INSTRUCTIONS FOR SENDING NETMAIL for callers of the Holy Cloakroom BBS By Chris Coffee To

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INSTRUCTIONS FOR SENDING NETMAIL for callers of the Holy Cloakroom BBS By Chris Coffee To send mail via Netmail simply access the Netmail message base. Choose the option to "Send..." or "Leave..." mail. Netmail will then prompt you to type the node address, net/node address, or zone:net/node address. When you are prompted to do this, type: "1/31" (with out the quotes). The screen will then proceed with something similar to the following: >1:1/31 -, Piscataway NJ, 15 cents >Is the destination correct [Y/n]? >Kill message after sent [Y/n]? >Who is this message to? When asked "Who is this message to?" type the address of the person you are sending the mail to. For example, if you are sending a letter to John Smith on America On Line then his address would be something similar to "JSMITH@DELPHI.COM". NOTE: The quotes are used to delineate this from the rest of the text. Do not type the quotes as part of the persons address. The Internet address for John Smith would be something similar to "SMITH@FALLS.ENG.UAB.EDU". John's FIDO address would go something like this: "JOHN.SMITH@F6.N3800.Z1.FIDONET.ORG". Once you type the address the next options will be to enter the subject of the mail and if you want to change anything. INSTRUCTIONS FOR SENDING NETMAIL VIA AN OFFLINE READER To send Netmail via an offline reader you must first receive Netmail from a person. Once you have done this download the mail and proceed as you normally would when replying to mail using your offline reader. ( I use SLMR and so do not know how other readers such as Bluewave operate.) Once you have written your reply, log-on to the BBS and proceed with your uploading of the mail packet as you normally would. Everything should work. If for some reason it does not, then review the instructions for sending Netmail again. If it still does not work, then your guess is as good as mine.


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