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BABES, BOWS AND BLESSINGS PSALM 127:1-5 I. BLESSING COMES FROM THE LORD (Ps 127:1-2) A. REMEMBER SOLOMON'S WISDOM (God-given wisdom) 1. Solomon is encouraged to remember "Except the Lord..." 2. Wisest thing for the wisest man is TO REMEMBER blessing comes from the Lord B. WHETHER CONSTRUCTING A TEMPLE OR RAISING A FAMILY (Ministry vs. family) 1. Vanity of physical struggle if God is absent from the temple 2. Vanity of physical struggle if God is absent from the family 3. Even the city guard fails if God is absent C. IN THE PURPOSE OF TEMPLE AND FAMILY 1. Dwelling places (both) a. "God with us" dwells among His people b. He came to save His people from their sin 2. Proof of obedience a. No cutting corners allowed b. Your children, your responsibility; others not called to train your children (1) Must not fail to discipline children (God not obligated, no guarantees) (2) Must not spend too much time in pursuit of career (financial independence) (3) A father is not complete if he excludes God from the family (watchman) D. ANYONE PURSUING A CAREER WITHOUT GOD'S DIRECTION WILL BE WASTING HIS TIME (vs2) 1. 16-hour-a-day executive is not being commended 2. Drive must not become anxious worry (vanity) a. Rising early-working late treadmill b. Bread of sorrows (eating with clients instead of family) 3. David is not rebuking hard work; rather EXCESSIVE work out of fear a. No trust in God b. Work-a-holics neglect their families c. Work-a-holics neglect spiritual needs 4. God gives His children sleep II. CHILDREN ARE A BLESSING AND REWARD FROM GOD (vs 3-5) A. CHILDREN PROVE EVERYTHING DEPENDS UPON GOD (vs 3) 1. They are gifts and rewards; BLESSINGS not burdens 2. We can see God working in our families 3. "He that sends mouths will send meat" (Matthew Henry) 4. We can see God working in what we call "nature" a. Children are not just the result of sexual intercourse b. Man thinks he is controlling conception (1) In-vitro fertilization (2) Artificial insemination (3) Abortion c. But God is not Deism (1) Truly, no such thing as "nature" (2) Likewise no autonomous process of conception beyond God's sovereign control d. Man thinks conception depends upon fruitfulness of procreator e. Bible teaches conception and children are gifts of the creator 5. We can have the sleep/rest of vs2 by believing God controls all things, even building families B. CHILDREN ARE AN INHERITANCE (vs3) 1. Not just a gift to be used and consumed 2. An asset for 3 generations (they keep on giving) a. Their parents b. Their children c. Their grandchildren LOOK @ Prov 13:22; 17:6 C. BLESSING FROM GOD CAN BE TRANSMITTED THROUGH CHILDREN (vs4) 1. Children as arrows (arrows kill enemies, defend, provide game/food) 2. Children as a defense (for elderly parents) 3. Children as producers (of "youth"; ie. productive sooner) 4. Children are to be directed (aimed like arrows) D. FULL QUIVER IS BLESSING (It's not more spiritual to have more children) 1. What is a quiver? 2. What is a full quiver? a. "arrows" = plural -- "full of them" b. more children, more blessing (1) LOOK @ Matt 7:11 - The Father gives good gifts (2) LOOK @ Lk 6:38 - We get to participate in blessing our children III. CHILDREN AS DIRECT BLESSINGS TO THEIR PARENTS (vs5) A. EXAMPLE OF RUTH - LOOK @ RUTH 4:11-15 1. Boaz, son-in-law, was a blessing 2. Witnesses at the gate prayed for Ruth's fruitfulness (children) 3. Naomi was restored in Israel (vs15) 4. Naomi was grandmother, yet received recognition (vs17) B. EXAMPLE OF CHRIST - LOOK @ Isa 49:1-2 1. A sharp sword (Jesus spoke the Word to his enemies) 2. A polished shaft in His quiver a. God the Father has a bow (Genesis flood) b. He let fly a messianic arrow C. OUR CHILDREN ARE OUR ARROWS - LOOK @ PROV 22:6 1. No guarantees 2. Pierce the darkness with arrows of light a. Sanctified; set apart b. Different set of values CONCLUSION A large family, obviously meaning here many children, is like a quiver full of arrows. The arrows might be different sizes and the number of arrows in each quiver will be different, but each arrow will be used. How straight the arrow flies depends largely on two things: it's construction how it is aimed


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