SCIENCE + SORCERY Science is a method of investigation that emphasizes the abstract ideal

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SCIENCE & SORCERY Science is a method of investigation that emphasizes the abstract ideal of objectivity. The experimenter attempts to approach objectivity through close observation of the circumstances surrounding the phenomenon in question (the mechanisms used to generate it and the environment surrounding it) and by careful measurement of the salient features of the phenomenon. Objectivity is approached by the scientific community by requiring that all results be replicable, able to be reproduced by any competent researcher. The medium that Sorcery attempts to investigate precludes total objectivity. What the Sorcerer investigates is the workings of spirit, and the avenue to spirit is the Sorcerer's own mind. The individual spirits or demons within the the Sorcerer's personal unconsciousness, the Sorcerer's ability to visualize and to concentrate his or her mind, and the overall competency of the individual's understanding of external forces and conditions will all influence results, and this quite apart from any "objective" facts concerning the way spirit behaves. Nor is there any way other than a broad application of statistics to hang any sort of measurement on one's "results". Simply put, the experiments of Sorcery can never be precisely replicable and the Sorcerer can never be totally objective - his or her own mind being the principle instrument for both the measurement of spirit and its manipulation. The sorcerer should always keep careful records of experiments, publish significant findings in journals of the Art, and utilize the work of others in the field as sources of inspiration or warning. But the personal equation must always be paramount. To deny it in pursuit unreal ideals is to deny spirit and mind and the Divine Source of all life, falling into the trap of Scientific Materialism, which can only lead to sterility and


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