Announcing the release of HOME PLAN PRO! Home Plan Pro is a new entry in the +quot;simplif

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Announcing the release of HOME PLAN PRO! Home Plan Pro is a new entry in the "simplified CAD" market. Designed to retain the ease of use of its predecessors, Home Plan Pro adds powerful new features for drawing house plans. MICROSOFT MOUSE COMPATIBLE: Home Plan Pro will work from the keyboard, from a Microsoft compatible mouse, or any combination. TOOL BAR: 32 buttons on the Tool Bar bring almost all commands a mouse click (or key click) away. INCREASED DRAWING SIZE: The 1" per pixel "default" drawing size is increased from 53' x 39' to 96' x 78'. This is accomplished by "sliding" the plan over four screens. LARGER PRINTOUT SCALES: The printout sizes are increased by sizing the actual drawing to the paper rather than the entire screen. Home Plan Pro also draws on multiple continuous sheets of narrow or wide carriage paper. GRAPHIC PRINTER OPTION ROUTINE: Home Plan Pro uses a graphic screen to let you click on the paper of your choice, select portrait or landscape modes, and select any scale just by clicking a mouse. MANY ADDED FEATURES: Different text sizes, PCX file conversion, and many other features are available from the Tool Bar. Final release is scheduled for June, 1993. PRE RELEASE AVAILABLE NOW: Purchasers may now buy the Pre-Release version. You will receive the Pre-Release version, and a prototype manual for $39.00 (+4.00 s&h) On final release, you will get the entire package free. (APPROX 6/15/93) The Pre-Release sells for $39.00 (+4.00 s&h) Home Plan ver 2.5 Registers for $20.00 (+4.00 s&h)


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