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PROSPERITY IN WORK, HOME AND COMMUNITY Psa 128:1-5 INTRO: CHILDREN: BLESSING OR BURDEN p. 171 Psa 128, like Psa 127, is written for believers. Psa 127 was written for Solomon, while Psa 128 seems written generally for all God's children: "Blessed is every one that feareth the Lord." And much like Psa 127, Psa 128 seems to be for families. Psa 127 teaches that prosperity and blessing come from God. Psa 128 teaches that the prosperity and the blessing of our families come from God. And to obtain the blessings, we must walk in the fear of God. I. PROSPERITY AND SUCCESS AT WORK (vs1-2) A. FOR ANYONE THAT FEARS GOD (Obedience) B. FOR ANYONE THAT WALKS IN GOD'S WAYS - LOOK @ PS 1:1 C. GOD'S PEOPLE WILL HAVE WORK 1. They will have the ability to work 2. The work will provide a. Fruitful vs. fruitless b. LOOK @ Hag 1:5-6, 9 D. GOD'S PEOPLE WILL BE HAPPY WITH THEIR WORK II. PROSPERITY AND SUCCESS AT HOME (vs3) A. A PROSPEROUS WIFE (Fruitful vine) 1. Vines need support 2. Wife's place is her husband's house 3. LOOK @ Jud 9:13 a. Women are to be occupied at home b. Women are to be raising children 4. Vines give more than they get B. PROSPEROUS CHILDREN 1. Olive plants become olive trees 2. Children's place is their father's house 3. Children's children are the crown of old men C. "FRUITFUL" AND "CHILDREN" (vs3) 1. Vines produce much fruit 2. Fruitful wives produce man children 3. Martin Luther on Genesis III. GOD IS THE SOURCE OF ALL PROSPERITY A. OBEDIENCE IS A PREREQUISITE - LOOK @ Dt 28:1-2, 11 B. LARGE FAMILIES ARE A RESULT (v3 and full quiver of Ps 127) C. OBJECTIONS OF OVER POPULATION EXIST 1. Pessimistic, not optimistic 2. Consumption, not production 3. Degradation, not innovation D. GOVT. TRIES TO COMPETE AS A SOURCE OF PROSPERITY 1. Social Security Tax a. Both singles and families pay b. Parents create workers for SS (1) 1945 - 7.5 workers per retiree (2) 1988 - 3.8 workers per retiree (3) 2035 - 2.5 workers per retiree 2. Sweden as example a. Day care b. Svcs paid by taxes 3. Fed Income Tax (p.189-190) IV. GOD'S BLESSING ON THE COMMUNITY THROUGH FAITHFUL FAMILIES A. BLESSING COMES FROM GOD 1. Large families do not automatically guarantee God's blessing 2. India - large population - denies Christ - no fear of God B. PS 127:1 - THE LORD MUST BUILD ANY SIZE FAMILY, LARGE OR SMALL C. PS 128:1 - THOSE BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO FEAR GOD (Excludes India, China, etc.) D. AGAIN: THE EXAMPLE OF RUTH 1. Israel was blessed - Ruth's son Obed was Grandfather of David 2. Church was blessed - Christ came from the line of David E. NOT COMMUNISM, SOCIALISM OR EVEN CAPITALISM 1. "Good of Jerusalem" 2. "Peace upon Israel"


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