THE CHRIST by Rev. James Ray Montandon The God was born of flesh. He was in all ways human

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THE CHRIST by Rev. James Ray Montandon The God was born of flesh. He was in all ways human, as the Bible states he was in all ways tempted. God took upon him the physical classification. We all accept this, without problem. If he came into this earth in the same manner in this day and would we accept him? Let us suppose he came as the son of a brick layer, instead of a carpenter. When he started his ministry what would we require as proof of his Divinity? Miracles? Those he did in his first incarnations? Yes but when he crossed the country on the bus, wouldn't we doubt him? After all what need would GOD have of public transportation? Remember he walked the first incarnation. We look back at his miracles, and we overlook his limitations, or we say that he accepted them. Isn't it more probable that as he accepted physical classification he also accepted all the limitations? After his ressurection, not before, he passed through walls. He took on physical classification and true to the laws of reality, that he established, he remained within the laws of physical classification. The Christ is the Christ of the here and now. We should see him in all ways physical, on the bus, in a cafeteria, in our everyday lives, as he lived day at a time. His words and laws were for the physical man and woman. They live for us daily. He did not speak of abstracts. He spoke of the total of reality and how we are affected by it, and how we are it. He spoke of the laws each of us live by even though we are not aware in consiousness. He spoke of our humanity, he spoke of our reality, he spoke of our divinity. Each of us is as a Star. As he was God and as he was physical he did not change nor break one of the laws of reality, he worked within and with those laws he created. Those same laws we live in and with. He spoke and taught of those laws and of the lives each of us know and live. The same life he lived. As we seek for christ we will find him sitting on a stool in a cafeteria or in a bar, teaching us about ourselves. Teaching us of the universe that exsist in each and every one of us and that IS ALL OF US.


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