+quot;THE INDISPENSABLE MAN+quot; by Rev. James Ray Montandon (ACT4 V 11+12 - MATH. 27 V 2

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"THE INDISPENSABLE MAN" by Rev. James Ray Montandon (ACT4 V 11&12 - MATH. 27 V 22) In this message, my purpose is to ask questions. I will not attempt to give any answers. Most of us come from a 'Religious' background. Yet have we ever really faced those issues which we are involved with ? Which God do your worship? 1. The God given to you by your church? 2. The God of evasion? 3. The Rich Uncle that is supposed to solve all your problems? 4. The insurance policy that is supposed to keep you out of hell? 5, The God of your own creation? If your worship the God of your mind you worship a God of your limitations. Do your worship the God of your own narrow mind? Christ said "I have come that you might have a well of water springing up into eternal life." I believe this means now, present, no limitations. This is "The Word of life" the "Way" the path by which we might know life here and NOW. This is a knowledge of all that is, of which we are. A knowledge which is applied daily. NOT an abstract hope, but a present reality. Not our emotional experiences based on predisposed theological formulas, but a living knowledge. This is the "Word of Life" the Christ of the Cosmos who spans all dogmas and all creeds and whose essence is poured through all of existence. This is the "Word" in the beginning who is the creator and is the life in all of life and who is expressed in each of us. The indispensable man is existence, is the animating force, by which we ARE. It is all and all that is. He is that essence. Who is the God of your mind? What reality do you hold true? Where are these answers? In the Bible? NO! The Bible is a mirror, whereby we see reflected our own souls, the essence of the ultimate Truth. This is why we have so many creeds and so many superficial theological divisions called 'Religions'. The Bible is the true philosophers stone. It is where we can see to transmute the dross of selected ignorance into the pure essence of divine, that we ARE. Within each of us are those answers. Through the holy reflections (with that mirror) are all the answers found. These answers are different for each man. here we come to know the pure essence of God poured through all of reality. The indispensable man, the cosmic christ pour to each of the vessels of flesh and manifested in that which is... The eternal present The I AM


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