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SHE SHALL BRING FORTH A SON I. SHE SHALL BRING FORTH A SON A. WHO IS SHE? (NOT A QUEEN) 1. Mary - wife of Joseph (vs 16) "pledged wife" 2. A virgin at the time [Lk 1:27] 3. A relative of Elizabeth (mother of John the Baptist) B. WHAT IS SHE LIKE? 1. Submissive LOOK @ Lk 1:38 2. Faithful [Lk 1:46-55] her song 3. Spiritually minded [Lk 2:51] Treasures things about Jesus C. MARY FULFILLS PROPHECY 1. Seed of the First Woman (Eve) [Gen 3:15] 2. She is to be a Virgin 3. As a virgin, she is to bear a son D. WHO IS HER SON? 1. The people will call Him "Immanuel" 2. Joseph is to call Him "Jesus" [vs21] 3. Not just another boy a. God in the flesh [Jn 1:1 & 14] b. Creator, not creature LOOK @ Col 1:12-20 4. Therefore, not a worldly king II. HE SHALL SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM THEIR SINS A. HE 1. Not their faith, believing, the law, good works, repentance, conversion 2. Man is passive in regeneration <-- [explain] a. Man can resist preaching b. Man cannot resist the working of the Holy Spirit 3. His people believe & repent because HE has first saved/regenerated them 4. By grace--HE chooses; HE saves B. HE SHALL 1. Not He might or He desires, etc. 2. He SHALL not be stopped C. HE SHALL SAVE 1. Not He shall prepare His people to be saved 2. Jesus rules over sin and the Devil (no other man could) a. Unlike Cain - LOOK @ Gen 4:7 b. Jesus crushes the serpent's head [Gen 3:15] 3. Jesus sets His people free -- LOOK @ Rom 6:14-18 D. HE SHALL SAVE HIS PEOPLE 1. Immediately implies some are not His people LOOK @ Jn 10:26; 8:44,47 2. He does NOT provide redemption for everybody 3. He does NOT provide salvation for everybody 4. He PROVIDES salvation for NO ONE 5. He actually saves--Jesus is salvation E. HE SHALL SAVE HIS PEOPLE FROM THEIR SINS 1. From the guilt of sin 2. From the dominion of sin [Rom 6] 3. From the wrath of God against sinners LOOK @ Ps 5:5 & 11:5 4. Note: "THEIR SINS" - not just Adam's a. individuals are responsible to a Holy God b. individuals are accountable to a Holy God


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