To: All Dear friends, I am writing to offer a different way to look at Christianity that m

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To: All From: Rey Hinckley Dear friends, I am writing to offer a different way to look at Christianity that may make Christianity more understandable. I have spent a long time developing this line of thought regarding the life and death of Jesus. I have been involved Pax Christi, the Catholic Peace movement for serveral years. During the Vietnam conflict I made a moral decision to object to war because of my religious up bringing. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus told his followers to love their enemies to pray for their persecutors, to forgive and not to resist injury. Having accepted the teachings of Jesus as "Gospel" and Jesus as God's son, I can not question his authority to correct the way we perceive God. I also can not question his ability to give new laws where old one are flawed. When Jesus told his followers to love their enemies, he didn't give us a time frame when this "commandment" would be obsolete. As I see the life of Jesus I can't see how Jesus could have opted to defend himself even if his death was not God's will. Having told us to love our enemies and not to resist injury I can not see how Jesus could have acted any other way at his trial and death. I also can not see how God could have forced anyone to push for the death penalty against Jesus as this would have violated the concept of free will. Maybe we have given the impression that because Jesus' death was predictable (looking at the prophets one might predict that Jesus would be treated in a similar manner). This has opened more areas to say that because something has happened it is God's desire. The idea that Jesus was sent to be an offering doen't make sense if we believe that Jesus was God. By killing Jesus, ending his existence on this plane of existence has no real impact on things since God could resurrect even the normal person. Jesus' death should be viewed as the event that it was, an attempt to silence him so that his message would not be taken seriously. It was an act of barbarism and not one conducted in a religious setting. If anyone wishes to respond to this I welcome your comments. Sincerely, Rey Hinckley 7518 Barringer Road Baton Rouge, La. 70817


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