty One Khamael Tzadqiel Seraphim Chashmalim Fiery Serpents Shining Ones Asmodeus Ashtaroth Galab Gamchicoth Flaming Ones Disturber, Smiter Madim Tzadekh Vehement strength, Mars Righteousness, Jupiter Scourge, Sword, Spear Wand, Sceptre, Crook Orange Deep violet The four fives The four fours Adeptus Major Adeptus Exemptus 216 72 Warrior in chariot Crowned king on throne Volitional Paternal 6. TIPHARETH Beauty Jehovah Aloah Va Daath God Manifest in Sphere of mind. Mikhael Malachim Kings Belphegor Tagaririm Litigators Shemesh Solar Light, Sun Lamen, Rose Cross, Vau Clear pink rose The four sixes, and four princes Adeptus Minor 1081 King or Child Human 8. HOD 7. NETZACH Splendour Victory Elohim Tzabaoth Jehovah Tzabaoth God of Hosts Lord of Hosts Raphael Haniel Beni Elohim Elohim Sons of God Gods Adrammelech Baal Samael Harab Serapel False Accuser Dispersing Raven Kokab Nogah Stellar Light, Mercury Glittering splendor, Venus Names and Versicles, Apron Girdle, Lamp Violet purple Amber The four eights The four sevens Practicus Philosophus 15 148 Hermaphrodite Beautiful naked woman Intellectual Passionate 9. YESOD Foundation Shaddai El Chai Almighty Living God Gabriel Cherubin The Strong Lilith Gamaliel The Obsene Levanah Lunar Flame, Moon Perfume and Sandals Indigo The four nines Theoricus 80 Beautiful naked man Automatic 10. MALKUTH The Kingdom Adonai Melekh Lord and King Methratton Ishim Souls of Fire Nahema Nahemoth Impurity Cholom Yesodoth The Elements, Earth Magick Circle, Triangle of Art Yellow The four tens, and four Princesses Zelator 496 Young woman crowned and throned Elemental Paths ----- Atu 0 Atu 1 Path 11 Path 12 Fool Magus/Juggler Aleph, Ox Beth, House Air Mercury Magickal Name: Holy Ghost Messenger Key: Spirit of Ether Magus of Power Connects: Kether & Chokmah Kether & Binah QS Color: Sky blue Purple Atu 2 Atu 3 Path 13 Path 14 High Priestess Empress Gimel, Camel Daleth, Door Moon Venus The Virgin The Wife Priestess of the Silver Star Daughter of the Mighty Ones Kether & Tipareth Chokmah & Binah Silver Sky blue Atu 4 Atu 5 Path 28 Path 16 Emperor Hierophant Tzaddi, Fishing hook Vau, Nail Mars Taurus Ruler The Son/Priest Son of the morning Magus of Eternal Gods Netzach & Yesod Chokmah & Chesed Red Deep indigo Atu 6 Atu 7 Path 17 Path 18 The Lovers The Chariot Zain, Sword Cheth, Fence Gemini Cancer Twins Emerging Graal/Chariot of Life Children of Voice Divine Lord of Triumphant Light Binah & Tipareth Binah & Geburah Pale mauve Maroon Atu 8 Atu 9 Path 22 Path 20 Adjustment/Justice The Hermit Lamed, Ox Goad Yod, Hand Libra Virgo The United The Secret Seed Daughter of the Lord of Truth Prophet of the Gods Geburah & Tipareth Chesed & Tipareth Blue Slate grey Atu 10 Atu 11 Path 21 Path 19 Wheel of Fortune Lust/Strength Kaph, Palm Teth, Serpent Jupiter Leo The All Father, 3 in 1 Babalon and the Beast Lord of the Forces of Life Daughter of Flaming Sword Chesed & Netzach Chesed & Geburah Blue Deep purple Atu 12 Atu 13 Path 23 Path 24 Hanged Man Death Mem, Water Nun, Fish Water Scorpio Redeemer in the Waters Redeeming/Satisfying Spirit of the Mighty Waters Lord of the Gates of Death Geburah & Hod Tipareth & Netzach Sea green Dull brown Atu 14 Atu 15 Path 25 Path 26 Art, Temperence The Devil Samekh, Prop Ayin, Eye Sagittarius Capricorn Womb, Preserver of Life Joy of Living Bringer Forth of Life Lord of the Gates of Matter Tipareth & Yesod Tipareth & Hod Yellow Black Atu 16 Atu 17 Path 27 Path 15 The Tower The Star Pe, Mouth He, Window Mars Aquarius Crowned and Conqurering Child The Mother Lord of Hosts of the Mighty The Dweller Between the Waters Netzach & Hod Chokmah & Tipareth Red Sky Blue Atu 18 Atu 19 Path 29 Path 30 The Moon The Sun Qoph, Back of the Head Resh, The Head Pisces Sun The Witch The Sun/Playing Ruler of Flux and Reflux Lord of the Fire of the World Netzach & Malkuth Hod & Yesod Buff, flecked silver white Gold yellow Atu 20 Atu 21 Path 31 Path 32 The Aeon/Judgement The Universe Shin, Tooth Tau, Cross Fire Saturn/Earth God and Man united The System Spirit of Primal Fire Great One of the Night of Time Hod & Malkuth Yesod & Malkuth Vermilion Black Secret Name The Four Worlds OB, Aub 1 Atziluthic ; Olahm Atziloth : Archtypical World SG, Seg 2 Briatic ; Olahm Ha-Briah or Khorsia : World of Creation MH, Mah 3 Jetzeratic ; Olahm Ha-Yetzirah : World of Formation & Angels BN, Ben 4 Asiatic ; Olahm Ha-Asia : World of Action & of Shells 3 Levels of Soul NShMH ; Neshamah : Corresponding to Kether, highest degree of being, highest triad of the Sephiroth, Intellectual World. RVCh ; Ruach : Seat of good and evil, corresponding to Tipareth, the Moral World. NPSh ; Nephesch : Corresponding to Yesod, the Material Plane & Sensual World. Semiglossary :) AB Ab Father AChD Achad Unity, One ADNI Adonai Lord, Queen AHBH Ahebah Love AHIH Eheieh Existance AIMK Aimakh Thy terror AIN Ain Negativity AIN SVP AVR Ain Soph Aur The Limitless Light ANI Ani I ARR Arar Cursing ASh Ash Fire AVR Aur Light BN Ben Son BRA Bera Created BRKH Berakhah Blessing ChN Chen Grace DOTh Daath Knowledge IHVH Jehovah Tetragrammaton Yod He Vau He, (Chokmah, Binah, Tipareth, Malkuth), (Fire, Water, Air, Earth) RASh Rash The head RAShITh Rashith Beggining RB Rab Great RVCh Ruach Air, also breath & mind ShBTh Shebeth The end or rest ShTh Sheth Foundation SVP Soph Without limit TVB Thob Good, sometimes ThB (Theb) TzDQ Tzedeq Justice,Righteousness Bibliography: The Kabbalah Unvieled, Mathers, Weiser The Holy Kabbalah, A.E. Waite, Citadel 777, Crowley, MRG Isis Unvieled & Secret Doctrine, Blavatsky, Theosophical U. Press My friend Madman Gems From The Equinox, Crowley, Llewellyn Book of Thoth, Crowley, Weiser The Holy Bible, Lamsa's translation from the Aramic of Peshitta. AB BRA RB TVB Soror N.


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