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BE STILL AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD PSALM 46:1-11 I. OUR DUTY IS TO BE STILL A. DURING TIMES OF TROUBLE vs1 1. Physically still in physical trouble 2. Spiritually still in spiritual trouble B. STILL AS TO WORDS 1. Not complaining against God's sovereign providence 2. Not slandering the wisdom of God C. STILL BECAUSE HE IS GOD 1. He is not irrational 2. Submission to Him is not contrary to reason II. OUR DUTY IS TO KNOW THAT HE IS GOD A. HE IS ABSOLUTELY AND INFINITELY PERFECT 1. He made all things LOOK @ Prov 16:4 a. Hence, He governs all things b. He knows all things c. He sees all things 2. He is holy a. Because He knows all things b. Unholiness implies some blindness or defect c. He cannot be tempted because He needs nothing B. HE IS INFINITELY ABOVE COMPREHENSION LOOK @ Rom 11:33 1. If we could comprehend Him, He would not be God 2. When we complain against His governing, we set ourselves up as His counselors 3. LOOK @ JOB 11:7-9 C. HE OWNS ALL THINGS LOOK @ Job 41:11 1. He can dispose of all things according to His pleasure LOOK @ Ezek 18:4 2. All things and creatures should be subject to Him D. HE IS WORTHY 1. Because He has all wisdom 2. Because He has all power to execute His wisdom III. OUR DUTY IS TO PROCLAIM HIS SOVEREIGNTY A. HE IS SOVEREIGN 1. He will act as a sovereign God 2. His Kingdom rules over all the earth B. HE WILL BE EXALTED 1. He will have all men know He is sovereign a. Preach it b. Publish it 2. He will exercise His sovereignty over all the earth (vs 8-9) a. No armies can stop Him b. One man's "free will" will not stop God c. Nothing will stop God (1) Not wisdom (2) Not counsel (3) Not confederations or conspiracies (4) Not governments d. When God makes peace, who can make trouble? e. If God destroys something, who's going to build it back? f. "He hath mercy on whom He will have mercy, and whom He will He hardeneth" IV. WHAT IF YOU FAIL IN YOUR DUTIES? A. IT SHOWS YOU DON'T KNOW GOD IS GOD 1. You won't be quiet and still before a sovereign God 2. You will be fighting against the divinity of God 3. You will make yourself a judge over God B. IT SHOWS YOU DON'T KNOW YOUR OWN CONDITION 1. You will think you don't deserve God's eternal wrath 2. You will think God is obliged to save you 3. You will think you can get mercy from God whenever you're ready 4. You will think it's unfair that God shows grace to some, but not to others C. IT SHOWS YOU WILL BE CORRECTED IN THE END 1. You will know God is God 2. You will be made quiet and still--FOREVER


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