TO: All New Ministers One of the first things that happens to many new ministers after the

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TO: All New Ministers FROM: Bishop C. Alan Jennings, D.D. -- Diocese of Baton Rouge ULC One of the first things that happens to many new ministers after they get the Credentials of Ministry and Church Information is that they begin to think about what all of this means to them. Often then, they come to certain realizations about the true significance of their role as a minister, and the true significance of the Universal Life Church. And whatever their initial motivations or concerns were, they often begin to take on a new meaning with the passage of time. You may find a similar process occurring in your life now. You may finally be at the end of your search; or you may find that you are just now on the threshold of a discovery of a new and wonderful adventure. Whatever your personal destination may be and wherever you may be on your path, when you wish to explore this new adventure a little further, the first thing I recommend to you is that you obtain some materials that I like to refer to as the "New Minister's Starter Kit" which consists of: 1 Copy of "The Universal Book" -- (EVERYTHING about the Church) 1yr Subscription to the ULC News -- our quarterly newsletter 3 Ordination Credentials 1 Special Title Certificate 1 Press/Minister Window Shield for your Car There are so many benefits to obtaining these basic materials that I can't begin to describe, but I'll try. You will learn all about the history of the ULC. You will learn about what other ministers like you are currently doing with their ministries. You will be able to ordain others and credential them immediately. You will hold a title in the Church, and you will have proper ID for your vehicle to obtain courtesies usually granted the clergy and the press. So when you are ready, send us the order form below along with the requested donation of $26.00 and we will send you all these materials right away. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ New Minister's Starter Kit Order Form Please send me the items described above. Name Title desired --------------------------------------- ---------------------- Address Donation enclosed $ ------------------------------------ ---------------- City State ZIP ------------------------ ----- ---------------- (If requesting additional materials, please list on reverse) Mail to: Universal Life Church--Diocese of Baton Rouge Archdiocese of Cyberspace Post Office Box 64575 Baton Rouge, LA 70896-4575


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