. CompuChurch Universal Life Church . Rules/Standards of Operation . revised 05/21/90 Comp

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. ***** CompuChurch Universal Life Church . ***** Rules/Standards of Operation . ***** revised 05/21/90 CompuChurch Universal Life Church is a church. Anything that can be spoken or communicated in any other church can be spoken or communicated here. Standard church courtesy and decorum should be followed. Within the framework of the limitations below, we foster a wide leeway concerning the form and content of messages, textfiles and programs. Unless specifically prohibited in the following rules and/or prohibited by one private and one public warning, members are free and encouraged to voice their ideas and views in whatever manner they choose.... such are our Constitutional rights of freedom of speech, and freedom of religion.. The following are ABSOLUTELY prohibited, and members who persist in abusing their privileges with such behavior will lose access PERMANENTLY: 1) The use of foul language. This church has a responsible membership, and anyone who cannot follow the strictures of common courtesy is not welcome here. 2) The discussion of software "piracy" (as in trading or illegal distribution) is a direct violation of state and federal law, and we will cooperate fully with government agencies to prevent such abuse. 3) Personal abuse or attacks on fellow members. Self- explanatory -all debates and argument must maintain a focus on issues and ideas rather than personalities. The following are guidelines to be followed whenever possible by all members: 1) Limit yourself to two or three logons per day, please... you are free to use as much time as you have per logon but this allows everyone the best chance at accessing the church. Repeated logons only yield a few new messages each time, and tie up the line for others who may only have one or two chances per day to reach the church. If you feel you need more time, leave a private message to the Pastor... continued misuse by "hogging" the church will be noticed, and logon privileges may be restricted. 2) REV. VINCE FLAVIANI is an Associate Pastor of this church, and he has deletion capability of both messages AND users. Any decision he makes regarding deletion is to be obeyed in the Bishop's absence. 3) Any complaint lodged against another member is to be brought first to Bishop Jennings in a PRIVATE message. He will mediate from that point until the conflict is resolved. 4) ECHOMAIL (Messages & chains duplicated on other systems) is identified by an Origin System line at the bottom of each message. As these areas are hosted by many systems, and messages are using other Systems' Disk space and telephone time, callers are expressly asked to refrain from any "chit-chat" or idle chatter in these areas, and to be especially careful to keep to the topics and issues. 5) PRIVILEGED MAIL is visible ONLY by the two parties involved, the Pastor, and one authorized and responsible associate pastor; all such conversations are kept in the strictest confidence. 6) NETMAIL is INTENDED to be privileged between Sender and Receiver but MAY BE SEEN by ANYONE AUTHORIZED by Sysops on the Net route path. NETMAIL USERS ARE ADVISED THAT WHEN A NETMAIL MESSAGE IS TRANSMITTED INTO THE NET, NO WARRANTIES REGARDING PRIVACY ARE MADE BY THIS CHURCH. Netmail users are cautioned to consider this information carefully when posting netmail. 7) Please avoid deletion of messages on the public message bases... the exception, of course, are Privileged messages. When deleting privileged messages, please delete YOUR OWN POSTS ONLY, so that a writer may refer to his previous post in a private conversation. Public messages will be deleted by the Pastor when the church can no longer hold them. This improves the readability of the chains and keeps the message reply chains as intact as possible. ***** Disclaimer and General Policy ***** THE PASTOR IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR VIOLATIONS OF LOCAL, STATE OR FEDERAL LAW COMMITTED BY MEMBERS - HE RESERVES THE RIGHT TO DENY ACCESS TO ANY INDIVIDUAL WHEN HE DEEMS IT NECESSARY - IMPROPER MESSAGES, FILES OR PROGRAMS WILL BE DELETED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. -Bishop C.A.Jennings, D.D.-- Pastor


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