THE COSMIC CLOCK Rev. James Ray Montandon (ECCLESIASTES CH 3 ) Time, what is it? It is not

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THE COSMIC CLOCK Rev. James Ray Montandon (ECCLESIASTES CH 3 ) Time, what is it? It is not the abricted system of man. It is not clocks and calendars and dates. These are methods of measuring time. These are methods invented by man. It is not a chain of events. It is not wake and sleep and marriage and death, the varied milestones by which we mark our passing. It is not the flow of consciousness, or the flow of collective consciousness. Time is the moment. It is consistent in itself and created and recreated within itself. "..but to apprehend the point of intersection of the timeless with time, is an occupation for the saint." T. S. Elliot The purpose of our present discussion is not time, but our position in it. "O Father break the boundaries of the little waves of my life that I may join the ocean of thy vastness." Yogananda We live by a false sense of time. Most of us do not even know of the history of time, or its basic concepts. We do not realize that it is based on the movements of the universe. We do not know of its history. We know only of clocks and dates and appointments. We seek to catch and align ourselves with what is not there and find ourselves hollow. If time is not these things the we now stand on a point that is superficial. Where are we to go? (Read Ecclesiastes Ch 3) This passage is referring to balance. We have our present reality because of balance. Can we touch yesterday? Can we borrow from tomorrow? We are forever poised on the present. We are forever balanced on the moment. We are eternal creatures. To be eternal means to have no beginning and no end. We have no yesterday nor tomorrow. These are words that reflect a false belief in the measurements created by man. "I know that what God does he does consistently. To this nothing can be added, from this nothing taken away; yet God sees to it that men fear him. What is, already was; what is to be, has been already; yet God cares for the persecuted." Ver.14-15 The entire universe proceeds upon the coarse of the present! All of our reality and the hope, faith, and charity of substance plays the drama of life into and from the present. This is the eternal cosmic clock, not separate from us but defined within us. If we are to know peace, IF we want to "get back to nature, or the basics" if we want to (or see the need to) get back to the very essentials, then we are to KNOW OURSELVES. To know ourselves, we must first tune ourselves to the cosmic clock. HOW? We must look within and align ourselves to that eternal harmony and our present position in it. I refer to this as BEING IN HARMONY WITH THE MOMENT. This is order from within to without and flowing back to the source. This is not a place or stage to achieve, it is a realization. This is the point on which all that is, is balanced. IT is the total of reality. "I would be kept in time with holy souls" Hymn of Jesus As time is balanced, as the very nature of being is balanced, we must view this process of achieving harmony with the moment in the light of balance. We cannot be in harmony (or attuned) unless we are in balance with all else that is. "Love thy neighbor as thyself" Christ By accepting the responsibility of our fellow man (It is ours already we merely accept it) we are placing ourselves in balance with all else. This is the rhythm whereby we achieve harmony; "Indeed, the fate of man and beast is identical; one dies, the other too, and both have the selfsame breath; man has no advantage over the beast, for all is vanity." Ver 19-20 The air we breath is the air others let out. We are at once the responsibility of others and others the responsibility of ours. In harmony is total reality; and here is the foundation of love. God is love "A well of water springing up into everlasting life." Christ " There is a season for everything, a time for every occupation under heaven" Ver.1 As we stand on the moment in realization we know the vast ocean of love and potential of which we are composed. Here we know our divinity and are at peace with our humanity. Here we know of what reality is, and is composed of. HERE WE STAND AND SAY; I AM


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