THE CELESTIAL MAN Before the visible world was formed, its mold was cast. This mold was th

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THE CELESTIAL MAN Before the visible world was formed, its mold was cast. This mold was the Archetype, and it was in the Supreme Mind long before the process of creation began. The Supreme Mind, becoming enamoured of its own thought, sounded the Word which moved like a breath through empty space and generated Fire by the friction of its movement. This fire is called The Son of Striving, and is the cosmic Workman. The Workman passed like a whirlwind through the universe and caused the substances to vibrate and glow with his passing, thus forming the Seven Governors, the spirits of the planets, whos orbits bounded the world and who controlled the world by the power of Destiny. When the Workman had organized Chaos, the Word arose out of substance, leaving the elements without Reason, and joined itself to the nature of the Firey Workman. Then the unreasoning elements brought forth creatures without Reason, for substance could not bestow reason, since Reason had ascended out of it. Then the Father - the Supreme Mind - fashioned a glorious Universal Man in His own image. This was not an earthly man, but a heavenly Man dwelling in the Light of God. The Supreme Mind loved the Man it had fashioned and gave over to him control of the creations and works. The Man, desiring to labor, took up his place in the sphere of generation and beheld the works of his brother, the Firey Workman. He willed also to make things, and his Father gave permission. The Seven Governors, of whose powers he partook, rejoiced, and each gave the Man a share of its own nature. The man stooped down and peered through the Seven Harmonies, broke through the strength of the circles, and made himself manifest to Nature, stretched out below. Looking into the depths, the Man smiled, for he saw a shadow upon the earth and a likness mirrored in the waters, and the shadow and the likeness were a reflection of himself. The man fell in love with his own shadow and desired to descend into it. Coincident with the desire, the intelligent Man united itself with the unreasoning image, or shape. Nature wrapped herself around the Man, whom she loved, and the two were mingled. For this reason, earthy man is composit. Within him is the Sky Man, immortal and beautiful; without is Nature, mortal and destructable. Suffering is the result of Immortal Man's falling in love with his shadow, for being immortal, Man has the power of the Seven Governors, but being mortal, he is controlled by the rings of the Governors - that is, by Fate, or Destiny. After the earthly origins, when hermaphroditic man was divided into sexes and he increased and multiplied in body, the individual soul grows and matures, or shrivels and dies according to its activities. It is ignorance which kills. If a man identifies only with the material part of his nature, he is incapable of realizing the immortality which is within him. After a man dies his soul ascends the ladder of the Seven Rings and returns to the Seven Governors their lower powers. For instance, to Mars it gives rashness and anger, to Venus, passions and lusts, to Jupiter, its sense of accumulation and riches. It ascends into the Milky Way, which is the seed ground of souls, there to await a return into the corporeal body. * * *


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