ENVIRONMENT FOR PRAYER PHIL 4:4-7 vs4- WHAT IS REJOICING? 5463 = to be cheerful; calmly ha

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ENVIRONMENT FOR PRAYER PHIL 4:4-7 vs4- WHAT IS REJOICING? *5463 = to be cheerful; calmly happy or well off *2745 - LOOK @ 2:16 = to boast or to glory *4796 - LOOK @ 2:17 = to sympathize in gladness *2744 - LOOK @ 3:3 = to vaunt, boast, glory, joy *2165 - LOOK @ Gal 4:27 = in a good frame of mind, make glad, be merry WHY SHOULD WE REJOICE IN THE LORD? His works - Psa 107:22 Your works - Dt 12:7 [Eph 2:10] WHEN SHOULD WE REJOICE? (Always???) LOOK @ Hab 3:17-18 (famine) LOOK @ Act 5:41 (persecution) LOOK @ I Pet 4:12-13 (trials) IS THERE EVER A TIME NOT TO REJOICE? LOOK @ I Cor 13:6 (iniquity) LOOK @ Prov 24:17 DO YOU REJOICE ALWAYS? (Why not?) Perhaps one reason we don't is, we forget that God is the ultimate cause and end of all things. It's our duty to rejoice in God. Think about it: if you're not rejoicing, it's your own fault. LOOK @ Ps 34:1 vs5- MODERATION Moderate your liberties; don't jump into extremes. Don't hide them; all men should be able to see your moderation or how you enjoy worldly goods. Another word for moderation is forebearing. A Christian should have a forebearing spirit with/toward all men. This is motivated by the nearness or "presence" of the Lord to the Christian. It could also be motivated by knowing Christ's coming is near. vs6- BE CAREFUL FOR NOTHING? This is anxious care (anxiety, worry, etc.) We are to be concerned with diligence and moderation, things that pertain to a Godly testimony etc. But we are not to be distracted by our wants and desires, even not by things that are difficult. We are to rejoice always, and we are to pray always. Prayer is what prevents the anxiety. Prayer allows us to ask God for direction and support. Have you ever noticed that about 90% of the things we are anxious about never happen? The real danger is in our head, our imagination. B. H. Carroll had a quote about this: "A brave man never dies but once--a coward is dying all the time. He dies every day of his life." (vol 5, Gal Rom Phil Phile, p.268) If you can help a situation, then help it and quit worrying about it. If you can't help, don't worry about it because worrying won't change anything. WHAT IS THANKSGIVING? Prayer is also to include thanksgiving. *2169 = gratitude, grateful language to God as an act of worship We are to be thankful for everything. LOOK @ Dt 8:10 LOOK @ Col 1:12 for our inheritance LOOK @ I Thess 5:18 because it is God's will WHY DO YOU THANK GOD? DO YOU HAVE TO THINK OF REASONS? LOOK @ Ps 68:19; 119:62; Dan 2:23; I Cor 15:57; I Tim 1:12 WHAT IS SUPPLICATION? A funny word for supplies. We ask God to SUPPLY our needs. God doesn't need to be told our needs and desires; He's omniscient. But God wants to hear these needs from us. And as we pray we find God's peace keeps our minds trusting Him, which in turn keeps


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