SNOWFALL Rev. Karin Conover-Lewis Have you ever watched a snowfall? Not just seen one, but

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SNOWFALL Rev. Karin Conover-Lewis Have you ever watched a snowfall? Not just seen one, but really *watched* it. Try to picture it now. Sit back, close your eyes, and let your mind fill with Currier & Ives paintings of winter wonderlands. When you have the painting formed in your mind, relax, and let the picture come to life - let the snow begin to fall, let the scene begin to move. At first, you see the whole of the painting - a blanket of white covering the ground, falling snow softening the air, and clouds nestling close to the earth. But then, as you look closer, you begin to notice something - you begin to notice that each snowflake follows it's own unique path to the earth. Millions upon millions of snowflakes, each one different than the others travelling with it - different, but at the same time alike. Alike, because they are all made of the same stuff, and must all obey the laws of nature which allowed them to form. Different, because each was formed independantly, with no two being truly identical. Just as each snowflake is different, but alike, so each snowflake's path is different, but alike. Each flake must fall toward the earth, because that is a law of nature - but each flake has it's own journey to compleat. Some will not even reach the ground - instead they will land on trees or bushes, or even balance on telephone wires. Some may even be evaporated by the sun as they fall, never making it to the earth at all. Even of those which fall straight to the earth, without a single variation in their path - even they followed a different route than all of the other snowflakes. Two flakes falling side by side are heading in virtually the same direction, but will not reach the exact same point, and do not follow the same path to reach their goal. But is any one snowflake less perfect than it's neighbours, simply because it had a different journey to compleat? Is there something lacking in it's character simply because it was ordained that it should serve a different purpose? Of course not! Each snowflake is part of the wonder of a snowfall, and we accept this as part of the natural order of the world. People are the same. Each person is a unique creation, set onto a path which no others can follow. Each person is similar to every other person to have lived upon the earth, and at the same time, entirely different. No two people live the same life, no two people have the exact same experiences. Each person is unique, each life specific to that unique individual. Even two people who agree on their goal will not arrive at that goal at the exact same moment, nor will they follow the exact same path to reach that goal. Why, then, do so many people insist that there is one, and only one, path which will lead to truth? Why, indeed, do they insist that there is one, and only one, truth to be found? Once one of God's creatures has been set upon it's path, there is only one path which that creature can follow on it's journey through life. But this path is certain to be different than the path which is followed by any other creature. What is important is not that all people follow the same path to find truth, but that they find and follow that path which leads to *their* truth. Because to attempt to follow another person's path is to miss your own way, and to miss out on the most wonderous experience of all - the experience of finding that truth which is yours alone to cherish.


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