RESPONSE TO +quot;LIVING THE GOOD LIFE+quot; By Donovan Woodside Well, Religious thoughts

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RESPONSE TO "LIVING THE GOOD LIFE" By Donovan Woodside Well, Religious thoughts of not offending others, procuring a non- controvercial lifestyle and living the good life by upholding the first amendment are wonderful concepts. However, the world has enough bystanders, enough livers of the good life, enough homeless, enough wealthy, enough controvercy, enough hipocracy, and enough of annoyingly non-interactive people who ACCEPT whatever the world leaves at their doorstep. A word of advice: make the most of today, tomorrow, and the rest of your short lives, because eventually you will be and old man who sits regretful of wasted younger years. An old man who wonders "is this all there is to life? to live peacefully with one another, then die? Can this be the destiny of man?" No, friend. There is more to this life than mere living and dying. There is a real live interactive God who created you for a purpose. Only when we realize this will we be able to enjoy his sky (which he made for US), his mountains (which he raised for US), his sunsets (which he painted for us), and most of all, His Son JEsus Christ Who DIED so that We might live with him eternally. Live to enjoy every sunset over every distant mountain and across every shining sea. This is life and love in a nutshell: there is more to this life than making the best of things, Jesus came to bring us more to this life. Fall, spring, summer, winter...Jesus is the reason for all seasons


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