GOD'S RIGHT TO DISPOSE OF HIS CREATURES ROM 9:13-18 or Why Does God Harden Some and Save O

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GOD'S RIGHT TO DISPOSE OF HIS CREATURES ROM 9:13-18 or Why Does God Harden Some and Save Others? READ Rom 9:13-18 I. WHAT IS GOD'S SOVEREIGNTY? A. THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD IS HIS ABSOLUTE, INDEPENDENT RIGHT OF DISPOSING OF ALL CREATURES ACCORDING TO HIS OWN PLEASURE. (Jonathan Edwards) B. MERE PLEASURE 1. In opposition to any constraint 2. Men cannot do anything out of mere pleasure C. HIS WILL 1. Not under another's will 2. Men are under a superior will D. FREE AND WITHOUT OBLIGATION 1. The absolute right to dispose of all his creatures 2. Men do not have the absolute right to dispose of anything II. WHAT DOES GOD'S SOVEREIGNTY IMPLY? A. GOD CAN BESTOW SALVATION OR REFUSE IT 1. He was not obliged to promise salvation 2. It pleased Him to declare salvation B. GOD CAN SAVE ANYONE 1. It has pleased Him not to save those who blaspheme the Holy Spirit a. Not because He could not b. Because He chose not 2. He can have mercy on the worst sinners without tarnishing His glory C. GOD SAVES SINNERS WITHOUT CORRUPTING HIS HOLINESS 1. God is so holy even the Heavens are not pure 2. God's hatred of sin is manifested in the sufferings of Christ D. THE SUFFERINGS OF CHRIST REPAIR (FULLY) ANY INJURY MEN TRY TO INFLICT ON GOD'S HONOR E. GOD CAN SAVE ANY SINNER AND REMAIN CONSISTENT WITH DIVINE JUSTICE 1. The Justice of God requires punishment of sin 2. A righteous judge does not show favor 3. God judges according to a rule of strict justice 4. God does not show mercy as a judge 5. God acquits the sinner ONLY if he is in Christ LOOK @ Rom 3:25-26 6. Sin is punished in Christ III. GOD MAY REFUSE TO SAVE ANY SINNER A. THERE'S NO INJUSTICE IN IT 1. A proper judge inflicts on a man what he deserves 2. All men deserve Hell B. IT'S NOT CONTRARY TO GOD'S MERCY 1. Don't be deceived thinking it's dishonorable to God's mercy 2. God's mercy is not contrary to God's Justice LOOK @ Rom 9:23 C. IT'S NOT CONTRARY TO GOD'S FAITHFULNESS 1. God has not obliged Himself to any natural man 2. Men in a natural condition are not children of promise IV. GOD IS SOVEREIGN IN MAN'S SALVATION A. GOD DISCRIMINATES OR DISTINGUISHES SOME FROM OTHERS 1. Those in 3rd World countries or on isolated islands 2. They are not more alienated from God than we are in a natural/unsaved state 3. God has made a vast difference between us and them 4. God did not choose the Greeks or Romans; He chose the Jews 5. God later rejected the Jews and called the Gentiles 6. His sovereignty in salvation is based on His electing love LOOK @ Dt 7:7-8 7. God still distinguishes between nations B. GOD GIVES SOME MORE ADVANTAGES THAN OTHERS 1. All men need salvation 2. All men are undeserving of salvation 3. Sometimes God withholds from children of very pious Christian parents 4. Sometimes God bestows salvation on children of wicked parents 5. Sometimes God leaves men to backsliding hearts 6. Sometimes God causes men to persevere V. WHY DOES GOD EXERCISE HIS SOVEREIGNTY IN SALVATION? A. HE EXERCISES ALL HIS ATTRIBUTES TO MANIFEST THEIR GLORY 1. God's design/purpose in creation was to glorify Himself 2. The glory of a prince is his power and dominion 3. God's glory is His absolute sovereignty 4. God glorifies mercy and sovereignty by exercising them both B. HE SHOWS HIS SOVEREIGNTY IS ETERNAL 1. It is over the souls of men 2. It is over everything that concerns men WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? - We are absolutely dependent upon God in the salvation of our souls - We should be humbled by His awesome sovereignty - LOOK @ Dt 32:39 - We should see that we were chosen in Christ and loved by the Father and given salvation before the world began. - We should willingly submit to His sovereign control, remembering He is the one who will have mercy on whom He will have mercy and He will harden whom He will harden. Don't presume upon God's mercy and encourage yourself in sin. Don't think you can put off salvation to a later date according to your own time and choosing. The sovereign God will choose whether you obtain salvation or not.


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