-RELIGION + POLITICS- {Do they mix?} These are two subjects that we were told not to discu

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-RELIGION & POLITICS- {Do they mix?} These are two subjects that we were told not to discuss. Do you know the reason why we should not? Reason being there is so much differences of opinion with such strong feelings, that people get into heated disscussions, or can we say arguments, and fights over them? Folks, we must exercise our FREEDOM of Religion and FREE SPEECH and all our other FREEDOMS granted by our Forefathers, before King George and his gang of Bushwacking plutocratic politricksters of this new immoral greedy world order, continue to take them all away one by one! I can't believe anyone is going to vote for Bush again? So why keep quiet and be one of the silent majority any longer? While we still have the FREEDOM to talk about these subjects, we should speak out and say whats on, or in our minds! You have heard the term used--Seperation of Church and State! Politics and Religion are supposed to be separate, correct? Then why are so many worldly so-called religious reverands trying to get in to the worldly political arenas? Remember Jesse Jackson? Pat Robertson? How many others have yearned for that political "big leader" world elite pie in the sky? I am fed up with the feds, and all those religious hucksters too! Aren't you also getting tired of getting ripped-off by Big Pig Government, and that Big Edifice Religious Charade? It is mostly all a clever masquarade! Your pocketbook is what they desire! What then can we the common poor little person do about it all? Well If you desire to keep more of the $ that you work & slave for- then there is a solution... not for the worlds pollution, but we can stop those plutocrats & Hucksters from rippin us off! How? The UNIVERSAL LIFE CHURCH is the answer... You can form your own Church in your home And start to enjoy the benefits granted all churches, in the USA. For info: Call in Ohio (216) 937-6150 I'm an authorized ambassador Or Write ULC World Headquarters 601 3rd St. Modesto CA 95351 -Ask for their free newsletter and ULC textbook- Wishing for all Peace and the very best, that GOD may bless.


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