(22246) Sat 8 Oct 94 5:26p By: John Souvestre To: John Parker Re: Internet St: 21671+lt;+g

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(22246) Sat 8 Oct 94 5:26p By: John Souvestre To: John Parker Re: Internet St: 21671<>22247 ------------------------------------------------------------ @MSGID: 1:396/1 2e971cbf @REPLY: 1:396/2.0 2e95338c Hello John. JP> Could someone please post the instructions for sending e-mail to JP> the internet via fido. Sending Mail Between FidoNet and Internet ========================================= To send mail from a FidoNet node to someone at an Internet or UUCP site you must know: 1) The site name of the Internet node where the user is. 2) The login name or mail alias (the mailbox name) that the user you want to send mail to uses there. 3) The FidoNet address of the UUCP Gateway. These are flagged in the Nodelist with the "GUUCP" flag. The default gateway is 1:1/31. You should get the first two pieces of information from the person that you want to send mail to. With these bits of information do the following steps: 1) Go to the Netmail message area. 2) Enter a message addressed to the UserName "Uucp" at the address of the gateway node. NOTE: The most common error is that the UserName in the FidoNet Header is NOT "Uucp". Some software will add trailing spaces to the UserName. The gateway software will not tolerate this anomaly. 3) The very FIRST line must contain the Internet address in the format: To: username@machine.domain followed by a BLANK line. You may create "cc:'s" by having multiple "To: " lines BEFORE the first BLANK line. There must be nothing else on that line! Do NOT include the (Full Name) which the message coming FROM the Internet may contain. Do not use bang!path type addresses on messages going thru 1:1/31 as they will probably NOT be interpreted properly. The "smart-host" which 1:1/31 relies on knows how to handle BITNET addresses if given in the form 'user@machine.BITNET'. 4) Enter the rest of your message as you normally would. When you're finished, save it and it will be sent automagically. The gateway software will insert the correct return-address in your message and will also append a .signature to the end of it. There is no need to specify your return-address in the body of your message. Your message will be from 'User.Name@fNODE.nNET.zZONE.fidonet.org'. Since the address of this FidoNet node is 1:396/1, John Doe's address here would be John.Doe@f1.n396.z1.fidonet.org. 5) If you have ay other problems, please consult your local SysOp or send mail to the SysOp of the Gateway node. In the case of 1:1/31, please send to "Postmaster". Late news: The default gateway, 1:1/31, now allows an easier, more natural addressing method, using the "To" field in the message's header rather than a special line in the body of the message. In place of steps 2 and 3 above, do the following (step A) instead. A) Enter a message addressed to the Internet address, at the address of the gateway node. Use the format: To: username@machine.domain Adr: 1:1/31 That's all there is to it! Please note: The FidoNet - Internet Gateway is for personal messages. It is not for conferences, mailing lists, news groups, file-attaches, or "encoded" files. Thanks. === John --- Squish/386 v1.11 * Origin: Southern Star - V.32b/V.FC/V.34/ISDN - 504-885-5928 - (1:396/1)


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