Faith - Hope - Charity Rev. James Ray Montandon +quot;All is one, there is no separation,

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Faith - Hope - Charity Rev. James Ray Montandon "All is one, there is no separation, only definition." (R.O.M.) I wish to show that the 3 fold defined parts of man are manifested by 3 energies or means of enactment. These are defined by the terms; Faith, Hope, Charity. I will not digress into the discussion of the nature or structure of man (or his 3 fold definition) because this is not the matter at hand. I will quote from the "Secret Doctrine" by Blavatsky; "Matter is the vehicle for the manifestation of Soul on this plane of existence, and Soul is the vehicle on a higher plane for the manifestation of spirit, and these three (or a trinity) are synthesized by life which pervades them all." and continuing with Alice Baily "Those energies which we call 'The spirits in men." you note here the utter superficiality of that phrase. It is meaningless and misleading. Spirit is ONE, but within that essential unity the points of fire or the divine sparks can be seen and noted. These unities within the unity are colored by and react qualitatively to three types of energy for it is scientifically true and a spiritual fact in nature that God is the three in one and the one in three. The spirit of man came into incarnation along a line of force emanation from one or other of these three streams which form one stream emanating from the most high. These streams of energy differentiate into a major three yet remain one stream. This is an occult fact worthy of the deepest meditation. In their turn they differentiate into seven streams which carry into the light as it is call the seven types of souls. It is with these seven that we shall deal." Terms are the imperfect vessels for the meaning behind them. A word is like a cup. You can take the cup to the sea and return and say in truth that you hold the sea in the cup. You do not hold all of the sea, but you do hold the sea. Our words, language restrict as much as they allow us to communicate. Each word is a small cup holding a portion of the meaning that lays behind it. It is to this end that I want to show how these three terms (Faith, Hope, Charity) are one in the same as the three energies. FAITH-- First I will turn to Webster's definition of faith: "The spiritual apprehension of divine truth, often ascribed to supernatural illumination, or that which should be believed in." Now my definition: Faith is integrated knowledge. It is expressed in mind. It is not mind, it is expressed in mind and through thought. Faith is innate. It is part of or it is a definition of our natural state. If we did not have faith, we would not leave our homes in the mornings for work. We would not drive down the street, for it is faith in others that tells us they will not cross the yellow line. It is faith in others that says they will not kill us to get their way. Faith is the process where by a rose blooms, a lily develops, and man - and reality - is. It is the system whereby we accumulate experience and transform that experience into personal action. It is NOT those experiences It is NOT the action It is NOT the animating force It IS the system of being. It is one of the three originating energies in the process of being that we know as reality. By being responsible in thought (through experiencing) we are working directly with faith. HOPE-- Webster's: "To entertain expectation of something desired; to look (mentally) with expectation or to trust, have confidence. A small enclosed valley or inlet." My definition: Hope is the Unifying web As we work through faith the glue that binds the system is hope. It is the unifying web, for it gives substance to the being, and structure to the total system. If no one had hope then the founding fathers would not have formed this country with the care and concern for future generations that they did. If there were no hope then parents would no longer give birth to future generation with expectation that they can solve the problems that we have yet to solve today. It is hope that makes us continue to push from day to day despite the hardships and the pain. It is hope that makes the great artist do his greatest work. It is hope that makes the poet sing his hope in line upon line in print. It is hope that cause each man and woman to take each breath moment to moment. It is hope running through all of our present reality that holds all reality in absolute order. CHARITY-- Webster's: "Love, natural affection; spontaneous goodness. A disposition to judge hopefully of men and their actions, and to make allowance for their short comings." My definitions: Charity is love in movement, personalized yet unselfish. Love is the animating force of being. "God is Love" If love is the animating force then we are love, for by it we have animation. Without animation there would not be anything which is. All that is, is manifest and is in the process of movement. All is in the process of change. We are part of that process, part of the cycle of change. This process is and is animated by the force of animation.....LOVE. This requires above all- selflessness. It is being eaten or "dying to" or being absorbed in the animating force (LOVE) and thereby becoming what we are now. "He that hath an ear let him hear" "All is in motion and in the process of change." This process, this motion is rhythm The tools of harmonizing with this rhythm this process of change is thought. "Be ye therefore transformed by the renewing of your mind." -Paul "Mind is the master power that molds and makes. Man is mind, and every where he takes the tool of thought, and shaping what he wills, brings forth a thousand joys a thousand ills, he thinks in secret and it comes to pass Environment is but his looking glass." The total of all that does exist exists through and by us. One of the means by which we deliberately assume this responsibility is by meditation, for this is the first stage of application. Meditation is thought in its purest physical vessel, all thought is spiritual. This is a means to an end, the end being harmony with the moment. Upon the moment we stand Within the moment are we rebuilt Unto the moment we revolve and are. In conclusion, in Christian Theology we have the Trinity. In the esoteric works of Baily and Blavatsky we have the three original energies that lead to the 7 energies that are the building blocks of all other reality. I Believe that those three energies and those three aspects of the one source (Or Christian God) are Faith, Hope, and Charity. These are the terms that we choose to call those forces of reality today. These parts or the whole are an innate part of all of us and are the means by which we know and see and even create reality. They are at once the building blocks and the process. They are not the results or symptoms of the process as we are oft shown. They are the prime energies and they are innate in us..they are the reality and we are the reality..or expressed in another way... "I am That I Am"


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