MINISTER How Does One Become A Minister? There are many ways for one to become a minister.

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* MINISTER How Does One Become A Minister? There are many ways for one to become a minister. Many churches have many criteria for the candidate minister to meet before they will confer ordination. If anyone requests a minister's credential, we will ordain him/her, for life, without any question and without a price. We do not have degrees of ordination; anyone who is ordained by the ULC has the same rights and privileges as any other minister ordained in the Universal Life Church. * DUTIES OF A MINISTER One must study and qualify himself, so that he may be able to perform the work of a minister. Some of the basic things required of a minister are: ordaining others, perform baptisms, weddings, funerals, visiting the sick, counseling, and establishing new congregations. * PRIVILEGES OF A MINISTER A minister gets many discounts. Some ministers wear clerical garb, others don't. None of our ministers are restricted to a particular area. Ministers are subject to their congregation and to the Mother Church. No one can ever take away one's ULC ordination under any conditions. Only the Mother Church can withdraw fellowship from a minister and take all authority away from him. The Universal Life Church has many Bishops, but a Bishop is not a statutory agent for the church. He has been appointed by the Mother Church in writing signed by the President of ULC. He can only do that which he is authorized to do and nothing more. Some of our ministers are in the services. We have them in the Army, Air Force, and different services of the government. We also have many ministers who are Chaplains in prisons. Many of our ministers teach in schools and universities. Some run orphans homes, some operate halfway houses, many counsel drug addicts. Many have wedding chapels, monasteries and retreats, and so on the list goes. Some types of people who get ministers credentials from the ULC are Presidents, Kings, Supreme Court Justices, movie stars, and people from all walks of life. Another great thing our ministers get into is music. There are song-writers, music teachers, and performers. Anyone can become an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church without any education at all. We have lots of books and literature that can be studied.


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