STRANGER- 1. an outsider, newcomer, or foreigner. 2. a guest or visitor. 3. a person not k

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STRANGER- 1. an outsider, newcomer, or foreigner. 2. a guest or visitor. 3. a person not known or familiar to one; person who is not an acquaintance. 4. a person unacustomed (to something specified): novice. The above is the Webster definition of the word STRANGER... Now we will look up the word... STRANGE- 1. of another place or locality; foreign; alien. 2. not previously known, seen, heard, or experienced; unfamiliar 3. quite unusual or uncommon; extraordinary. 4. queer; peculiar; odd. 5. reserved, distant, or cold in manner. 6. lacking experience; unaccustomed [strange to the the job] Now you are the STRANGER and I am the STRANGE... What we profess and tell and preach and teach is strange to most strangers So pick what interpretation or definition you wish, or that you think is appropriate from the above listings. But regardless, our Church Ministry of ULC is different I am willing to say, than any other you have heard, except for perhaps the Seventh Day Adventists belief, in Rememering to keep HOLY the SABBATH Day. We do not try to misinform anyone, for your eternal life is much more important to JESUS or us, than any popularity or worldly conformity would or could be. Having a Church here in our Home is nothing strange either, for if we would search the scriptures we can find evidence of this being so. For a CHURCH is not supposed to be a building, but PEOPLE. JESUS said... For where two or three are gathered in his name, there HE is also. -see MATT 18:20- It matters not were they are gathered, it could be anywhere on earth. Some call a Church...the house of GOD... Well strangers or perhaps friends I call a Church the people of G O D!...And I call anyplace...the house of G O D!... For did not our Heavenly Father create it all? Then isn't it all truly his? HALLEJULAH PRAISE G O D ! If every material thing G O D did create, Then without his CREATION we would have nothing! Understand what I'm saying? - PAGE 2 - WE OWE EVERYTHING TO G O D ! FOR EVERYTHING IS HIS! Yes, some of you will definitely say this is STRANGE! Some or most so-called Christians can not even give the 10% that the HOLY BIBLE asks us to give. For when the preachers of today cry and beg for money to pay for that new mortgage on that unused edifice, or the $$ to pay for a new parish cadillac, can we not blame them for not wishing to contribute? For it is not money for G O D! Money given to feed the poor, to give them heat and shelter, yes this is giving "alms" as JESUS said to do... Do not let the right hand know what the left hand is giving And Thanks to our greedy in god they trust plutus loving plutocrats UNCLE SAM, or all the different tax scams... taking 50% of what you do earn. Makes it real hard to scrape up any extra for our tithe to GOD or our un-fortunate fellow man. Here you sit in an Underground little chapel of the UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH thinking this guy is strange! Now he will ask for money or pass a plate around. Everyone needs their daily bread, it takes money to buy it. Am I different than all the others, that may call themselves born of GOD brothers? We were all created by G O D...IF GOD is in US! then who is in the false pastors- the crying actors that call themselves a reverand, or whatever? Like I stated above, the CHURCH is PEOPLE and not GODS Building or Savings and Loan or whatever. Do not contribute to mans materialism! Seperate yourself and your checking account from hate & un-GODly tithing. The Founder and President of ULC is a so-called Bishop and Reverand. I think he is an anti-christ just like most all antinomian preachers that preach not the true GOSPEL of JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. Those that preach to line their pockets with your $! But everyones ministry and beliefs are different, thank G O D for that! All the worldly ministers may call me a mail-order ordained cultist. Yes, A LEGALIST or A CULTIST you can call me till doomsday if you wish! Here is Websters definition of cult- 1. a system of religious worship or ritual. 2. a devoted attachment to, or extravagant admiration for a person, principal, etc., especially when regarded as a fad. 2.b the object of such attachment 3. a group of followers; sect. AS LONG AS THE LORD THY GOD IS #1, OR YOUR FOCUS OF ATTACHMENT I'D RATHER BE A CULTIST FOR CHRISTS SAKE! THAN A CONFORMIST FOR THE anti-christ SAKE! Amen. On this I shall close this vocabulary lesson on STRANGE CULT STRANGER... Sincerely Yours, Jim Little


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