State Chairmanship Responsibilities As the Chairman of a Chapter of the ABBSA you are taki

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State Chairmanship Responsibilities As the Chairman of a Chapter of the ABBSA you are taking on a heavy responsibility with no compensation other than the satisfaction of contributing to your Local and the National BBS community and perhaps an occasional "Thank You" from member Sysops. You are responsible for building a State Chapter from scratch. Telling other BBS Sysops about ABBSA and recruiting members. The more members in a State Chapter, the more "clout" you have when publically representing the BBS community. As far as specifics the Chairman has to: 1. Maintain a list of members of the State ABBSA. 2. Keep the National ABBSA Office informed of changes in membership. 3. Inform the National ABBSA of significant events or accomplishments in your state which relate to the BBS community. 4. Actively pursue the goals of the ABBSA in support of the BBS community. 5. Be willing to put yourself in the public eye as a spokesman for the BBS community in your state. 6. Accept that while "representing" the BBS community, you have NO authority over the member BBS of your Chapter of the ABBSA. 7. Revoke the Membership of any BBS which grossly violates the Ethical Standards of the ABBSA after consulting other Member BBS and inform the National ABBSA Office of such revocation. 7. Juggle all of the above while still maintaining everything else in your life and operating your BBS. The key to a successful organization is to ensure that all Sysops understand that the ABBSA is an "Advocacy" organization rather than a "Controlling" organization. As a State Chairman you have ALL the Responsibility for representing the BBS in your state and NO Authority over them. Likewise we can not put the ABBSA in a position where Sysops feel that they are being required to fund the ABBSA. The ABBSA must be self supported by those of us who carry out the responsibilities. That does not preclude Member Sysops from voluntarily providing support and assistance for ABBSA activities. As well, membership in the ABBSA does not demand absolute, black or white adherance to the Ethical Standards. There are too many gray areas that must be evaluated on a case by case basis and a Chairman is expected to consult with and seek a concensus of Members Sysops before making major decisions which may impact the local BBS Community. Keep in mind that as a Chairman you represent the BBS in your State. If the ABBSA Member Sysops are not satisfied with your actions they can replace you with a simple majority vote and by informing the National ABBSA Office. The National ABBSA Office will provide advice and support within the limits of our resouces. This will consist primarily of information, contacts, our and others' experiences in dealing with possibly similar situations, and any information resources we discover. We will maintain a publically available Conference on The Dayton BOARDWALK BBS for echoing and will add new conferences as required. Of course anyone masochistic enough to run a BBS in the first place is a good candidate for this position. If you think you have the time, energy, and resources to take on this kind of responsibility then please give us a call or contact us through Fido, the ABBSA-Net, or on the Dayton BOARDWALK BBS via the channels listed below. * NATIONAL ABBSA CONTACTS: ABBSA National Office (Voice) (513) 225-3087; (513) 545-1093 (Fido) 1:110/750 (ABBSA-Net) 117:1000/0 Mailing address: American BBS Association % Westlake Information Systems 2603 N. Main Street Dayton, OH 45405 The ABBSA National Support Conference is accessible for messages or echoing on the Dayton BOARDWALK BBS in Dayton, Ohio at: 2400-14400 (513) 228-1020 (American BBS Association and ABBSA are Service Marks of) ( the American BBS Association 1993 )


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