TITLE +quot;Special circumstance alternative QWK/REP mail run+quot; ;---------------------

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TITLE "Special circumstance alternative QWK/REP mail run" ;---------------------------------------------------------------------- ; QWKMAIL.RS -- Alternative to standard "G"et Mail and "S"end Replies ;...................................................................... ; ; Author: Dan Parsons ; Version: 1.0 ; Revised: 4/24/92 ; ; Notes: ; ; * Should work fine for both Wildcat and PCBoard ; MAKE SURE CORRECT PROMPT SET IS LOADED! ; ; * DOES NOT check for insufficient time for transfer ; ; Why use this script? ; ; * You are running a "His and Hers" install of Robocomm and want to ; be able to do two mail runs to separate directories and need to ; work around Robocomm's requirement of unique BBS IDs. ; ; * You are a sysop and need to log in to do a net mail run using a ; different BBS ID name and don't want to create a separate ; Robocomm installation to do it. ; ; * You want to drop carrier immediately after sending replies. ; ; * You want to keep a separate log file of your mail run. ; ;---------------------------------------------------------------------- ; ; BBS Macros used in this script: ; ; 40 Mail Door (TomCat) Command Prompt ; 41 Start Mail Download ; 42 Start Mail Upload ; 43 Packet Transfer Confirmation. ; 44 No Mail to Download ; ;---------------------------------------------------------------------- PARAMETER 1 "Alternate BBS/QWK ID (8 chars max)" PARAMETER 2 "Alternate QWK dir (include ending '\')" PARAMETER 3 "Alternate REP dir (include ending '\')" PARAMETER 4 "Hang up after sending REP (Y/N)" PARAMETER 5 "Mail run log file (optional)" ENDPARAMS ; Verify that the 3 necessary parameters were entered. IF EMPTY "%P1%" GOTO PARAM_ERROR IF EMPTY "%P2%" GOTO PARAM_ERROR IF EMPTY "%P3%" GOTO PARAM_ERROR ; Set up capture file ; Change "overwrite" below to "append" if desired. IF NOT EMPTY "%P5%" CAPTURE "%P5%" OVERWRITE ; Default to ten minutes to scan for mail. ; Edit this if desired. TIMEOUT 600 ; Get to mail door VENUE MAIL ; Request the packet SEND "D|" WHEN "%BBS43%" SEND "Y|" WHEN "%BBS44%" GOTO SENDREP WAITFOR "%BBS41%" FAILURE GOTO SLOW_BBS ; Keep 3 old QWK packets by default. ; Edit this if desired. IF EXIST "%P2%%P1%.QWK" RENUMBER "%P2%%P1%.QWK" 3 ; Download the QWK packet. MESSAGE "Downloading %P2%%P1%.QWK" DOWNLOAD "%P2%%P1%.QWK" USING "%BBS22%" GOSUB GET_TO_COMMAND GOTO SENDREP :SENDREP IF NOT EXIST "%P3%%P1%.REP" GOTO NOREP SEND "U|" WAITFOR "%BBS42%" FAILURE GOTO I_AM_LOST MESSAGE "Uploading %P3%%P1%.REP" UPLOAD "%P3%%P1%.REP" USING "%BBS21%" ; Will keep up to 3 old rep packets. Edit if desired. RENUMBER "%P3%%P1%.REP" 3 GOTO ENDRUN :NOREP MESSAGE "No %P3%%P1%.REP to send" GOTO ENDRUN :ENDRUN IF YES "%P5%" GOTO DROP_CARRIER GOSUB GET_TO_COMMAND CLOSE EXIT 0 :DROP_CARRIER MESSAGE "Dropping carrier per request" HANGUP CLOSE EXIT 0 :GET_TO_COMMAND SEND "|" CLEAR WHEN "%BBS32%" SEND "|" WHEN "%BBS24%" SEND "|" WAITFOR "%BBS40%" FAILURE GOTO I_AM_LOST RETURN :SLOW_BBS MESSAGE "^UERROR:^U Timeout during mail run." HANGUP CLOSE EXIT 1 :I_AM_LOST MESSAGE "^UERROR:^U Sorry - I am lost." HANGUP CLOSE EXIT 1 :PARAM_ERROR MESSAGE "^UERROR:^U Parameters 1, 2 and 3 are required!" CLOSE EXIT 1 ;eof


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