FISHERS OF MEN Jesus makes His first disciples at Bethany beyond the Jordan during His ear

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FISHERS OF MEN Jesus makes His first disciples at Bethany beyond the Jordan during His early ministry (the year of obscurity). Philip and Nathaniel had also been with Jesus. LOOK @ Jn 1:35-41 Mark's gospel is nearly the same as Matthew's. [Mk 1:16-20] Luke's gospel has the details. LOOK @ Lk 5:1-11 I. MATTHEW IS PRESENTING JESUS AS THE KING OF THE JEWS A. CHP 3 - THE KING'S HERALD IS JOHN THE BAPTIST B. CHP 3 - THE KING IS MANIFESTED TO JOHN THE BAPTIST (Baptism) C. CHP 4 - THE KING IS TRIED AND TEMPTED (Wilderness) D. CHP 4 - THE KING GOES TO HIS PEOPLE 1.Jesus begins preaching in Galilee 2.Galilee is impoverished culturally and developmentally 3.Galilee is far from the center of national life 4.Obviously in darkness E. JESUS HAS AN ENTOURAGE 1.Surrounded by His disciples 2.Like pupils around a rabbi 3.Called by Christ's own sovereign authority (not another rabbi's) F. JESUS COMES PREACHING AND HEALING 1.The form of preacher conceals the king 2.Through preaching and healing the Kingdom is coming into the world II. MATTHEW IS ALSO STREAMLINING HIS GOSPEL A. PREPARING FOR THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT 1.Must show where the disciples came from 2.Otherwise, they suddenly appear in the sermon on the mount B. MATTHEW'S EMPHASIS IS THE AUTHORITY OF THE LORD 1.Compared with the authority of rabbis 2.Manifested in the obedience of the called a.God's Word meets them in their world b.God's Word changes their lives forever III.WHERE WERE THEY CALLED A. BY THE SEA OF GALILEE, NEAR CAPERNAUM 1.Galilean ministry 2.Not the king's palace 3.Galileans were less cultured--their speech would betray them B. NOT EVEN JERUSALEM WHERE THE PRIESTS AND ELDERS LIVED IV. WHO WERE THEY WHOM HE CALLED A. EFFECTUAL CALL vs COMMON CALL TO ALL THE COUNTRY 1.All the country had been called 2.Many are called but few are chosen B. FORMER DISCIPLES OF JOHN THE BAPTIST 1.They were brothers 2.They were fishermen (not recreational) 3.Probably poor/lower middle class 4.Probably uneducated 5.Probably hard workers 6.Probably very accustomed to hazards and hardships a.used to the wet and cold b.used to watching and waiting for the fish c.experienced perilous waters and storms C. THESE HEARERS BECOME PREACHERS V. WHAT WERE THEY DOING A. PETER AND ANDREW WERE FISHING--USING THEIR NETS B. JAMES AND JOHN WERE MAINTAINING THEIR EQUIPMENT--MENDING THEIR NETS C. CHRIST CAME AND FOUND THEM ALL DOING SOMETHING, WORKING D. THEY USED NETS--NOT HOOKS AND LINES 1.The gospel is like a net 2.The people are like the fish VI. WHAT WAS THE CALL A. THE CALL WAS UNMERITED AND UNEXPECTED vs19 "Follow me" B. CHRIST INTENDED FOR THEM TO BE FISHERS OF MEN 1.No need to be proud, they're still fishers 2.No need to worry about learning how, they already know 3.They were to save men, not destroy them C. CHRIST FINDS 4 FISHERS OF MEN IN 4 FISHERMEN 1.He qualifies them 2.He calls them 3.He authorizes them 4.He gives them success D. WHAT MUST THEY DO? - FOLLOW 1.The call was not without cost 2.Follow me = diligent attendance on Christ 3.Total abandonment of livelihood(career) and family(just like Abraham) 4.Must be qualified 5.Must learn about Jesus 6.Must be faithful/constant in attendance on Christ 7.Must imitate Christ VII.WHAT WAS THE SUCCESS OF THIS CALL A. PETER AND ANDREW IMMEDIATELY LEFT THEIR NETS (vs20) B. JAMES AND JOHN IMMEDIATELY LEFT THE SHIP AND THEIR FATHER C. THEY FOLLOWED CHRIST--THEY LEFT ALL D. CHRIST SPEAKS AND IT IS DONE "Follow me" E. JUST LIKE ABRAHAM, THEY DIDN'T KNOW WHERE THEY WERE GOING


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