+quot;Man- Poised on the Pinnacle of Time+quot; by Rev. James Ray Montandon +quot;Thou kno

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"Man- Poised on the Pinnacle of Time" by Rev. James Ray Montandon "Thou knowest what the white haired Melchezedek said when he left this life; ' Man is born a slave, a slave he dies. Will even death revel to him why thus he labored in this vale of tears, why thus he suffered, wept and endured..........then Vanished?'" Batyushkoy Since the time of man, wise me, philosphers, religions, governments, and yes most men and women on the face of the earth have asked "Why am I here?" I too have faced this questions. There are many answers. The truth is that there are as many answers as there are people. Some people look for expression for existence in material possessions. They seek to gain and to own all that they can. This becomes a hunger for power, the ability to get more magnified by what they already have. I would remind all that mans ability to posses is unlimited. Just as sure as Gods resources are unlimited. Some look for expression in great glory, so as to be remembered. No one is remembered. That is no matter how famous or how great you, nor anyone before you is remembered. Even the great men and women of history have become just hollow names where the books and the educators fill in their own hopes and dreams. The life of that person, their hopes their desires, their true self is not remembered. Everyone is forgotten, in time, once dead. Some look to religion to find meaning in life. Religion is a cold and heartless ruler. The substance of any religion is the people in it. Religion itself is only the institution and a cold and heartless ruler. Some seek meaning is total service to others and lose any sense of self worth or value. That is they lose sense of themselves unless it is defined in others. Some seek meaning in creativity. There is nothing that can be created that has not already been created. "There is nothing new under the sun" The Truth of existence, the reason for existence is all of the above and more. As there are as many reason for existence as there are people, so each is right in itself. Reality is because of balance. Balance is the essence of all that is in its various forms, poured out and overflowing and formed again that the sea of true presence IS. We are poised on the pinnacle of time. The forever present. The Truth of our reality, the meaning of our existence, is that WE ARE, We are the form in balance with the total, standing forever on the moment. Visualize a running stream. Into it is thrown a large stone. The water separates and returns. It continues in its course, but it has been forever altered. Can it return to before the stone entered it? Can it change what is? The total of the stream, the past present and future of the stream is changed by the stone. So to are we. Poised in time and altering and changing, fulfilling all that we are. This is the reason that we are. This is not an abstract intellectual point to be dissected. It is the cycle, the spiral of present manifestation. "Chaos becomes order, the wheel turns, Luna moves in heaven." Into this awareness falls the understanding of reality and the tools of application. Shed are the false concepts which have forged the chains of fear. This concept is most effectively expressed in the bible as I AM that I AM Past tense, present tense -- forever in the present. "But to apprehend the point of intersection of the timeless with time, is an occupation for the saint." T.S. ELLIOT That point of intersection is man. That point of intersection is you. It is the jewel in the heart of the golden lotus. It is the center, the nexus. It is the "as within so without". Poised on the pinnacle of time, mankind, man, woman, YOU.


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