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+-----------------------------------------+ | | | QuickBBS UserFile Editor (QUFE) | | | | Version 1.2 | | | | Copyright (c) 1989 by Mike Smedley | | | | All Rights Reserved | | | +-----------------------------------------+ LICENSE QUFE is Freeware. This means that there is no payment required, but the program is still copyrighted and should be treated as such. QUFE can be distributed freely as long as it is not modified in any way. You are not allowed to charge for QUFE with the exception of a disk reproduction fee not to exceed $10. DISCLAIMER The author, Mike Smedley, claims no responsibility for any damages caused by the use or misuse of this program. This program is distributed "as is" with no warranty expressed or implied. The author will not be responsible for any losses incurred, either directly or indirectly, by the use of this program. Use this program entirely at your own risk. TRADEMARKS DESQview is a trademark of Quarterdeck Office Systems. QuickBBS is a trademark of Adam Hudson. REVISION HISTORY 1.2 - Improved the configuration's color selection method. 1.11 - Fixed bug where a [S]earch after [E]dit would cause a lockup. 1.1 - Created an [A]dd Record command for adding new users. Now allows "None" for phone number fields. 1.01 - Fixed the Pack command so that it updates LASTREAD.BBS. 1.0 - Initial release. CONTENTS The following files should be included in this archive: QUFE.DOC - this documentation file QUFE.EXE - the executable program QUFE.HLP - the help file QUICKBBS VERSIONS SUPPORTED This version of QUFE works with user files created by QuickBBS 2.03 and 2.04. It may or may not work with other releases of QuickBBS. You should be careful when using QUFE with newer releases of QuickBBS - if the format of USERS.BBS, CONFIG.BBS, or LASTREAD.BBS has changed, QUFE may not work properly. To obtain the most recent version of QUFE, you can FREQ it from 1:387/508 using the magic request name of "QUFE". DESCRIPTION QUFE is a program that allows you to view and manipulate the QuickBBS user file (USERS.BBS) in many different ways, a single record at a time, or a group of records at a time. QUFE completely replaces the need for QuickBBS' USEREDIT and USERPACK programs and gives you much more power at the same time. FEATURES o Allows you to update a group of records matching a specified selection criteria using a virtually unlimited number of condition combinations. This is probably the most powerful feature of QUFE. Some possible commands are: - Select records where SecLevel <= 10 and NumUploads > 20. Update SecLevel to 20. - Select all records. Update FlagA1 to 0 and FlagB7 to 1. - Select records where DateLastOn <= "12-31-88". Update SecLevel to 0 and Credit to 0 and Deleted to "Y". o You can also print user-defined reports based upon the same sort of selection criteria. The reports can be printed on the printer, or sent to any other legal device or file. o QUFE also has a Filter command which allows you to specify the selection criteria that will be used when moving from record to record. This enables you to work with a more specific group of users. For example, if your selection criteria is: Select records where SecLevel >= 100. then you will only be able to view sysop records. If you are currently at one sysop record, and press Next, you will advance to the next sysop record, not the actual next record. The Filter affects all record movement commands including Previous, Next, First, Last, Goto, and Search. o Allows you to edit all fields of a QuickBBS user record, whereas USEREDIT only lets you edit specific fields. o The user password is masked with asterisks during display, and shows only during edit. This keeps people that may be watching the screen from seeing a user's password. o QUFE's Search does a case-insensitive search of the Name field which makes it more flexible than USEREDIT. For example, in USEREDIT, the string "mith" would not match a user whose name is "Smith". It can also restrict searched records to those matching a defined filter. o QUFE has a built-in Pack command eliminating the need for QuickBBS' USERPACK utility. o QUFE has very extensive context-sensitive help from within the environment. This is the reason that the scope of this documentation is so narrow. o Can use either direct screen writes for speed, or BIOS screen writes for compatibility with doorway and multitasking programs. o QUFE has integrated mouse support. o QUFE has "Shell to DOS" and "Execute DOS Command" commands from within the environment. INVOCATION SYNTAX To run QUFE, all you need to do is type "QUFE" from the DOS command prompt. The USERS.BBS and LASTREAD.BBS files must be in the current directory. There are a few command line switches available for use. These switches are used to override a default or configured setting. The allowable command line switches are: -b Use BIOS for video writes. -c Use the default color setup. -m Use the default monochrome setup. -s Use snow suppresion (CGA only). CONFIGURATION Configuration of QUFE is accomplished from within the program. You will need to select the menu item [O]ther, then [C]onfig. Use the [W]rite option to save the configuration file (QUFE.CFG) to disk, and [S]ave to make the configuration take effect immediately. When you run QUFE from the command line, it will look for the configuration file (QUFE.CFG) and use its parameters if it exists. If the configuration file does not exist, then QUFE will use defaults for the configuration options. Remember that you can also override configured settings using the above command line switches. ATTENTION C PROGRAMMERS QUFE was written in C using the powerful Shareware CXL C function library by Mike Smedley. All of the windows, menus, forms, scrollable pick lists, context-sensitive help, keyboard and mouse support were created and are managed by CXL. Even with all these functions of CXL linked in, QUFE is still a small memory model program. CXL is available for the Turbo C, Microsoft C, QuickC, and Zortech C/C++ compilers. You can probably find it locally under the file name "CXL??-?.*" but if not, then you can FREQ it from 1:387/508 using the magic request name of "CXL".


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