TITLE +quot;Netcom/Telnet Login Script+quot; ENDPARAMS ; This is an example of a login scr

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TITLE "Netcom/Telnet Login Script" ENDPARAMS ; This is an example of a login script that can be used to log in to ; Netcom (an internet service provider) and execute the TELNET ; program to access a BBS that is connected to the Internet. ; ; It uses three user-defined script macros: LOGIN, PASSWORD and IPADDRESS. ; ; To use the script, edit the notes for the BBS (on Robocomm's BBS- ; Directory screen) and input the values for the three macros. ; Enter your unix ID and passwords. For example: ; ; LOGIN=jsmith ; PASSWORD=g7y-fft ; IPADDRESS= ; ; Next, specify the phone number for the internet service provider in the ; Directory-BBS record, along with the user name and password you use on ; the BBS. When the script finishes, Robocomm's automated access routines ; will take over and log you in to the BBS and execute your scheduled agenda ; items. ;DEBUG ON TIMEOUT 90 WHEN "LOGIN INCORRECT" GOTO BADLOGIN WAITFOR "login:" SEND "%LOGIN%|" WAITFOR "Password:" SEND "%PASSWORD%|" ; You will need to modify this waitfor command to include some unique text ; from your unix shell account's command prompt. ; WAITFOR "{netcom" MESSAGE "Login successful" :BBSLOGIN CLEAR WATCHES ; This WHEN will stay active through all subsequent WAITFORs WHEN "CONNECT " GOTO SUCCESS ; We want to try the address 3 times before giving up and logging off GOSUB REQUEST GOSUB CHILL GOSUB REQUEST GOSUB CHILL GOSUB REQUEST ; We didn't connect, so log off MESSAGE "Logging off" SEND "lo|" WAITFOR "NO CAR" EXIT 1 :REQUEST MESSAGE "TELNET: Requesting IP Address: %IPADDRESS%" SEND "telnet %IPADDRESS%|" WAITFOR "UNABLE " FAILURE GOTO LOST RETURN :CHILL MESSAGE "TELNET: Unable to connect. Waiting 30 seconds..." DELAY 30 RETURN :LOST MESSAGE "Timed out waiting for TELNET response. Hanging up..." HANGUP EXIT 1 :BADLOGIN MESSAGE "Incorrect password or Login ID." DO HANGUP EXIT 1 :SUCCESS MESSAGE "TELNET: Connected to %BBS2%" EXIT 0


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