This is a pagan/witch filk song adapted from the Christian song of the same name. Of cours

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This is a pagan/witch filk song adapted from the Christian song of the same name. Of course most of the lyrics have been changed, but the meaning remains the same. The author of this version is unknown to me--it was on a tape of various pagan and witchcraft related songs that a friend of a friend, etc. created for me. If anyone recognizes the lyrics and knows who wrote them (as well as when, where it may be obtained, etc.) write me and I'll update this file with the info. Lord of the Dance When She danced on the waters and the wind was Her horn The Lady laughed and everything was born And when She lit the sun and the light gave Him birth The Lord of the Dance first appeared on the earth (chorus) "Dance dance, wherever you may be For I am the Lord of the Dance," cried he "And I'll live in you if you live in me And I'll lead you all in the dance," cried he. I dance in the circle when the flames leap up high I dance in the fire and I never ever die I dance in the waves of the bright summer sea For I am the Lord of the Wave's mystery (chorus) I sleep inthe kernel and I dance in the rain I dance int he wind and through the waving grain And when you cut me down I care nothing for the pain For in spring I am Lord of the Dance once again (chorus) I dance at the feasts and stories I do tell I dance and I sing that everyong be well And when the dancings over do no think I am gone For to live is to dance so I dance on and on (chorus) The horn of the Lady casts its song across the plain The birds took the notes and gave them back again Till the sound of Her music was song in the sky And to that song there is one reply (chorus) The moon in Her phases and the tides of the sea The motion of the earth and the seasons that will be Are the rhythm of the dancing and our promise through the years The dance goes on through our joys and tears (chorus) They danced in the darkness and they danced in the night They danced on the earth and everything was bright They danced out the darkness and they danced out the dawn The day of the dancing still goes on (chorus) . . . end ******************************************************************************** Home Far in the Mountains Words and Music by Gwydion Penderwyn There's a home far in the mountains Where the world is wild and free Where the evening shadows linger Its a place I long to be I have longed to see the mountains As they were when time was young Where the spirits join our blessing Where the gentle song is sung (chorus) I have wondered wild in the mountains Looking for something I know is my own I can hear a voice deep inside me: "I'll never leave you alone." Through the years of empty toil In the sterile land and cold I have sought to find a refuge Where my spirit won't grow old By the fire in the evening All my friends have gathered there To renew our ancient kinship In the songs we all share (chorus) (violin solo for a verse and chorus) In my dreams I see the sun rise On the new and glorious day And I hear my family calling In an old, familiar way And I hear their voices still And I hear their voices still


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