HOME PLAN is by: CHUCK HERNDON 18494 Jesus Maria Rd. Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245 (209) 754-48

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HOME PLAN is by: CHUCK HERNDON 18494 Jesus Maria Rd. Mokelumne Hill, CA 95245 (209) 754-4891 CIS 71321,167 _______ ____|__ | (R) --| | |------------------- | ____|__ | Association of | | |_| Shareware |__| o | Professionals -----| | |--------------------- |___|___| MEMBER ********************************************************************** HOME PLAN was written on an IBM compatible in Turbo Pascal 6.0 to draw and print floor plan type drawings on 9 pin, 24 pin Dot Matrix & HP laser compatible printers. In order to provide adequate resolution and aspect ratio, this program requires a VGA monitor. Shareware $ 20.00 ********************************************************************* v 2.5 Features include: NEW: Metric or Ft/Inch Modes NEW: CLONE the last Command NEW: Arcs NEW: Doors NEW: Walls NEW: Wide Carriage Printers Quick and Easy to learn & use Automatic dimensioning On screen 'odometer' to show horizontal & vertical measurements Insertion of pre-drawn furniture & appliances into your drawing Adjustable cursor speed Undo of the last action Square Ft. Calculation Optional showing of framing (studs, joists etc) Rectangles & circles etc Deletion of user defined screen portions Selectable line styles User defined scale Saving & loading plans to & from disk Deleting plans from disk Print at Screen size, or 1/8" per ft. Viewing & Deleting Elements from Plans ******************************************************* Short Description: Draw & print house plans. Most printers, VGA. Lots of features. A.S.P ******************************************************* DISTRIBUTION AUTHORIZATION: Home Plan has a simple distribution policy: You have permission to distribute our shareware in its original form as long as you: 1. identify it as shareware (with an appropriate definition) 2. leave all intellectual property (copyright) notices in place 3. and as long as we do not request that you stop. 4. That's it. We want the widest possible distribution, and don't want to stand in your way so long as you are honest with our mutual customer. Individuals are encouraged to pass a copy of HOMEPLAN along to your friends for evaluation. Please encourage them to register their copy if they find that they can use it. All registered users will receive a Laser printed Manual, Tech support & latest maintenance Version


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