+quot;BALANCE THRU OPPOSITES+quot; by Rev. James Ray Montandon I. Read Esdras chap 4 esp v

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"BALANCE THRU OPPOSITES" by Rev. James Ray Montandon I. Read Esdras chap 4 esp v13-21 This is foolishness, not because we are appointed our place-but because all that does exsist, exsist in blance- this is a law of reaity. This balance is the subject of consideration. this balance is poetically proclaimed in Ecl.3 v1-8 We are not alone. Each breath we take is the air of others. What we are is in direct relation to what all other things are. The choices we make are in relation to all other realities. Even a simple step produces permanent change. When we see a simple step recorded in slow motion, we see that it changes the environment around us. It makes a differnce on our self (whether we have on shoes or not..it effects us physically) and it effects the ground upon which we walk. Our most simple decisions affect (are in balance) and are affected by the reality of others, they are in a balance. Even injustice and evil is born of balance. Take our jail systems, and our system of criminal justice. The police depend upon the crime for their jobs. The Warden and the guards depend upon the consistancy of crime for their very life. It is the system of justice that depends on injustice for its exsistence and even its life. These are the things of which we speak. It is a matter of balance. Each moment is born of reality. That reality is held in a state of equilibrium, balance. These are the issues of heaven and of earth. (eEad Esdras 4 v21) Can we understand, now the things of heaven? I think so and I belive Christ taught us that we could. (Read John ch3 v5-8) This is a statement of Initiation. It speaks of an internal awareness of knowing. Initiation is knowing , it is moving beyond belif and into comprehension or knowing. (john ch4 v1-14) This explains (I feel) this as an internal process of initiation. (Read the passage again) What is the water Christ spoke of? It is consciousness. As we see what we are and know what it is we are faced with we see the responsiability of it. This responsiblity is to harmonize with the all of which we are the part. It is to be diliberate in our balance, to be as we are in responsible relationship with the "all". Before this can be understood it must be internalized. We must "Drink of the eternal waters". In conclusion I quote from the "Book of Tokens " by Paul Foster Case "Yea, I utter myself as the father of all, and from my fatherhood is the brotherhood of all creatures." "Reality is balance not contrast" R.O.M.


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