What has changed in MBUTIL 1.10 Added or Enhanced Export now writes the file TRAFFIC.MBU t

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+---------------------------------+ | What has changed in MBUTIL 1.10 | +---------------------------------+ Added or Enhanced ----------------- * Export now writes the file TRAFFIC.MBU to your message base directory. It contains information about the amount of exported messages in all boards. The -Report switch creates a report about this. To reset the counters, just delete TRAFFIC.MBU. * Link will now ignore "(R)" in the subject field too. * 'MBUTIL Link -Clean' will remove all "Re:" and "(R)" texts from the subjects. * The Purge , help screen and documentation were revised. Hopefully it is more clear now. * Sort can now sort up to about 32700 messages. With the '-Pack' switch it can remove the header records of deleted messages while rewriting MSGHDR.BBS. * Fixed some typos in MBUTIL.DOC and added more examples. It is now printable on a laser printer with a 10 pitch font. Because I usually print with a 12 pitch font using WordPerfect 5.0, I didn't notice that a laser printer can only print 77 characters on one line. I also removed extended ASCII, so it should print fine on any printer now. Fixed ----- * 'MBUTIL Purge [-Days ] [-Msgs ] [-Rcvd] -Convert ' now converts the AreasFile as was intended. * 'MBUTIL Purge -Days -Msgs -Rcvd' no longer deletes messages in ALL boards. * Purge no longer messes up the message attributes, which could cause big problems if you undeleted purged messages. * Purge would hang in the 'Updating reply chains' phase if there was a message with a non-existing Previous Reply. * Posted files now have a valid date field. * Running 'MBUTIL Export [-ReTear]' without an USERS.BBS, or with an empty USERS.BBS or with a NetmailPath without any .MSG file no longer results in a "Insufficient memory available to store data" error. 1 * The maximum number of messages exported in one scan couldn't be higher than the number of .MSG files in your NetmailPath. This has been fixed. * Export didn't turn the local bit on in the created .MSG files, so they couldn't be sent without turning it on manually. * Exported netmail messages only had the Kill/Sent status if the message in the QuickBBS/RemoteAccess messages had that status and the -Keep switch was not used. Now they will always be Kill/Sent unless you use the -Keep switch. * Trying to Undelete message in an unknown area no longer truncates your MSGTOIDX.BBS file. * MBUTIL Pack and Sort now compare the needed and available disk space in clusters rather than in bytes and add one extra cluster to make sure there will be enough disk space left to write to the log file. * 'MBUTIL Pack -Renumber' will now correctly update the HighestRead field in USERS.BBS and no longer use the highest of the LASTREAD pointers for each user. * 'MBUTIL Pack -Overwrite -Renumber' will now correctly create a new LASTREAD.BBS and reformat it if missing and there is a USERS.BBS. Renumber could also under some still unknown circumstances fragment memory, which could result in the impossibility to load another program after MBUTIL or an "Memory allocation error, cannot load COMMAND. System halted". It may sound unbelievable, but this was caused by a bug in the Turbo C compiler. Believe it or not! It has been avoided by moving the position of the renumber routine. Finally. There is quit some confusion about whether or not MBUTIL replaces Qecho. IT DOESNT'T. It only imports/exports netmail echomail between RemoteAccess and .MSG format, it DOESN'T unpack mail archives or packets and forward them to other nodes, but I am working on an echomail processor. At the moment MBUTIL replaces or obsoletes (whatever you like to call it) at least: MsgUtils, MsgPack, Qlink, MailToss, MailScan, QMARK, RAMES, ReTear, TSUTIL, RAMSG, QBBSort, and maybe more... Maybe you know of another candidate for this list? Good suggestions are still welcome! I apologize for the bugs in version 1.00. It appears that MBUTIL wasn't tested as good as I thought it was, but I learned a good lesson from it. MBUTIL was released only 4 weeks after I started writing it from scratch in my leisure hours, so you could say I rushed a little too much. Gerard van der Land, FidoNet 2:283/1.5 and 2:283/108.1


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