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%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%% %%% %%% U N I V E R S A L L I F E C H U R C H %%% %%% International Headquarters * Modesto California %%% %%% %%% %%% %%% %%% It is hereby declared that ELVIS ARON PRESLEY %%% %%% %%% %%% has been named S A I N T of the %%% %%% %%% %%% Universal Life Church this day of November 8, 1988 %%% %%% %%% %%% %%% %%% U L C %%% %%% S E A L Signed: Kirby J. Hensley, D.D. %%% %%% I H Q President %%% %%% %%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% Upon duly submitted and approved petition to the International Headquarters of the Universal Life Church, Inc., Elvis Aron Presley was named Saint of the Universal Life Church in November, 1988. The petition to the church read as follows: Elvis exhibited faith and hope when, as a youngster, he pursued his talent as an entertainer despite the odds against rising from his humble beginnings. He exhibited charity by his obvious and documented generosity. All of these attributes of character are believed to have been present to an extraordinary degree by his followers. A Certified True Copy of the original certificate of Sainthood issued under the seal of the Church of Elvis ULC, and signed by the Pastor and the Prophet of Elvis is available, for a $5 donation, from the Church of Elvis Diocese of Baton Rouge Universal Life Church P.O.Box 64575


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